Kawarimi no Naruto

Hey all. I know you probably hate me for abandoning two fics in a row, but to be honest, they were lead ups to this I guess. I took ideas I really wanted and, eventually, they boiled down to this. I am sick and tired of super Naruto fics where he gets his strength from some bloodline or the Kyuubi or where he magically gets a summoning contract just because he is him. Honestly, after to read enough of them, they all start to run together. That is why I am writing this fic. Naruto will develop strength over time, and things will actually play out somewhat realistic to Naruto's persona, if toned down a bit. So, here begins what I believe is the first fic of its kind, prepare yourselves, read, and review.

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Chapter 1: Limitations.

"Do you know why the people of Konoha hate you? Why they despise you?"

"w-why? Why? WHY?"

"Because he sealed it inside you. That's right, he sealed it within you, and you have become its incarnate. YOU ARE THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE NO YOUKAI!" He shouted with glee, spinning the giant shuriken in his hand before hurling it at the boy before him.

Frozen in terror, he didn't move a muscle, until a black mass appeared before him. Suddenly, the panting form of his teacher was over him, blood seeping out of the corners of his mouth and onto the blond boy's face.

"Why?" The blond boy whispered. "Why would you save… a demon like me?"

"Because you aren't a demon. You are much like me, when I was younger.. I played pranks all the time, always trying to get people to notice me. I know how it feels, Naruto, to be all alone. You are not the demon, you are just you… Uzumaki Naruto."

The silver haired figure up in the trees began laughing, before preparing his second shuriken. "He doesn't really care for you, and you want to know why? Because you killed his parents, Demon."

And suddenly… Iruka wasn't there anymore. A lightning charged shuriken took his place, the upper half of Iruka on Naruto's left, his lower half on the right, blood splattering Naruto leaving barely any orange visible beneath it. All he heard was the man's whispers, right before it hit.

"Live, protect, love, Naruto."

And with that, the giant electrically charged shuriken embedded itself within Naruto's gut, as his slowly closing eyes watched the silver haired man escape with the scroll.


"Bloody kid really fucked up this time" a muttering came from down the hallway of the strange sewer.

Naruto looked around, his clothing now somehow clean, a red glow emanating from the end of the hallway he was in, lighting up the water around his feet, the foul smell of sewage and the pipes above his head giving a dreary feel to Naruto's already down-trodden state of mind.

Trudging down the hallway towards the glow, he figured he'd have to face his demons someday. Oh how right he was, and how much he wished he was wrong.

Arriving in the darkness, the child watched apathetically as lights lit up the large cage before him, and a claw shot out from between the bars, going straight through his body without ever touching it at all. Naruto felt no fear, because it would be meaningless, he felt no hatred because there was nothing worth being angry for, no anxiety or excitement because nothing could bring his 'older brother' back.

"How nice to finally meet my host, one with a spine for once". It was a little known fact that the Kyuubi had had multiple vessels in his lifetime, including at one point a Hyuuga whom he mutated over time to create the sharingan, and a young Kaguya who he'd given the ability to morph his body despite his bone structure.

Naruto remained silent, he knew who the Thing behind the bars had to be. The Kyuubi. As if confirming this train of thought, two red eyes peered out of the darkness, watching him.

"What have you come here for? Knowledge? Death? Or are you here simply to annoy me, food?"

Naruto moved forward, up to the gate. "I have come here for nothing, but an explanation… Why am I here?"

"Because you nearly died. Because a giant shuriken lodged itself into your body and electrocuted you. Did you not notice? I am merely here to keep you alive, vessel. As soon as I can figure out a way out of here, your life is forfeit, but until then I suggest you live. Oh, and by the way, I figured you should know something."

A questioning glance from the boy told the ancient fox that the boy hadn't yet noticed, much to the nine-tailed fox's amusement.

"You can barely use chakra. You have a gigantic amount of it, but due to recent damage to your inner coils, what with a giant electrically charged shuriken in your gut, you can barely use enough for the E rank techniques you already know, and that clone technique you learned since it actually splits your chakra instead of using it. Anyway, good luck!"

And with that reassuring comment, Naruto was kicked out of his own mind, a rather odd experience as it meant temporally having no thoughts whilst he actually woke up.


