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I knew I was blushing furiously and my heart was beating wildly. I felt compelled to look down or run out of the room, but I stayed rooted to the spot. I wanted this, however guilty I would feel afterwards, I knew that I wanted this. Dont get me wrong, I do love Edward, but he just wouldn't give me what I wanted. I would never love Jasper as much as I love Edward, but he was pretty hot.....


I was still uncertain, Edward had clearly forbidden it, but I just couldn't resist her. I knew she felt the same, I felt the waves of lust that she was emitting. They added to my feelings and itensified the experience. As I neared the edge of the bed I heard her sharp intake of breath as she looked into my eyes and flushed a darker shade of pink. Her heartbeat increased impossible higher. The heat was was radiating out and I could smell the sweet scent of her blood. I could also smell her arousal. I leaned over her and slowly and gently pushed her back onto the bed. I kissed her lips softly and she sighed against mine deepening the kiss as I tangled my fingers in her hair. I could control myself, I would control myself. But her blood smells so good.......NO! I can do this!! I pulled back slightly.

"Are you ok with this?" I asked her, hiding my urgency. I wouldn't pressure her into it; if she wanted me, then she would have me.

"Yeeess," she sighed breathlessly. "I want you Jasper, please."

"Anything for you, Bella."

My hand flipped under the edge of her shirt and slowly made it's way up to her breasts. I kneeded her gently through her bra, but it was enough to make her tremble and gasp. My other hand slipped under her shirt and I grasped a handful in each. I ripped her shirt down the middle and threw it across the room. We wouldn't be needing it anymore. Her breathing accelerated in what I assumed was fear. "Dont worry Darlin' it's just a shirt."


I felt Jasper's long fingers slip under the waisteband of my pants. He ripped those too. I was left in my underwear and panties and was feeling very very consious of how I looked. I'm sure my face was completely red and I suddenly wished that he'd turn the light off.

"You're beautiful," Jasper assured me as if reading my mind. I felt another wave of lust wash over me and I moaned softly. "What do you want to do to me, Jasper?" I asked him boldy, all embarassesment gone.

"I....I want to taste you," he replied. "Is that ok with you, Bella?" he asked uncertainly.


Jasper leaned over me leaving a trail of kisses down my stomach making his way down to my center. He let out a slow breath over my lips and i sighed in anticipation.

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