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Red Stars

I'm in the living room reading. Solomon is in the kitchen, finalizing some plans for another trip to Egypt. He tells me one of his colleagues have found another unmarked tomb. I'm intrigued. I wonder if the tomb belongs to anyone I knew back then. I find it funny when I read a historical text and find the name of someone I actually knew back in ancient Egypt. It's a little unnerving, and it makes me feel so old.

I glance at the clock.

It's getting late. I expected my Hikari back more than three hours ago. But I suppose it is better for his health that he stays away longer than usual. I was ready to give him a thorough knockdown after he spoke back to me during lunch. His words may have been true, but may God help him if all my efforts thus far are laid to waste because he believes in his optimistic words. I cannot let him feel such emotions for me. It just isn't possible, and I was foolish to think it ever might have been.

That stupid girl. Why did she have to pry into my business yet again? She thought it was funny, but it was anything but. This is a very delicate situation between Yugi and me. When she whispered into my ear, "I think that little Yugi kid likes you. I always find him looking at you when he's around you. Poor boy has a crush on you." I was enraged, naturally. This last year, I've been trying to keep Yugi at a distance, and stop him from feeling any emotions like that toward me. The fact that the foolish girl sitting next to me at the time noticed was absolutely inexcusable. I did what I had to do, or at least that's what I keep telling myself.

My anger has waned considerably since our last confrontation in the school. I feel terrible about the way it happened. Hell, I feel terrible about the fact that it had to happen. I can't stand not being able to hold him and touch him, be with him the way I want to be, but we can't share such a bond. Not so long as I am darkness, and he is innocence. Oh, this entire situation is such a mess.

Best of cruel intentions

Finding what they fail to mention.

It had been two weeks after the Ceremonial Duel. I had integrated myself into Yugi's lifestyle and was adjusting nicely to having a body again. I remember the better half of that day with a small smile. That day, I had decided to push Yugi's and my relationship further than I had been able to these last three years trapped as a spirit in the Millennium Puzzle. We had even shared a kiss. Our first and last as it would be deemed later that same day.

It had been that very night that I had the vision. It was terrible. Yugi and I had spent the day with the entire gang at the park and arcade. I remember clearly, Yugi beat me at twelve different games where I only beat him eleven times. The day had been one of the most relaxed days I've had in 3 millennia, seriously. We got back exhausted.

I bade Yugi and his grandpa goodnight, and went up to the room they had provided me. After showering, I fell into the bed thoroughly fatigued, but no rest would be given me tonight.

The world was dark. I was standing in some alleyway. I don't know why I was there or what had brought me there, but I could feel a need to continue down the alley. I heard noise coming from the darkness. Cries of pain and pleasure mixed together. I don't know what urged me on, but I felt my feet moving of their own accord into the waiting darkness. What I saw there ripped my heart into shreds.

It was Yugi. Bound, gagged, and helpless, he cried as the person in front of him ravaged his body with pure lust as his motive. Yugi's attacker's hips thrust back and forth with a vengeance, he seemed to be relishing in the cries of anguish spilling from Yugi's lips one after the other. I stood horrified by the sight

I couldn't move. I couldn't think hard enough to grasp what this was. Yugi was being raped right in front of me, and I wasn't moving.

"You can't have him, Atem."

A voice seemed to materialize out of nothing. I don't know where it came from.

"Who is that?"

"You can't have Yugi, Atem. Your soul is too dark for his innocence to survive you. Push him away."

"Who are you? Answer me!"

I hear nothing but laughter as I finally will my body to move. I run into the alley, and as I reach Yugi, I pull his attacker around ready to punish the infidel. I gasp as crimson eyes lock with my gaze. I'm staring at myself. The vision of me smirks at me, licking his lips in sheer delight at my expression while Yugi whimpers behind him. My own voice speaks to me.

"It's time to protect him, Atem. Protect him from us," he whispers as he leans back in Yugi's direction, claiming my hikari's lips once more for his own. And then I woke up, panting in a cold sweat.