Naruto was now lying face-up in a hospital bed, an awful headache plaguing his mind while he looked around, taking in his room. It was white, of course, and due to the extra healing Kyuubi gave him, and the fact that none of the hospital personnel actually wanted him to live, he was hooked up to no machines. Heck, he didn't even have an IV. There was a bookcase for him, but as usual, there were no books on it. Taking some time to himself, Naruto thought about Iruka's death.

Of course, this hit Naruto deeply on an emotional level. Sure, he had been a harsh teacher, but even while knowing he had a demon in him, Iruka had sworn to Naruto's face that he didn't believe he was a demon. Naruto knew life was hard, that people died, and that one day, he too would die. It was just shocking to gain someone important, then lose them so quickly afterwards. Thinking back on the few times the man had either treated him to ramen, or talked with him after class genuinely concerned with his progress, Naruto vowed that he would take Iruka's encouragement to heart. He would become Hokage like he'd always said, even with these new limits, and he would 'Live, protect, and love.'

'But that's my problem. Being Hokage requires having 1000 techniques. Sure, there are some non-combat E-rank techniques, but not all that many. And I only know one move that splits chakra rather than channels it, and that is Kage Bunshin. No, I really needed to come up with combinations… 1000 combinations using only Kage Bunshin, Kawarimi, and henge, and maybe a few other E-ranks. I can pull this off… I have years. Can't be that hard to figure out how to split chakra.'

Just as he finished this line of thought, in walked the Hokage, once again angry that the hospital had claimed that the 'Demon-child' hadn't needed medical assistance and left him unattended, not that Naruto minded.

"Ojji-san!" Naruto exclaimed.

The Old Hokage was happy to see Naruto, ripped orange jacket and pants, black shirt, spiky blond hair, blue eyes, and all that made the child up. "Hello Naruto-kun."

"About.. ano, Iruka-niisan?"

"He.. He was burned earlier today, his name added to the monument."

"Oh… Well, it's okay, I, I have taken his last words to heart… I'll be okay Ojji-san, as long as I become a great ninja like he'd wanted me to.. but I seem to have hit a little snag there."

"Eh?" The Hokage was broken from his reverie, surprised at Naruto's seeming acceptance of death. 'Maybe the fox had something to do with it?'

"I can't use chakra for anything more than E-rank techniques and Kage-Bunshin, or so the… fox told me."

"You know about your tenant?" The Hokage asked, shocked.

"Yes, but I'm not angry. I can see why you wouldn't want me to know. But Iruka-niisan" The Hokage and Naruto both cringed at the suffix as the boy clearly hadn't gotten over him, the tear on his cheek as evidence "Said that I wasn't the fox, just its container… I wouldn't have wanted to know that so long ago."

"Er, Naruto, we are going to need to have a long talk about all of this."

(Hours Later)

Naruto sat in his apartment, slurping down ramen. He had gotten home only minutes earlier, the Hokage having given him a Konoha Hitai-ate to signify his passing, due to having mastered the Kage Bunshin technique. They had a long talk about death, the Kyuubi, and how Naruto hadn't given up his dream. The Hokage was actually quite surprised when Naruto asked for a book on "That mathy stuff with gravity" which the Hokage figured to be civilian schooling, like geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics. The Hokage had given Naruto a pass to the library with his seal on it, and told Naruto that he could go there any time he wished.

The Hokage also clued Naruto in on a bit of his current condition the boy hadn't thought about. With such a low maximum of chakra the boy could use, his control would be better than anybody else's for low rank techniques. And because of his high chakra capacity, the number of times Naruto could use an E-rank technique was basically limitless… All Naruto needed to start on his 996 techniques (Since he could now use Kawarimi, Henge, normal Bunshin, and Kage Bunshin) was to get the speed and skill of the techniques up to the point where he could do them without handseals.

Naruto, after checking out a few books, he headed back to his apartment. Now done with his ramen, he slipped off to sleep. Tomorrow he would start on technique number 5 of 1000.

(Next Day)

Naruto walked into the classroom, only 8 other notable students there, all chatting. Ino and Sakura were arguing over who got to sit next to Sasuke, since he had chosen to sit next to an aisle, so he would only have to deal with one banshee.

