Of Hedgehogs and Ninjas

Chapter 1: Sonic the Hedgehog

Deep in the forests that surround the Leaf Village lie a series of clearings with all sorts of terrain. It is here where ninja go to train. It is also here where the ninja of Team 8, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka, and Hinata Hyuuga, were running through their daily training routine.

"Are ya ready Hinata?" Kiba yelled from somewhere in the trees. In the middle of the clearing stood Hinata at the ready position of her Clan's Jyuuken, or Gentle Fist style.

"Y-yes I'm ready. Please d-don't hold back." Hinata said with determination in her eyes and, even though you couldn't really hear it, in her voice.

"Alright I won't." Kiba said.

Seconds of silence passed, then minutes. All of a sudden two Kiba's in their feral state leapt out of the trees the trees and cried out, "Fang Over Fang!" They turned into drills spinning at incredible speeds. Hinata stood there and, whispered, "Byakugan!" activating her family's bloodline allowing her to see nearly 360 degrees around her. The twin drills came closer and Hinata executed her Rotation technique she had not yet mastered but was determined to.

Her body spun and at the same time she tried to expel chakra from all her pores, creating a thin dome. The Kiba's crashed into it and were thrown back. Hinata's chakra dome dissipated and revealed Hinata without a scratch but slightly dazed and panting.

The Kiba's jumped onto the branches of the trees and began circling her. They started throwing kunai and shuriken at Hinata and this time beam she blocked most of the weapons, the others that weren't were sent flying in another direction. Two such kunai hit someone we all… huh? Well most… what? Okay okay! Jeez! Someone that a pretty big amount of people to us, but still very insignificant compared to the world's population, know.

POV CHANGE! And a few minutes earlier

Farther from the Leaf Village there's a large moor with low lying grass. In the middle of it lay a hedgehog that was completely blue save for his arms and chest. He was wearing red shoes, a white stripe running horizontally across and white gloves.

At first glance he appeared to be sleeping but if one took a closer look then you could see he was actually unconscious, but not for long. The hedgehog's eyelids twitched and they slowly opened and revealing his green eyes. He sat up and rubbed his head moaning looking around rather lazily.

"Uhhhh… where am I?" He said looking around the moor. The hedgehog sat up and looked around taking in his surroundings.

"This isn't Eggman's base? How did I…" Images flashed through his mind of robots, gun turrets, colored jewels, an egg shaped man (With an extremely overinflated ego) and a bright light. "Now I remember. I must've been sent here by Chaos Control." He stood up and looked around some more. "But where is 'here?' I guess I should look around." With that the Hedgehog took off running at an enormous speed leaving a blue streak in his wake.

After several seconds of running he stopped at the top of a hill and saw a huge expanse of forest with clearings dotting it here and there. Deciding to check out some of the clearings he took off running again but at comparatively slower pace. The hedgehog darted from clearing to clearing but stopped at one he heard voices coming from.

In the center of the clearing was a girl with violet hair, wearing a beige jacket with white fluff at the hem. Black pants, sandals and a headband around her neck with a metal plate in the center and a leaf made from a swirl. The strangest part about her was her eyes. Now he'd seen humans before but none with white pupilless eyes.

"Are ya ready Hinata?" A voice yelled from the trees.

"Y-yes I'm ready. Please d-don't hold back." Said Hinata

"Alright I won't." Said the voice again.

The suddenly two boys wearing heavy grey coats, the same headband and also a feral look to them jumped out. He watched as Hinata did something weird with her eyes, spun and created a blue dome around her the two boys were thrown back after they hit it.

Then they leapt into the trees again and started throwing strange weapons at her. He presumed they were knives of some sort judging by the way the stuck into the nearby trees. She blocked most of them and they simply dropped to the ground while others were redirected and several in his direction. He ducked and dodged most of them but two kunai struck him in the shins.

"Argh! My legs!" The hedgehog grunted in pain. He looked down and saw that both his legs were bleeding profusely. The world started spinning and he fell back on the ground, slowly losing consciousness.

POV CHANGE! And about a minute earlier

Back to our last point of view, now where was I? No that's not it… No that's too far ahead. What the heck does that mean? Is that even a word! Argh, never mind I… oh, found it! Ahem, now… Kiba was keeping up a continuous assault of weapons and Hinata kept blocking or redirecting them. The fight was at a stalemate but while Hinata was deflecting the weapons she caught something in the bushes with her Byakugan and lost her focus for a moment. But that was all that was needed for one shuriken to hit her left arm.

"Ahh!" Hinata cried out in pain and fell back on the ground.

The Kiba's stopped their attack and jumped out of the trees. One changed to look more human-like and the other 'poofed' into a white puppy.

