Title: Candlelight
Author: Erin (erinm_)
Characters, Pairing: Ryan and Kelsi
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes, the weather sets the mood...
Warning: post-HSM3 *Written for prompt 09 Flame at hsm_100 on LiveJournal.

Disclaimer: The original characters belong to Disney and their respective actors. The rest of 'em are mine.

Ryan knew that Kelsi wasn't afraid of the dark, but the sudden power outage had half the campus in a panic. The temperature had dropped steadily over the past few days and the snowstorm came out of nowhere. He knew she'd gone over to the Music Building that afternoon, and he sometimes had to physically drag her out for meals. Bundling up, Ryan trudged across the green and fought against the wind to pull the door open.

He finally found her in a practice room, staring at a few lit candles and keying out a slow Christmas carol.

"Hey, Playmaker..."