Shino was up in the top right corner of the classroom, talking to a moth he'd found on the windowsill. Chouji was eating, Shikamaru was sleeping, Kiba and his dog were chasing their tails, though Kiba caught his and was rubbing it under the table. Hinata blushed with her Byakugan on whilst watching Kiba touch his 'tail' and Naruto was now at the front of the room, reading a book with the words 'Geometry Level 1' printed on the front cover, meant for civilian schooling.

Sasuke, finding it within his brooding power to speak, spoke over the two banshees who stopped dreamily at the sound of his voice. "Dobe, why're you here, you didn't graduate."

Naruto simply sighed, then pointed at his Hitai-ate… the one the Hokage gave him from off of Iruka's body. The cloth was still stained with his teacher's blood. "What does this look like?"

Akamaru suddenly started whining and yipping, and suddenly Kiba pointed an accusing finger at Naruto… an accusing finger with white stuff on it… white sticky stuff. "Why does your Hitai-ate smell like Iruka-sensei?"

Naruto snorted in amusement. "First off, how do you know what Iruka-sensei smells like?" The class was taken aback as they realized he had known, then snickered… while Hinata sighed and muttered, much to Kiba's unsaid chagrin "Why do all the wild ones have to be gay?… At least there's still Naruto-kun…"

Naruto continued "And it smells like him because it is his. He gave it to me when he-"

Naruto was cut off by the Hokage entering the room with w list in hand. "When he had an accident during Naruto's retest last night. He'd forgotten one for Naruto, so he gave him his own." The Hokage said.

"Now, I will announce your teams. Now, since they are main characters, I will announce theirs first, as no one cares about the rest of you. I mean uh…. We are saving the best for last, now: Team 7 will be Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura" There was a pause as Sakura squealed in delight. "And Yamanaka Ino. Your sensei is Hatake Kakashi."

There was another pause as suddenly a cat-fight broke out, Ino starting out by ripping off Sakura's shirt… to reveal an almost completely flat chest. In that instant, Naruto's crush on her was gone…

The Hokage shrugged his shoulders and continued the announcements. "Team 8 is Sai, Hyuuga Hinata, and Inuzuka Kiba. Your sensei is Yuuhi Kurenai."

There was a mutter of "Darn… two gay guys" from Hinata, which was heard because of the silence in the room due to Sakura ripping off Ino's shirt in the continuing cat-fight, to reveal b-cup breasts. Snickering and wide-eyes followed accordingly, while the Inuzuka began playing with his 'tail' again.

"Team 10 is Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Chouji, and Aburame Shino. Your sensei is Sarutobi Asuma."

The Hokage finished reading off the names, and only Team 7 and Naruto remained in the room, Sakura and Ino having finished their spat and repaired their clothing, though the Uchiha was actually now somewhat interested in Ino. She would make strong children.

Naruto looked up at the Hokage and asked "Why do I have no team?"

A whisper of "Dobe" came from the Uchiha, but Naruto ignored it. "Because I have placed you on team Gai. One of their members graduated to chuunin in the last exam and they need another member. Meet at training ground 8 tomorrow at 6 AM. Your members are Rock Lee and Tenten, your sensei is Maito Gai."

With a nod, Naruto left to get more books from the library before heading home.

(Naruto's Apartment)

Naruto was in his apartment, in his bedroom reading, whilst a Kage Bunshin was making ramen for him. Suddenly, Naruto felt a shadow of pain in the left side of his body, simultaneously hearing a poof of smoke from the other room. Peeking into the other room, he noticed a spilled pot of boiling water and the remains of a clone, the smoke fading away.

An idea sparking in his head, Naruto formed another clone, telling it to go read a book, after reading the first chapter and gaining an understanding of it, to dispel itself. Naruto, the original, headed into the other room, making a few cups of ramen. Just as he finished eating his lunch, he heard the poof and a rush of knowledge entered his mind, causing a minor headache. However, he learned what the clone learned.

Creating numerous clones, he started them on the books he'd gotten, having four clones help him. By the end of the day, he had a basic understanding of angles and degrees, and the three planes 'X, Y, and Z'. And what was more, he figured out that dispelling them one by one helped reduce the effects of the transfer.

Heading to bed with a grin on his face, he set his alarm for 5:30 AM and settled into his covers. Oh yes, this would be fun.