No truth, all pretension

Raise your hand to get attention

All my actions since that moment were made for the sole purpose of protecting Yugi from myself. I simple couldn't afford to display my emotions to my dear hikari, especially if the consequences were what I had envisioned. I felt helpless after that dream. I didn't know what to do, so I called a small meeting between the gang and me. I told them everything. My fears, my doubts, the vision, and I even confessed to them my more than platonic feelings toward the youth.

Anzu didn't take as well at the rest of them, but they seemed to be understanding of my situation. The decided they would help me push Yugi away. The plan was to make Yugi want to leave us in the future. Jou, Honda, Anzu, and the others would eventually express their apologies to Yugi once the teen was completely separated from. It seemed like a good plan at first, but we forgot to take into account one thing: Yugi's unwavering optimism.

Yugi's persistence makes me so angry sometimes. Here I am trying to protect him from me, but he just keeps returning to me with a devotion I have never seen in another. I admire him for it. After all, its part of who he is, and I love who he is. I love him with all my heart.

Yes, I love him. So why am I so cruel to him? Why do I choose to hurt him? Why do I sometimes beat or hit him? Why do I continue to let him return to my side? Why do I sleep with different people all the time? Why am I driving him into depression? It's all because I can't have him. I can never have his light as my own. I can never claim his innocence. I can never and will never be able to love him and worship his body like I do in my dreams. I can't so long as I am darkness.

You give and we take it.

You build it, we break it.

It frustrates me that I can't have him. I can't be with him, when that is what I want more than anything else in this world. Every time I see him cry because of me; some part of me breaks. I just want to take him in my arms and utter the words, "I'm sorry" over and over again. I want to kiss away all the pain we have caused him. I want to tell the gang that it's gone too far. That we don't need to push Yugi away any longer, and in the spilt seconds I think about this, it all feels like the right thing to do, and I want to do follow through so badly.

But the dreams I have about him keep me away. The horrors I see in my slumber appall and excite me at the same time. Me taking Yugi for my own. Claiming him in every way imaginable. I can't stand the image of me tainting Yugi's innocence, but I can't look away from it either. I find my self yearning for it in real life. These urges are what force me to do so many disturbing things.

I've found my self sleeping with difference girls every week as if I was slacking my lust with harem girls. It's degrading. They don't seem to mind in the slightest though. Seriously, women these days throw themselves at men. It's really no wonder they are all called whores, but then they get insulted when someone points out to a girl that she has had sexual relations with more the half the student body. It's not like I was insinuating anything that one time. I was merely stating a fact.

I sleep with men more often. I'm more comfortable with them. Their bodies don't feel as breakable, and they don't complain as much when I have to leave after we are through slacking our lusts. But mostly I can pretend they are Yugi more easily.

Oh, God, what have I become?

"Yami," calls Solomon as he comes into the living room. "I'm leaving, now. Do you know where Yugi is?"

You sign and we erase it.

You feel it, we fake it.

"No, sorry, Solomon"

The old man looked sad for a moment.

"Aww, that's too bad. I was hoping to give this to him myself." He pulls out of his pocket a small box wrapped in dark blue wrapping paper and offers it to me. I slowly take the tiny gift, looking at it curiously.

"What is this?" I ask.

"It's just a small something I found for Yugi's birthday." Oh Ra, that's right. Today is Yugi's birthday. I had forgotten. I closed my eyes momentarily in regret, opening them only when Solomon continues speaking. "Please give that to Yugi for me. I have to be on my way or I'll miss the plane, and wish Yugi a happy birthday for me. I wish I could have done more for him," he finishes saying as he head to the door.

"I wish the same thing," I whisper.

"Well, goodbye, Yami. Don't let Yugi get into any trouble while I'm gone."

"I won't," I respond clenching my teeth slightly at the prospect. I only hope I can pull that one off. Yugi's grandfather doesn't know much about what goes on at school or when he is away, simply because despite Yugi's open disposition, the teen is very good at hiding things he doesn't want anyone to know about. I was surprised when I found out this fact years ago when he hid his true feelings about Kaiba's Battle City Duels from Kaiba himself.

Honestly, I was there. I was in his head at the time. I know what he was really thinking about Kaiba's madness. But I'm not gonna be the one to tell you. That is a completely different story.

