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They were at the airport, crowded around the staircase that led into the airplane.

Gibbs stood defensively next to Ziva while McGee and Tony hung back slightly, numbed by what they were hearing.

"Come, Zivaleh. We must go," Eli said, reaching out for her.

Ziva didn't move.

"You call us here saying you have a case lead for us, and instead you tell us the Mossad contract has been terminated, effective immediately?" Gibbs said disbelievingly.

"Actually, I called Ziva, and Ziva alone. She brought you all here."

Now it was Tony's turn to be defensive. He moved forward. "You still lied."

"I did what was necessary," Eli corrected. "If I told her what was happening over the phone she would have run. I know my daughter, Agent DiNozzo."

Ziva scoffed. "If you knew me you would have known not to sent me back here on the mission with Michael."

Tony frowned at her. "What…you've been on a mission?"

"Why else would Director David send her back if it wasn't for personal gain," Gibbs said.

"You knew Michael and I were together," Ziva said quietly, moving forwards slightly. "You forced us together. And then you made us work together as well?"

"He is a better option than an American co-worker," Eli countered even quieter, but everyone else heard anyway.

Tony frowned further. What co-worker would Ziva be in love with? Definitely not Gibbs, he was like a surrogate father for her. McGee? No, they were best friends.

That would mean…

"Nevertheless, Ziva must come with me," Eli said. "Come."

"Gibbs," Ziva muttered desperately.

Gibbs just glared at him. What else would he do? He could not defy a direct order or interfere in foreign matters or get involved with contracts.

Ziva was defeated. She began to step away from her team when suddenly Tony grasped her arm and whispered in her ear. "Ani ohev otach."

Ziva closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. "I will return, and then I can say it back," she said, making sure only he heard.

Tony smiled for a second before releasing his grip.

Gibbs brushed her hand with his and she walked away. McGee still looked dumbstruck.

She headed up the stairs, followed closely by her father.

Just as she reached the door, she looked back.

She was leaving her team.

She was leaving Tony.

But she would be back.

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