"Hinata are you ok?" He said with worry.

Hinata shakily stood up holding her arm which was losing a lot of blood.

"I-I'm fine I just l-lost my focus for an m-moment." She said. "L-let's continue."

"No, it would be unwise for you to continue with an injured arm." Out of the nearby bushes, a boy stepped out wearing a grey trench coat with a high collar and black sunglasses. Like Hinata and Kiba he wore a headband but actually wore it on his head unlike the rest. If you continue to stress your arm you could cause an infection to it." He finished. Hinata simply nodded and got some medical supplies out of her backpack and began patching herself up. Once she was done the boys started leaving but Hinata stayed behind.

"Huh? Hey Hinata are you coming?" Kiba called out.

Hinata shook her head and said, "I'm g-going to rest f-for a bit."

The other boy nodded and said, "Don't stay too long though, it will be dark soon."

"D-don't worry Shino I w-won't."

"Alright, see ya tomorrow Hinata. Come on Akamaru!" Kiba said and he and his canine partner took off.

"B-bye Kiba, Shino." Hinata replied. Shino simply nodded and left too.

Once they were out of sight, Hinata got up. She wasn't tired, she was actually curious as to what she saw in the bushes. Hinata began to look around and after only about a minute of looking she found something. It was a blue hedgehog.

'Hedgehogs aren't supposed to be blue, and they don't wear shoes or gloves either.' She looked down at his legs and gasped. The hedgehog was bleeding heavily and had two kunai stuck in his shins.

Acting quickly Hinata took out the medical supplies she used earlier and started by removing the kunai in its legs. It visibly winced at the kunai being taken out and Hinata felt guilty for causing it pain. After that she washed away the blood with some water from her canteen, dabbed some antibiotic ointment on the wound which it winced to again. Then lastly, she wrapped its legs in medical tape.

'Alright it should be fine now, but I can't just leave it here. But what would father say if I brought an animal home. Ohhhh.' Hinata was having a mental battle within herself arguing weather to leave the hedgehog or take it home with her. In the end she pocketed what she could from her backpack and put the hedgehog in there. Then she began to run home but tried to make it as smooth as possible.

Later, Hinata arrived at the Hyuuga compound. It was sunset and few people were about. Hinata thanked her lucky stars that her father was not one of them. She did not want to admit she had lost her concentration performing her technique and gotten hurt orplain the slight bulge in her backpack.

She silently slipped into her room and shut the door and windows. Hinata gently laid her backpack on her bed and took the hedgehog out. She made a makeshift bed for it out of several old boxes in her closet she taped together, one of the small pillows on her bed and a spare blanket. She sat on her bed and simply looked at it for a minute and wondered where it came from. She was snapped from her thoughts though when there was a knock at her door.

"Lady Hinata, it's time for dinner." A female voice said through the door.

"T-thank you. I'll be there i-in an m-minute." Hinata took one last look at the strange blue hedgehog and went to dinner.

After that the hedgehog still hadn't woken up so she just went to sleep but making sure it was behind her bed out of sight of the door.

The next morning

The next morning the hedgehog slowly came back to the realm of consciousness and realized he was not in the forest any longer, rather a bedroom. He also realized he was in a bed made out of boxes.

"Where am I?" He tried to get up to look around but a sharp pain shot through his legs. He looked down and saw they were bandaged up.

"What the?" He said confused, not remembering bandaging himself. Then he remembered what happened to him in the forest.

"That's right I got hit with something, but who helped me?" He didn't have time to ponder though because he heard the door open and someone walked in. He tried to pretend to sleep but pain shot through his legs and he let out an unintentional grunt.

Hinata was just coming back from the kitchen with a bowl of cereal for herself and a plate of eggs and toast in case the hedgehog woke up. As she was closing the door she heard the grunt. Acting quickly she spun around, nearly losing the food, and activated her Byakugan. Hinata scanned the room for intruders and she found nothing at first but then her sight landed on the hedgehog. It was awake. Hinata deactivated her Byakugan and walked over to the edge of her bed.

"O-oh, you're a-awake." She said.

His head jerked in her direction and Hinata shyly waved and sat down. She set the bowl of cereal in front of her and pushed the plate of eggs and toast to the hedgehog. He looked at her for a minute and realized she was the same girl he saw in the forest.

"I-I wasn't sure what y-you'd like to eat so I j-just guessed." Hinata said.

The hedgehog smiled. "Heh thanks." Hinata gasped, her eyes widened and she dropped her spoon.

"Y-y-you can t-t-t-t-talk?" She stuttered out.

