Title: It's for Science
Author: Erin (erinm_)
Characters, Pairing: Natalie (mention of Stephen)
Rating: G
Summary: Natalie's got a theory, but she isn't sharing.
Warning: post-series *Written for Prompt Challenge 01 at stephen_natalie on LiveJournal. Prompt 02-01: Drop.
Disclaimer: The original characters belongs to NBC and their respective actors.

When it came to medicine, Natalie Durant was a pretty smart woman. Socially, not so much, but that was beside the point. Now, she did have her moments – they were few and far between – but she did have them.

Usually, her flashes of brilliance were shared with others and put to the use of the greater good. Occasionally, however, Natalie would keep her good ideas and great realizations to herself.

If she was having a bad day, or – God forbid – distracted from her work, Natalie would revel in the knowledge that the simple act of dropping a pencil could make her day infinitely better.

There was one flaw in her great theory, of course. It was just a small, technical detail, but it did seem to be the part she dwelled on the most. What happened when the pencil hit the floor and wasn't picked up? What if the dropper simply reached for another pencil? And, if they were sitting when the pencil hit the floor, the whole point was moot.

Once or twice, to test her own theory, she'd dropped the pencil, curious to see what would happen. And there was the one situation where she sort of threw the pencil from her work table into the library. It did yield the best result to date, but, sadly, could never be repeated.

After all, there were only so many ways to get Stephen Connor to drop the pencil.