Late one evening in Abby's Lab. Abby is staring at a small bottle of perfume on her desk.

O.K. girl, last chance are you sure you want to do this? What if you're wrong? What if he doesn't feel the same? No, this really had gone on long enough. Whatever the result she knew it was time for someone to do something and she knew it had to be her. It was time to act on her gut. Taking a deep breath she picks up the bottle and sprays on the perfume. She then takes a report from her desk, locks up the lab for the night and heads up to the squad room.

NCIS Squad Room. As usual Gibbs is the only one remaining working at his desk.

"Hey Boss. Got that report you wanted." As she leans over to place it on his desk he smells a familiar scent though it is so out of context for the moment he can't place it.
"Thanks Abs. Have a good weekend."
"Same to you Bossman." She grins at him and leaves. Gibbs returns to his paperwork.

As the elevator doors close he suddenly realises what the scent was. Sawdust! Damn, he'd been hoping to avoid it a little longer but now he really would have to talk to her. Of course they had always jokingly flirted and traded comments with double meanings but lately she had been taking it a little too far and he was worried the others might notice. They were investigators after all and he didn't want anyone discovering the truth of what lay behind her remarks. He'd have to talk to her and remind her that it really wasn't professional to talk that way at the office. Perhaps mention that allowances had been made for her already because of her skills but that didn't mean she should take advantage of the Director's goodwill.

Naturally he wouldn't tell her the real reason behind his objection. He wanted her. God how he wanted her but even though he knew she felt the same he couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't act on those feelings. There were so many reasons against it he thinks to himself once again as he runs through them in his mind but there was one that superseded all the rest. His team. If he and Abby got together it would be too disruptive for the team and if they kept it secret he knew they'd both feel bad about it. No, he'd have to talk to her and explain that it could and would never be. She'd be hurt he knew and would hurt him to do it but it really was for the best; wasn't it? Gibbs opens the folder she left for him. A post-it has been stuck to the top page of the report. It reads simply Call Me. He stares at it remembering her grin as she left and the smell of sawdust. Ah hell! He picks up the phone and dials her number.

Abby's Apartment.

Gibbs knocks on her door. After checking through the peephole she opens it.
"Ab..." She puts a finger to his lips and leads him inside pushing the door closed behind him. Her apartment is filled with vases of black roses and lit only by the glow of seemingly hundreds of black candles.
"What have you got for me Abs?" he asks with a grin.
She slowly slides the straps of her black camisole down and lets it slip to the floor. She steps towards him. "I think the question is Jethro what have you got for me?"
She brings her lips to meet his and they kiss fiercely, tongues probing, exploring. Impatiently she helps him undress and pressed together she leads him into her bedroom where they fall into the coffin. It is fierce, it is fiery, it is passionate and as they explode together he is hers and she is his. Abby and Gibbs, Gibbs and Abby as it could, should and always would be.

The idea for this fiction came from two particular episodes. In one we find out that the women Gibbs dates find the smell of sawdust sexy and in the other that Abby sometimes makes her own perfume, in that episode smelling of gunpowder residue. Quirky, but oh so Abby!