The hedgehog frowned in confusion and said, "Yeah, haven't you ever seen a talking hedgehog before?"

Hinata just shook her head and asked, "H-h-how can y-you talk?"

"I've been able to all my life, ever since I was born."

"O-oh, I guess that m-makes sense. Umm, d-do you have a n-name?" Hinata asked.

"Yeah I do! My name's Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sonic replied extending his hand.

"N-nice to meet y-y-you. I-I'm Hinata H-Hyuuga." Hinata said attempting to smile but still felt very weird shaking hands with a blue talking hedgehog. "So w-what were you doing in the f-forest?" She asked.

"I was trying to get my bearings. I woke up in a prairie somewhere and decided to look around. Then I heard voices and saw you in that clearing fighting two guys." Sonic explained.

Hinata blushed a little in embarrassment. "O-oh, you saw t-that?"

"Yeah I did, that was some really cool stuff you did!" Sonic replied enthusiastically. "Why were those two guys attacking you anyhow?"

"I-it was just a sparring match, w-we do them e-every d-day to improve our f-fighting ability." She responded.

"Ohhh. Well it was still cool to watch!" He said.

"T-thank y-you b-but, I'm not t-that g-g-good. I lost my f-focus and a-allowed myself to get h-hit." Hinata said looking down in shame.

"Hey don't say that you were amaz- Ow!" Sonic had tried to get up but he forgot about his injuries and was forced back down.

"D-don't use your l-legs too much!" Hinata said with concern. She examined his legs and saw that one of the bandages was beginning to soak with blood. She got the medical kit from her backpack and set to work.

Hinata unwrapped the old bandages from Sonic's legs and examined the wounds in his legs. The wound on the left leg had significantly healed so it wasn't too deep anymore. The right one still had a fairly deep wound in it though. Hinata washed and cleaned the wounds and rebandaged Sonic's legs.

"You're l-left leg doesn't look too bad. I t-think you could walk on it. But you should s-still keep off of y-your right leg for a while l-longer." She said amazingly with minimal stuttering.

"Thanks a lot!" Sonic exclaimed and started eating the food that was placed in front of him earlier.

Hinata ate her food as well and giggled from time to time at Sonic's messy table manners. After breakfast was done she took the dishes down to the kitchen and they spent the remainder of the morning talking.

Hinata told him about her clan's fighting style, about what chakra was and how she was able to do the techniques he saw. Sonic gave her positive encouragement to counter the negative she was giving herself over training by saying that during a real fight there will always be distractions so she should stop beating herself over it. That made her feel a lot better and she took his advice to heart.

After a while Hinata said she had to go to training. Sonic wanted to come but Hinata said that he should rest for a while and that a blue talking hedgehog would arouse suspicion and maybe even panic through the village. She asked if she could get him something to do like a puzzle or something, he refused and just laid back and fell asleep.


"See ya tomorrow Hinata!" Kiba enthusiastically yelled.

"Bye Kiba, Shino." Hinata replied. Her two teammates began the way to their respective homes for supper. It had been another round of the same training they did yesterday only this time there were no distractions in the bushes like last time and she successfully blocked and countered nearly every attack Kiba and Akamaru could throw at her, short of the Wolf Fang over Fang attack. That would be taking it a step too far.

Hinata left the training field feeling proud of herself for taking very little damage from Kiba's attacks, it gave her a major confidence boost, but that was short lived when she remembered what lie in wait at home, her Father.

Hiashi Hyuuga was very strict when it came to training and demanded nothing short of perfection out of her, and it was something she could never seem to deliver him which led to him labeling her as a failure in the Hyuuga Clan. She would surely encounter him when she entered the compound and he would ask how training went, she would tell him and he'd deliver the demoralizing remark. That was the way things went for her at home, but it wouldn't be all bad going home. She would be able to tell Sonic about what she accomplished and hopefully provide something to say about whatever negative remark her Father would give her, if he did at all.

Hinata was pulled out her thoughts though when she realized she'd wandered off the path while she was lost in thought. Using her Byakugan she scanned for the path located it and started back in that direction. Before she could start though something glinting in the bushes caught her eye, activating her Byakugan again Hinata focused on the bush. She found no enemy ninja or traps but something more interesting.

Hinata went closer to the bush and pushed some of the braches out of the way. Lying in the bush was a gem, but this wasn't any ordinary gem, it was big enough to fit in her hand, colored cyan and was practically glowing. She'd never seen gems this big before and wasn't even sure if they were cut this big either, but that wasn't the weirdest part. The weirdest part was that, while she was holding it she thought she could feel a power emanating from it and coursing through her.

