Summary: No vampires. No shape shifters. No mythical creatures. Just Bella and Jacob.

Summing it all up:

Carlisle was never able to fully prove to his father that vampires weren't real. Though, he lived a long and happy life, falling in love with a beautiful woman and having three beautiful children.

Jasper joined the army and met the typical house wife of a woman. They married and had one innocent child, who grew to be like his own father, attracted to the military.

Edward died of the Spanish Influenza in 1918, just a few hours after his mother.

Esme lost her baby a few days after the birth and jumped off the cliff, the hospital took her straight to the morgue to die because they couldn't save her.

Rosalie died in the street and was found after the assault made by Royce King and his buddies. Royce King came down with meningitis and died only a short year later. What goes around comes back around.

Emmett was mauled by the bear, but found. Though he still wasn't strong enough to make it through.

Alice died in the asylum within a three year period of an unknown disease.

Isabella Swan was born September 13, 1988. She was born to proud parents, Renee and Charlie Swan. Renee, lover of sunshine, left Charlie a mere three months after Isabella's birth, leaving Charlie broken hearted. Renee and Isabella moved to beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. The sun was always shining and there were cactuses on every corner.

Isabella, who preferred Bella, visited Charlie every summer for one month, doing extracurricular activities that Bella was strongly opposed to. They visited Billy Black and the Clearwater's. Hiking, fishing, the whole nine yards. When she was fourteen, she decided that there would be no more Forks. So, her and Charlie vacationed together in California instead. The doesn't remember Billy Black or the Clearwater's.

Bella didn't exactly have friends. Nor a boyfriend for that matter. Her and Renee lived strictly off of a teachers salary, and that worked perfectly fine for them. When Bella was seventeen, she decided that it was time to spend some quality time with Charlie. In Forks. Note my extreme sarcasm.

She left for Renee. Renee had Phil, a minor league baseball player who traveled a lot. Bella knew that it made Renee unhappy to be away from Phil, though, so she hopped on a plane to Forks and will live with Charlie for a while. This will be a good thing. She hopes.

AN: As I thought about writing this story, I never knew how extremely depressing it would be. All of the Cullen's are dead. Well, that sucks. Sorry to people who love Edward, don't get me wrong. I do too! I just want to see where my brain leads me with this story. It's my first. I would like it if you would review. Gracias :D