My eyes trail to the clock in front of me. It's been five minutes since Yugi's grandfather left. The house is deathly quiet, almost desolate without Yugi's lively presence to brighten the place.

It's my red star, I steal it.

It's my red star, I can't let go.

Ten minutes… Fifteen minutes… Twenty… Twenty-five… It's been thirty minutes and still no sign of Yugi. I have a bad feeling about this. Gingerly, I get up from the couch and head over to the phone. I contemplate calling his cell phone until I see it resting comfortably next to the house phone.

"Alright," I speak aloud to myself. "It's time to go find him myself."

Grabbing my coat, cell phone, and keys, I leave the house walking down the sidewalk in the direction of the school. I figure if Yugi is dilly dallying about, he would be doing it in some region in between where he just came from and his destination. And thus, I start my search.

The streets are empty, completely devoid of people. Only a car passes my every few minutes, other than that and the sound of the wind all is quiet. Night has fallen over Domino City, and the existing cloud cover blocks the moon and stars from shining. The only sources of light available for use are the streetlamps, hanging over the street. I hear a crash down a nearby alley and nearly jump out of my boots just as a black and white cat scurries past me.

"Damn, cat," I mutter, composing myself from the meaningless encounter. But the incident has caused my mind to recall another similar crash. My thoughts wander into the past, remembering one of my more regretful actions. It involved Marik and Bakura.


"Goodnight, guys," I say ushering my friends out the door. The party was pretty good. I wish the Solomon had been here for it. It would have been nice. Yugi's upstairs. He's been there all night listening to his music. The others don't hear it, but I'm more than aware of my hikari's tendencies. Once again I'm hit with the guilt that grows in my heart with every action I do that isolates him from us all. I push it aside though.

"Yami," calls Anzu from the living room. She's staying the night again. She has the itch again. I don't normally indulge her, but my current frustration forces me to oblige. I don't want to end up taking out my issues on Yugi after all.

I spot Bakura and Marik in the living room with her. They must have come in through the back because I certainly did not invite them here. The pair is wearing matching set of twin smiles that I can't help but cringe at what the meaning behind them could be. I just know I'm not gonna like this.

"What are you doing here, Bakura, Marik?"

"Hello to you, too, pharaoh." Marik is as snide as ever. He and Bakura exchange a brief glance at each other. "We have a proposition for you."

"What is it?"

"It involves a certain Yugi Moto."

"What do you want with Yugi?!"

Bakura's smirk widens. "We'd like some private time alone with him."

Anzu looks at me fearfully. I can tell she is more than terrified for Yugi simply from the sound of her voice. I don't look at her, concentrating my gaze directly at the white-haired thief in front of me.

"Why the hell would I allow you that?" They didn't miss a beat.

"Because you have no choice," says Marik. "Either let us see Yugi, or we'll reveal to him your most precious secret." My eyes widen. How could they know about my obsession with my hikari?

"We have lights, too, Pharaoh. We know how you feel, but unlike you, we know well enough our sadistic tendencies, and have decided to put them aside to be with Ryou and Malik. You just cower in the face of a mere possibility. Pushing Yugi away from you in the worst possible way. You're the lowest off us all."

I open my mouth to retort, but Bakura stops me.

"We don't want your justification. Right now we just want your little light."

I don't say anything. How can I? They have me right where they want me. I can't afford to tell them no.

"What do you say, Atem? Do we have a deal? Your secret for some time alone with Yugi."

Marik holds out his hand to me as if offering it to shake.

"I have one condition," I finally speak to them. I stare at them, unblinkingly, in order to display how dead serious I am about this. "You will not touch Yugi's innocence. Any sexual desires you may feel for him will remain unquenched. Do you understand me? Ra help you if you taint him."

My voice has risen considerably in volume since I began talking. The two in front of me seem to pout slightly to each other before shaking their heads. The Egyptian turns to me with a deathly glare.

"Fine, you have our word. Nothing sexual." Did his eye just twitch at me?

They turn away from me already heading up the stairs. Anzu races in front of them. Maybe she wants to alert Yugi of their presence before they reach his room, but they have paused at the foot of the stairs. Bakura turns to me briefly.

