Title: Family Album
Author: Erin (erinm_)
Characters, Pairing: Buck and Wilma (mention of Twiki, Doc Theopolis, Ardala, Azkadellia, DG and Cain)
Rating: G
Summary: because I made a promise... CRACK!crossover
Warnings: post-series, by about 475 years *Written for the Fall/Winter Seasonal Challenge at tm_challenge on LiveJournal. For effie214 and K
Prompt: Arcane
Disclaimer: The original characters belong to L. Frank Baum and their respective actors. The current characters belong to Sci-Fi, the movie folks and their respective actors. Buck Rogers in the 25th Century belongs to Glen Larson and Universal. The OCs are mine.

"Wilma," Buck asked, looking up from the book he was reading. He and Wilma had offered to help Doctor Theopolis clean up the storage room below his lab and while Wilma was going through boxes, Buck decided to catch up on some history.

"Yes, Buck?" she replied for the seventeenth time that afternoon.

"Were you gonna tell me you're related to Ardala?" Wilma's jaw locked and she slowly breathed out through her nose. How could he possibly have found that out? The man's brain went to mush the second anything in a skirt walked by.

"No, I wasn't," she replied slowly, trying to play it off as another one of his out-of-my-element comments that made no sense to her. "Because I'm not." Buck pushed up from the plastic chair and brought the book he was reading over to the table.

"According to this," he said, pointing to a photograph on the middle of the page. Rolling her eyes slightly, Wilma flipped the cover of the book over to see what Buck was reading. "It's a history of Ardala's line. Goes back quite a ways," he nodded. "Four hundred and seventy-five years, give or take," he said with a slight wave. "To her sister, actually," he continued, tapping the page just over the woman's face.

"And your point?" Wilma asked, raising an eyebrow. Maybe there was a way she could blame Twiki. 'No, this one is on you, Colonel.' Buck pointed to the photo again, but never took his eyes off of Wilma.

"I've seen this picture before," he stated. So had she; after all, they were her grandparents, many times over. Wilma looked away, suddenly uncomfortable with Buck watching her. "You have his eyes," he said quietly. Wilma blinked and glanced at the photo.

"But you look just like her."