Shaking it off Hinata took a quick look around the area to see if anyone had been in the area recently or if anyone was coming back. As far as she and her Byakugan could tell none had been through this area of the forest for quite a while. Deciding that maybe she might meet the owner of the gem in the village, Hinata put it in her kunai pouch and set back on her journey towards home.

Hinata arrived at the Hyuuga compound at sundown as usual and at first she thought she might be home free, so to speak, but those hopes were quickly dashed away when she noticed her Father coming towards her.

"Good e-evening, F-F-Father." Hinata said bowing, trying to be respectful but that was hard when she was stuttering more than normal. Hiashi merely nodded and beckoned for her to follow. She obeyed and he led Hinata into the enormous clan dojo where at the center there were three mats. On one sat her younger sister, Hanabi, the other right next to her, Hiashi took and the last was across from the two, here is where Hinata sat. She steeled herself for what might come and Hiashi spoke.

"What is the status of your training?" He asked in his cold deep voice and his cold white eyes drilling into her very being.

"T-t-today I b-blocked almost e-e-every one of K-Kiba's a-attacks." She answered still stuttering terribly.

Hiashi raised one eyebrow and said, "Almost every attack?"

Hinata shivered at his cold voice. "Y-y-y-yes F-F-Father. B-b-but I am i-improving!" She said trying to defend herself but then realized, too little too late, what those words would lead to.

"You have, have you?" Hiashi said his cold tone. "Well then let's see. Hanabi, assume the ready position" Following his command Hinata's sister assumed the position, Byakugan active. "If you can defeat your sister in a duel then I will acknowledge that you may have improved, but if you do not…" Hiashi trailed off and simply narrowed his eyes at her. Hinata gulped at what might happen should she fail. She assumed the position as well, Byakugan active, and prepared for the worst.

Hanabi made the first move and thrust a chakra charged palm at Hinata's side. She successfully blocked the attack and countered with a strike to Hanabi's arm aiming for a chakra point. She may not be able to target them as accurately as her cousin, Neji but was able to hit her mark barely. Unfortunately for her, the way in which she struck it only increased her sister's chakra flow in that arm slightly.

Hanabi grinned and launched a barrage of attacks against her to her gut, arms, side, chest, and legs. Hinata was able to block or dodge them but she continued. Hinata was getting frustrated by now and as another palm thrust came at her she felt a sudden chakra spike within herself, it was massive. Hanabi saw it with her Byakugan as well as their Father who had moved off to the side of the dojo watching them closely with his own.

Hiashi narrowed his eyes, keeping his composure and questioned where such a massive amount of chakra could suddenly come from. He pumped more chakra into his Byakugan and kept a closer eye on Hinata.

Hanabi was not able to keep as calm a composure as Hiashi and visibly gasped at the immense amount of chakra that had just poured into her sister. It only lasted a second before Hanabi remembered the duel at hand, but that was all Hinata needed. Because of the massive spike Hinata was able to clearly see the chakra points on her sister and with lightning quick speed she didn't know she had, Hinata sealed four of the chakra points in Hanabi's arm in an instant. Hinata mentally cheered at her accomplishment but that was short lived when the spike disappeared.

"Wha-what?" She gasped in surprise at the sudden disappearance of all that chakra.

Hanabi seeing her sister was momentarily distracted and that her massive chakra spike was gone took the opportunity to launch a brutal barrage of palm strikes to all areas of her body. They weren't as effective as she would've liked them to be due to the fact four of the chakra points in her arm were sealed. Hinata had no chance to block the assault so she took the full brunt of it and fell back on the ground battered and bruised. Hiashi walked up to Hinata and watched as she shakily tried to stand. Then without warning he slapped her and she fell right back down, shivering slightly.

"It's as I thought, you have not improved at all." He said coldly. "You are still a failure to the Hyuuga Clan and that is something you will never change that." Hiashi continued even more coldly, if that's even possible.

Hinata stared at ground pools of tears beginning to form in the corners of her eyes. Hiashi stared at her even more intently.

"Stop your sniveling! It shows you are weak! Not that it matters."

That just caused Hinata to actually start crying. Inside her head she was kicking herself for losing focus like that. She also felt a mix of emotions inside her, but the three most prominent ones were sadness, frustration and anger… towards her Father. Suddenly the chakra spike came back but it was much more intense, almost painful. She doubled over cringing in pain, clutching her stomach. Hiashi just narrowed his eyes at her.

"Get up." He commanded. She tried to but the pain just increased. "I said get up!" Hiashi yelled. When she didn't he approached Hinata with intention to hurt her.

"Stop your sniveling and get up no-" Hiashi cut himself off when Hinata was briefly surrounded by a red aura.