"Atem, surely you know that you won't be able to protect his innocence forever."

I ignore him, making my way up the stairs mentally preparing myself for the rough force I'm going to have to use on Yugi right now in order to give the two demons behind me their blackmail. In my ascent, I can't help but feel I just made a deal with Anubis.

End Flashback

That night, I immersed myself in Anzu's body. She held me still as I cried for Yugi again. I did not sleep opening one side of my mind link to Yugi, so I could feel every pain he went through that night under the ministrations of Bakura and Marik. That night, I shared pain with my love hardly aware of Anzu's embrace.

It's my red star, conceal it

It's my red star, All I know.


I stumble as the scream in my head rocks my body off balance. The force of the cry is enough to blind me. My world goes black with pain as Yugi's tearing down of my barrier rips my mind in two. It felt almost as bad as losing a shadow game.

"Yugi, Stop it," I speak as I slam the barrier back up for a chance to reestablish myself. The world slowly stops spinning as it returns to focus. I find my bearings. No one is near me. I'm alone. But I have a sneaking suspicion Yugi is one of the things: a. he is extremely pissed at me for something which is very likely, or b. he is in trouble which is more than likely at this time of night. I can feel a prodding on my barrier. It feels like someone is knocking on my head as if it were a door.

I stumble forward holding my weight up against the wall as I move. The pain in my head is staggering as I push myself forward. It gets worse and worse with each step I take. Yugi must be somewhere around here, but it seems as though it is taking me an eternity to find him.

This feels like that time I spent in the puzzle when time just seemed to stand still and cease flowing. Maybe time actually did stop in the darkness. I don't know for sure. My existence there was like living death. Emotions come and go while the memories faded away. I even forgot my own name.

I described it to Yugi once, "An eternity where time stands still isn't an eternity at all. It is death true and endless death. It is purely a state of nonexistence."

I feel the same way now, only except of pure death, I feel now as though I am standing on the edge of a cliff looking down. I am staring death in the face, for time here never truly stops, just slows down. Since Yugi's cry hit my I feel like have not stopped walking for hours, when I am sure it has been but a few minutes. I feel like I'm holding my breath looking for him. I pray he is okay. That he is only angry with me. That he isn't hurt. But then I hear a voice down one of the alleyways.

"You like being my little bitch."

It is the voice of Seto Kaiba.

Wasted Education

Celebrating Imitation

I cautiously peer into the alley. The darkness obstructing my view, I venture deeper into the isolated space. A small cry has me rushing forward quickly until the sight before me stops me cold. It freezes the very blood in my veins. It catches my breath and suffocates. I pauses my heart mid-beat. I can't speak in the face of the sight before me.

It was my vision all over again. Only this time it wasn't a vision, hell it wasn't even a nightmare. This was for real. Kaiba was really and truly standing there tearing into Yugi. Plundering his body and swiping his innocence from him. I can't move, horrified by the sight.

Kaiba's movements slow down as he turns his head toward me.

"How nice of you to join us."

I can't speak.

"Why look, Yugi. We have a guest. Why don't we give…?"

I stop listening as I stare into Yugi's face. Blood drips down the back of his neck and cheeks. Bruises lay scattered all over the little flesh I can see of his body. In the back of my mind I praise Ra that he is at least covered for the most part.

In situations like this we are taught to take action. To call out for help. To stop the evil deed being carried out. But what is an eons worth of education compared to an actual even.

In the police academy, young cop wannabes are train how to reacted in a time of crisis, but once they have graduated and are on the job for real, they encounter their first shooting or their first hostage situation. Naturally they freeze, trying to function and process all of the training. They try and regurgitate information given to them and give imitation to the steps provided them for years in school, but more often then not they fail to do so. I feel the same way now.

I want to move. I want to rip that fiend away from. I want to quiet his tears and hold him. Tell him it will be alright. But I can't find the strength to move. It's like I've been thrown into a trance by the situation in front of me. All my defenses are down. I can hear all of Yugi's thought. I can feel his pain. My mind is no longer my own. It is wholly and entirely Yugi's.

