The tires of the Impala raced over the blacktop, chasing the lines of the road.

They'd spent a week at Pamela's home, resting and recuperating. Dean's rock salt wounds had needed re-dressing as infection was becoming a factor, and both of them had needed about a month of sleep. In the end, though, boredom had won out and they had opted for finishing up their recovery on the road. They weren't headed anywhere specific, but Sam had information and a mission now that he couldn't ignore.

Sam folded the map carefully and replaced it in the glove box. He stole a glance at Dean. He was humming along to the music of his Metallica cassette. Side A, song number 7, Sam recited by memory. He really needed to get Dean an iPod, Sam thought. Or at least some new cassettes.

"You're thinking entirely too hard over there, Sammy." Dean had replaced humming with tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. "Where are we headed?"

"Colorado," Sam decided. "Our tip says that's where Bela is, so that's where the Colt would be. We'll need the Colt to kill Lilith. And, while I don't like Bela anymore than you do, I don't have an intense desire to watch her get ripped up by Hellhounds. Who knows? While we're changing your future, maybe we can change hers, too."

"That's an awfully Zen attitude considering she shot you," Dean replied.

"I guess I'm feeling charitable," Sam said. "You know, for how much trouble that salt and burn in Elfin Forest turned out to be, it was a lucky break."

Dean laughed. "Lucky break? That job was a lot of things, Sam. 'Lucky break' wasn't one of them."

"Think about it, Dean. Because of my visions, we know about Lilith holding your crossroads contract months before we would have found out." He didn't mention that he'd learned that Ruby may be his only chance for saving Dean. Sam would keep that knowledge to himself for now. If his visions were correct, though, Ruby was willing and able to teach Sam how to save his brother. Sam had been shown a version of the future where he didn't take Ruby up on the offer, and Dean died and went to Hell. He wasn't going to let that vision become reality. "And, you got to wrap up a case from five years ago, found some missing memories and finish up a job," Sam pointed out.

"I guess that's true," Dean finally said. "You know, I'd always wondered where my intense dislike of witches came from. At least now I hate them in context."

"Can't argue with you there."

Dean was quiet, eating up a few more miles of road before he spoke.

"Do you really believe we can change the future you saw, Sam?" Dean asked.

"Why else would I have the visions, Dean, unless I could use them to help people?" It was a non-answer, Sam knew. He sighed, searching for an answer closer to the truth. Dean deserved that much. "I have to believe that we can, Dean."

Sam turned, caught Dean's eyes, and knew that his brother understood. Dean nodded, the corner of this mouth twitching into a reassuring grin. "Okay, Sammy. Colorado it is."


Author's Notes:

Whew! It's over.

Ok, so this was my first foray into writing a multi-chapter, plot driven fanfic and boy was it tougher than I expected! Thanks again to all of you who favorite this story, followed me chapter by chapter, and for all of the comments and reviews.

I would love to hear from those of you who have taken the time to read my story (yes, even you lurkers… I see you, LOL). Good, bad or indifferent, I would love to hear what you think. One reason I write is to continue to improve my writing and plotting skills (while having fun with characters that I really love and care about), so I would appreciate any feedback.

For anyone interested, Questhaven and Elfin Forest are real places. I grew up nearby to this urban legend and was intrigued enough by it to use it as a basis for this story. The area has always been rumored to be haunted. People report a lot of strange activity in the area. It's also rumored that there is a witch who haunts the area and a cult house and old insane asylum on the property. Naturally, I took the witch rumors and applied a little creative license and this Questhaven fanfic was born. My intense desire to throw Sammy around a little bit also played a big part, LOL.

Anyway, thanks again for following me on this journey. It was a lot of fun!