He stopped in his tracks. "What is this? Answer me!" That only served to make the aura appear again longer this time before disappearing.

It appeared again a second later, and again, and again, and again. Each time it was lasting longer than last until it just stayed there and intensified with each passing second. Hanabi's face was plastered with fear having no clue what was going on. Hiashi showed signs of fear as well and took several steps back actually afraid of what Hinata might do. The red energy intensified even more around Hinata until, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Hinata cried out and the red energy exploded out of her in a wave all around her. It decimated the floors and the mats going farther and farther until it reached her Father and Sister. The two stood there frozen in fear as the wave of energy hit them. Both were flown back with great force and hit the wall knocking them out instantly.

The wave dissipated leaving a creator in the middle of the room, with Hinata at Ground Zero. The wave dissipated before it could reach the walls so they were left intact but some of the ceiling was gone as well as much of the floor, leaving only small pieces of wood or splintered boards.

Hinata looked up and got a good look at what she had done, she didn't like it. She shivered in horror at the destruction she had caused, and the worst part was she didn't even know how she did it. Hinata grew even more terrified when she saw her Father and Sister slumped against the wall, battered, bruised, clothes slightly singed and torn, and unconscious.

She sat there frozen in fear, staring at the destruction. She was snapped back to reality when she heard rapid footsteps and shouting. Acting quickly she leapt through the hole in the roof. She watched from below as several Hyuuga came into the dojo and immediately froze at what they saw, some others screamed and ran towards the unconscious Hiashi and Hanabi. Hinata not being able to watch any longer leapt off the roof.

Sonic lay awake in Hinata's room, waiting patiently for Hinata to get back, but sitting still and waiting was never his strong suit. He was beginning to regret not taking up Hinata's offer to get him something to do. Sonic was just about to lose it when he heard a thump on the balcony out side followed by a slam. He looked over and saw Hinata standing against the glass door panting, sweating and shaking.

"Hinata what's wrong?" Sonic asked worried for his new friend.

Hinata whipped her head in his direction and shakily said, "I-I-I-I d-d-don't k-know. I-I-I w-was… h-h-huge s-s-spike… b-b-big r-r-r-r-red w-w-wave…" The rest was simply incoherent babbling and soon she just slumped down and stopped talking. Sonic didn't want to press her further but if was going to help he had to know what went wrong.

"Hinata, calm down and tell me what happened." Sonic said.

She took a deep breathe to calm herself and started over. "I w-was coming h-home from training wh-when I met my F-Father in the c-courtyard. W-we went into the c-clan d-dojo and m-my sister, Hanabi w-was there. H-he asked me a-about training and I-I told him I-I blocked a-almost a-a-all of K-Kiba's attacks t-today. H-he said a-almost wasn't g-good e-enough so he m-m-made me fight H-Hanabi." Sonic gasped at the last part but let her continue. "I-I wasn't d-d-doing very w-well. Then I f-felt this h-h-huge chakra s-spike and I-I did good f-for a moment. B-ut then it was g-g-gone and she b-beat m-me. Then w-while I was g-getting up… F-F-F-Father s-s-slapped m-me." Sonic gasped again and was beginning to really dislike the man. "H-he said I w-would a-a-always be a f-f-f-f-failure and, I-I-I got s-so a-angry t-t-then the s-spike c-came back, bigger t-this time. It k-kept growing u-until, a h-huge wave of r-red energy shot out f-from m-me and d-d-d-d-destroyed the d-dojo and m-my F-Father and S-Sister were u-u-unconscious." Hinata stopped after that not wanting to go on. She looked at Sonic who seemed to be in deep thought about something. Finally after what seemed like forever he spoke.

"Hinata did you find anything interesting on the way here?" He asked.

She thought for a moment and said, "Not r-really… except f-for this." She reached into her kunai pouch and pulled out the gem she found in the forest.

Sonic stared at it and practically yelled, "A Chaos Emerald!"

Hinata stared at him in confusion. "A w-what?"

Sonic looked at her and got a serious look on his face. "I guess I better explain."

Outside on a roof across from Hinata's a figure was watching Sonic talk to Hinata. The figure was against the moon light so only a silhouette could be seen of it. What could be told from a glance though was that the figure was of short stature and the few things that could be seen of it were a pair of red eyes and the glint of gold on his wrists and ankles.

"How can a human use the power of a Chaos Emerald?" The figure spoke in a deep male voice and sounded very irritated. "I'd better keep an eye on this girl. She's… unusual."

If you didn't notice I change the name of her defense in the beginning. To forestall any questions why here's the answer in advance. This is now Pre-Chunin Exam. Take a guess why.