Misplaced Admirations

Speaking for a generation

I don't snap out of my shock until I hear Kaiba's cry as he releases. The sound of it will haunt my memory until the day I die. Kaiba says something to me, but I don't quite catch the words. He zips up his pants as he allows Yugi to fall to the floor. He's lost consciousness. I move forward slowly still shaking off my trance. I freeze as Kaiba brushes past me with a whisper.

"Maybe it will motivate you."

I growl at him as he passes into the streetlight.

And he disappears. I don't care anymore as I'm running to Yugi now. I cradle him in my arms as I reach for my cell phone calling an ambulance My knees are becoming soaked with the blood on the concrete, but I don't care as I watch Yugi's face. His breathing is painstaking and hushed, and his face is painted with his own blood. I cover him with my jacket, rocking him gently back and forth forever and ever. Praying that the ambulance gets here on time, I hold my breath waiting for a sign of life from Yugi.

There is nothing. All I have to go on is his erratic heartbeat and shallow breathing. I close my eyes, cradling his head to my chest still rocking back and forth. His body is ice cold. I hope that my body heat with aid that somehow as I press him closer to me.

This should never have happened. This is all my fault.

How did I let this happen?

'You pushed him away…" I hear a voice whisper in my head.

I shouldn't have pushed him from me. This is all my fault.

I see droplets of water appear on Yugi's face. With a brush of my hand I wipe them and some of the blood away. Wondering where the water came from I look up, but it isn't raining. I touch my face to realize I'm crying.

I don't stop the tears. I just hold Yugi. Even as the sirens pull in and the paramedics show up, I never let go of Yugi. Going into the ambulance and hospital, I maintain a firm grip on his hand. The first doctor to arrive takes a quick summary of his situation.

"The patient suffers severe blood loss. It appears he's been raped. He has taken damaged to the temperature control station of the brain and is suffering from hypothermia. Give me a heating blanket, and get me a OR stat. We need to stop the bleeding or he's not gonna make it.

They take him into surgery, and ask me to wait outside. I don't want to.

Unable to stay, unwilling to leave.

You give and we take it.

You build it we break it.

Time Change

It's been three days. It's about three o'clock in the afternoon now. He still hasn't woken up. I haven't left the room since he came out of the operating room. People have been in and out of the room all this time. Anzu, Jounouchi, Mai Honda, Duke, Ryou, Malik, Serenity, and many others have been in and out these last three days. With them come flowers, cards, and gifts.

All of us blame ourselves for what happened. I tell them not to feel guilty. It can't be helped. They still feel terrible about the situation. They hate the fact that Yugi has been hurt this badly by Seto Kaiba of all people when we had all made the promise in the past to protect him and never leave him. I broke that promise first. This wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been a coward and run away from my love for Yugi.

Just this morning Anzu was trying to comfort me about it, but I pushed her away. She had been watering some of the plants around the room, and basically tidying up the place while she scrupulously spoke to me about my feelings.

"You shouldn't blame yourself," she'd said. "Your visions forced you to embrace a concept you never would have even contemplated otherwise. You fear hurting Yugi more than anyone."

"So instead, I've managed to screw things up worse."

"No one saw this coming."

"God Damn It. I've hit him too, Anzu."

I hold up my hands in front of me. My crimson eyes look them over. They seem to be drenched in blood. Stained red with Yugi's life essence. Nevermind that I washed it off days ago. I can still see it, smell it.

"My own hands have wanted to do the same. I've always want to touch him, worship him, hold him. I've wanted to claim him as my own. I still do. These hands are no better then Kaiba's."


She slapped me across the face.

"Do not compare yourself to him. He did this to Yugi with pure malice in his intent. Kaiba feels no love or camaraderie for Yugi. You do. The whole point of this last year has been because you wanted to protect his innocence. I know it didn't turn out that way, but you love him. You do. Don't turn your back on Yugi now, not after this failed attempt to protect him has in fact robbed him of it."

She sighs in defeat.

"You said the reason you couldn't be with him was because of his innocence. You said you couldn't be with him because your darkness would taint him. I know this may sound cruel and harsh, but now is your chance. As much as it pains us all, Yugi is not innocent anymore."

