Ukitake and Modern Medicine

Hello again, and welcome to my sixth fanfic. I hope you enjoy this! Warning for crack at the end….

Jushiro Ukitake, captain of Juusanbantai, had had enough. He was so tired of suffering from that stupid TB. Did the human's have a cure? Still thinking about it during the weekly captains' meeting, he approached the Sou-taichou.

"Sensei, I would like to take a trip to the Human World. You see, my illness has gotten worse, so I think it would be influential to the development of new cures." Jushiro said with a nervous air in his reiatsu. "Hmm" Grumbled the old fart; "I approve." With that, Sasakibe-fukutaichou opened the gates for Ukitake's journey to the world.

Ukitake arrived in a small flat in outer Karakura Town. The living room had only simple furniture. It had a small loveseat almost the same color as the one in his office (1) and a tiny cable TV. The dining room had only medium sized Formica counter and chairs.

Seeing that there was no car for him to use, Jushiro paid for a cab to a hospital.

He got in and in minutes was at the main entrance. He paid the cabbie and walked through the spinning doors. The smell of disinfectant made him homesick for Yonbantai.

As a kind doctor who reminded him of Retsu handed him his medicine, Ukitake suddenly remembered he had to come back to Soul Society in a few hours.

Ukitake came to the designated hill and waited for the gate to open.

Jushiro was practically running to his division. There he was met with Kiyone, Sentaro, and Kaien. (2) Rukia soon came in with an order to drink it and take his medicine.

He obeyed and looked into the jar. There were no pills, only a crumpled note that read Sorry. Ukitake then slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand. Rukia and the sansekis looked over to Kaien with a WTF expression. He scratched his head nervously and laughed. "Well, I guess captain had a prank pulled on him, or he could've had a V8."

I imagine Ukitake's couch is purple. It's not probably true, it's just my fav color!!!!

Kaien is not dead yet. Not in this story or my mind. I'm in permanent denial….