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"You're breaking up with me?" I was shock. We've been together since junior high.

"It's not you, it's me." was she kidding me. She was going to use that line and on my bed, where I was planning to make out with her today. We'll there goes my buzz.

"Don't pull that crap on me. What did I do this time?" it was always me.

'You're late.'

'You don't care.'

'You're always with your friends.'

'You hurt my feelings.'

It was always me.

"Look Edward, high school is nearly over and we're heading in different directions-"

"I'm going to Harvard and you're going to Brown. What the hell are you talking about?" I yelled at her. I purposely chose Harvard to be close to her.

"Look. I don't want to be that girl who takes her high school romance with her to college. And I know you're not ready for a long distance relationship." She said calmly.

"Tany-" I begged.

"Come on Edward! We break up and make up every five weeks. We've been together since junior high. Off and on. I just don't think you're ready for a serious relationship." She said. Yeah we break up often. But it wasn't official break up. It was more like 'you're late and I'm not going to talk to you for a week' kind of fights. But we had so much fun in the past years.

"Look, we've been through hell and back. We're made for each other. Yeah we had our bad times, but how about all the good times? You just can't let that all go? Our history-" I grovelled

"Exactly, it's history. And I need to be with someone who isn't going to leave me to 'hang out with the guys' and get jealous with every guy that looks at me, fight for me. Edward, you're not the type of guy a girl can hold his hand in public. You're more of… umm… arm around the shoulder, which is fine, but not really mature boyfriend behaviour. I feel like a statue girlfriend." Now she was the one raising her voice. Is it wrong from me to be turned on right now? I do love the make up sex. I'll just play her game like always.

"You want me to hold your hand. Fine! I'm not going to put my arm around your shoulder. Dammit Tanya, what do you want a teddy bear that says 'I heart you', I'll get you one-"

"It doesn't count if I have to tell you what I need. You should just know. But that's not you. You can't be the typical boyfriend. You'll never have a cute nickname for a girl. You'll never just want to talk. You'll never changer for anyone. Edward, I need a man that's the 'boy next door', my 'prince charming'." She was raising her voice

"Who am I then?" I yelled. She inhaled.

"Umm… you're more the 'high school sweetheart', 'the jock', the best-looking guy in high school, the school president. See you're more of a high school boyfriend not a college boyfriend." Why was she so calme? And when did this whole 'someone else' come up.

"Who is he?" I sneered

"There is no one."

"Tanya." I groaned . I knew Tanya. She didn't make up decisions without a net to catch her. Who was that net?

"Fine. I've met someone. He goes to Fork High but after graduation he's going to Brown with me. He is all that I ever wanted in a boyfriend. Sweet, kind and loving." She pleaded with me. Her eyes filled with the same love that she once has for me.

"What is his name?" I growled

"Jacob Black" she muttered. I never heard that name. He was at Forks High?



Jacob Black.

My neighbor.

My best friend.

My boyfriend.

My love.

My life.

I'm waiting at my front porch for him to come on his motor cycle. We planned to go to the beach today, but I don't think the weather is going to be good. I'm wearing my favourite black jeans, a band shirt (also black) and my favourite leather jacket, which is a little to big for me, but very comfortable and my hair was in a messy bun with strand framing my face. The best thing about Jake is, he not like the other boys at high school. He doesn't like the whole cheerleader type. God I hate high school. Can't wait to go to college and meet some real people, not this plastic fakes.

Yeah, high school wasn't easy for me. I never really fit in. You had the cheerleaders, jocks, popular kids, chess geek, nerd, wannabe popular kids and fake emo freaks who just wanted attention. I was more of the invisible girl. Anyone said the name 'Isabella Swan' and the whole class went 'who?' At least I had Jake and his friends. I never really liked hanging out with girls. It was always like 'you flirted with the boy I like', 'you sleep with my ex, whom I still have feeling for' or 'can't believe she's wearing that!' Constant back stabbing. With the guys it was all cool. No drama, no 'OMG we are wearing the same outfit' and no looking stunning all the time just so we can be accepted. It was my clique.

However Jake was the only one who went to Fork high with me, all the other boys lived in La Push. Yeah, and next year all the boys are going there separate ways, but we will keep in contact. At least Jake and I will be at the same college. Toor University in California. Finally, sunshine. Can't wait for the beaches and the warm weather, better than Fork's. A new beginning. In a few months, it will be my eighteen birthday. And the only person I want to spend it with is Jake. Finally I hear the loud roar of his motorcycle, he must be close. I jump of my front porch and run down the steps, carefully not tripping over. I waited on the curve for him, with my personalised helmet in my hands.

Finally I saw him coming, and he stopped in front of my driveway. He took his dark helmet off and I saw his beautiful face. Soon, very soon.

"Finally. How long does it take you? So what did you do at Seth's place" I said as I hopped on the back of the motorcycle, snaking my arms around his waist and leaning my cheek against his back.

Seth and his sister Leah were also at Forks, but Seth was 4 years my junior. Leah was in my art class, she was really bitter, however once you get to know her she's okay.

Something was wrong. Jake was tense. I lifted my head and looked over his shoulder to see his face. He was looking directly at me turning his head over his shoulder. His eyes, they looked apologetic. He finally spoke, his voice dry.

"We need to talk."


'Toor University' is made up and all fiction. I'm from Australia and don't know much of the American colleges, so i made one up instead.

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