She looks at his sleeping face. I snuff out rising possessiveness as I watch her place her hand on his face, caressing his cheek like a lover would.

"I think Kaiba wanted to motivate you to make your claim on Yugi. He took far to much pleasure in how he went about it, but don't you see. Now you can be with Yugi as a lover, as you want to be."

"What do I do?"

"Don't tell him. Show him."

And with those last words, she walked out the door.

You sign and we erase it.

You feel it. We fake it.

I clench my face in one hand while the other keeps a tight hold on my hikari. I can't stop the tears anymore. I have neither the energy to will them to stop nor the desire to mask them any longer. They still run rampant down my face. With my elbows on the bed and my body hunched over, I paid no mind to the time that passed in my solitude with Yugi. All I was aware of was the sound of his breathing and the heart monitor beeping away a steady lullaby.

This is how Yugi awoke to greet me.

I didn't notice he was completely awake at first. The hand I held only twitched slightly as though trying to feel something other than the bandages it was encased in. I looked at the hand, seeing the bruising and healing laceration underneath the bandages. More tears came to my eyes at them, as I rubbed my thumb over the wounds slowly.

Then I noticed him sniff at the air tentatively, as though checking for any signs of being in an uncomfortable place. I lift my head then, in hope. It has been so long since I hoped for Yugi to wake. It's been too long since I have seen my beautiful hikari's amethyst eyes. It's been to long since I have been able to look into his very soul through those eyes.

'Please, Yugi, open your eyes,' I pray to any and all gods willing to listen to my plea. 'Look at me please.'

My prayers are answered. Pale lids slowly slide up to reveal to me the most beautiful pair of eyes I, in all my years of life, have ever set my own upon. They sparkle at me with love and affection. I smile at him through the tears. My heart is pounding with a need to fulfill the desire and passion I have for the small figure lying in front of me. I don't need to protect him from me anymore. I can just be with him as I always wanted to be since before the beginning.

"Ya…Yami,' he calls as a small smile graces his features.

I watch him struggle against the sleep his body needs with a small amusement in my eyes. He needs to rest, but still he would rather wake. My hand tightens around his hand as he is lulled back to sleep. For the first time in three days I am content to simply watch him, knowing that it will be alright.

It's my red star, I steal it.

It's my red star, I can't let go.

Later that night as I watch his angelic face in slumber, a red haze slid over the room through the window. A single red star hangs in the sky casting its haze over the world no matter that it's surrounded by the pure white stars of the rest of the galaxy. Tonight, this red star even outshines the moon. I gaze at it think of him my own red star. The red star that started this horrific chain of events.

It's my love for Yugi that burns in my chest. It casts a red haze on the world around me filling it with passion and emotion. My crimson gaze is no coincidence. Through these eyes, I see the world in black and red now in this moment.

I've had moments like this before when an emotion will overcome me in such an overwhelming manner that all I see is the red. They aren't always negative emotions as is associated with the color red. It's not always anger or rage. It can be intense sorrow, happiness, passion, or jealousy. It is a curse and a blessing, you see. I see emotion in one color because of what I am, what I have seen, and what I once was. Red is my color. It has a good side and a bad side just like I do. Red can appear in different frequencies and different patterns. Sometimes when I see red, it is as silky as a Yugi's skin. Other times, the shade falls on me like the Red See upon Rameses'i head, violent and uncontrollable. In these times, I would look to Yugi for calmness, for in all the red, I could always find the purple of his beautiful eyes.

Right now the red is hazy, misty almost like looking though a cloud. It's beautiful and calming. It shimmers around Yugi's face, haloing his precious features as he sleeps.

This is my red star. This is my love for Yugi.

Untouchable, unchangeable, and soft. I don't want to let go anymore.

I will fix this.

It's my red star, conceal it.

It's my red star, It's all I know.

End of Chapter 2

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i The Egyptian pharaoh who fought against Moses for the freedom of the Hebrew peoples from Egypt. He is defeated when God closes the Red Sea over his head once the people of Jerusalem have safely crossed.