Toonville in the Making CH20: Intense Rage

Plot: Harold finally goes Super Saiyan and kills everybody who were campers in the epic and awesome high-rating reality show, Total Drama Island along with a few bears, flies and gross food!

(We cut to a house where the 24 characters from Total Drama Island, Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Geoff, Leshawna, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Owen, Chef Hatchet and also Chris Mc-Lean, and also some bears, flies, beavers and raccoons are staying in. Duncan punches Harold in the stomach. Harold gets mad and growls)

Harold: This oppression shall not stand! (Harold turns into a Super Saiyan again)

Owen: (Gasps)

Duncan: Oh, not again!

Cody: What the hell is happening?!

Owen: I don't know! And why does Harold now have blonde, spiky hair?

Duncan: Cause he's a Super Saiyan, dude!

Geoff: Run!!


(Harold punches Trent in the face and kicks Cody in the coconuts, then the face. Harold breaks Ezekiel's neck, then throws Heather at Gwen. Heather and Gwen's lips touch and they both puke on themselves. Harold rips out Lindsay's brain and then heart. Noah runs up to Cody)

Noah: Hey, Cody, are you okay?

Cody: Yeah. But how do I look? (Noah gives a confused expression. Cody forces his lips to touch Noah's. Then Cody and Noah get blown up by Harold's super Kamehameha)

Harold: (Laughs)

(Harold soars up through the ceiling and does a spirit bomb on the entire house. All the TDI characters die in a gory, epic, violent explosion)

Harold: Yeah! (Points at the remains of the house) Take that, Total Drama Island! Woo! (Soars off into the sunset, then kicks Phineas in the balls 5 times)