allan TERRELL,

Each coupon is received as an Acrobat PDF file and coupons are grouped in ZIP files for ease of delivery. To download your coupons, please follow these instructions:

-Click on the link(s) below and save the file that is downloaded to your computer or network drive (if you are working on a network).
-Open the file(s) you downloaded using WINZIP or another ZIP program. (If you do not have access to such software, there's a link to a 30-day demo below).
-Upon unzipping the file, a folder will be created at a location on your desktop or network identified by you, that, once opened, will display a list of individual coupon files in PDF format. Each PDF file contains one (1) eCoupon.

If you need assistance in downloading your coupons please contact us:
By email:

Click .?cid=5627> to download your eCoupon(s).