(Next Day)

Naruto arrived at the training ground to find two…things. They had green spandex suits, gigantic eyebrows, bowl-cuts, and were hugging with a sunset genjutsu behind them which Naruto didn't even try to dispel. Though, he figured even if he was the greatest genjutsu master the world has ever seen, he probably wouldn't have been able to dispel it. In fact, their only redeeming feature he could see so far was their orange legwarmers. Yes, he wanted a pair for himself damn it.

Off to the side was a girl in a pink chinese-style top and black pants that were, for lack of a better word, poofy. She looked something like a panda with her hair in buns on her head, but it actually made her look kinda cute.

"Um, hi… I'm here to join team Gai?" Naruto said loudly but nervously into the clearing. The two Things, most likely Rock Lee and his sensei Maito Gai looked up, before they rushed over.

The larger of the two held out his hand which Naruto accepted, though he grimaced as he felt the firm handshake rattling his hand's bones. "Welcome to my team. I see your flames of youth must be very bright for you to join a team ahead of you! If you don't fit in this team I swear I will run around Konoha 500 times on my hands with a giant turtle on my back!"

Suddenly the two green spandex monsters were dragged away by the girl, who promptly walked up before Naruto's stunted growth form. "Not much to replace Neji" she said quietly before offering her hand for a handshake. "Hi, I'm Tenten, those two are Gai-sensei and Lee. Our old team mate was Hyuuga Neji, but he's a chuunin now. He may come around from time to time. Anyway, I hope you get used to those two quickly else it will drive you insane. Also… we want to do the chuunin exam quickly, pick up your training, rookie."

Her voice carried no edge, despite the stern look on her face when she told him to 'pick up the pace'. Naruto also realized he gained a nickname for life the moment she called him 'rookie'. Silently he thought to himself that she would probably call him that even if he made Hokage. Still, the term was more endearing than 'Demon Brat'.

"Now" Started the voice of Gai as he appeared before the two of them as well, Lee in front of him and to the right. "I believe we should introduce ourselves to our new team mate. I'll start."

"I am Maito Gai, the Green Beast of Konoha. I like training and helping people with their Flames of YOUTH! I dislike hip attitudes like my eternal rival Kakashi's, my hobbies are training and writing, and my specialty is taijutsu. My dream for the future is to pass on my taijutsu prowess to the next generation."

"Your Flames of youth burn brightly! Yosh! I am Rock Lee. I like training, I dislike people who consider themselves natural geniuses instead of working for their strength. My hobbies are training and… training. My dream for the future is to become a great ninja with only taijutsu, proving that hard work overcomes natural genius. My new youthful friend, I should warn you, I only use taijutsu as I cannot use anything else, but I am still looking forward to sparring my flames of youth against yours.

"I am Tenten" A roar of ominous thunder from the strangely clear blue sky made her last name impossible to hear "That keeps happening!"

"Your flames of youth cause the sky to roar oh youthful team mate!"

"Shut up Lee. Anyway, I like weapons and training. I dislike green spandex, loud people, idiots, spoiled brats, and people who assume kunoichi are weak. My hobbies are forging weapons and training. My dreams for the future are to meet Tsunade-sama and to become Konoha's best ninja, proving kunoichi are just as strong as their male counterparts."

"I am Uzumaki Naruto. I like training and making new techniques. I dislike the privileged and most of the villagers, but I don't blame them for their behavior, they are simply ignorant. My hobbies are reading and making new techniques. My dream is to become Hokage. However, I must say I am like Lee in some facets… recently I lost the ability to channel large amounts of chakra. The only moves I can do are E-rank, and the Kage Bunshin technique as it splits chakra rather than channeling it. I plan to become Hokage by creating 996 techniques out of the three basic academy jutsu, E-rank elemental jutsu, and Kage Bunshin"

The three other members of Team Gai had their eyes bugged out. Making 996 jutsu out of E rank jutsu and a knijutsu. Many jounin didn't even create more than a technique or two in their lifetime. Heck, the Hokage had only created a few dozen, most of his simply being ones he had figured out from other countries or gotten from the rest of the village, or the Hokage Library.

"That is quite a goal Naruto-san! You will need your flames of youth to burn brightly in order to achieve such a task! First off, I must offer for you to join the green beasts of Konoha!"

Gai held out to Naruto a green spandex suit, but Naruto replied quickly to it, shaking his head. "I don't like green… I like orange."

Suddenly, Gai turned around, and began fishing through a variety of storage scrolls, before finally pulling out an orange spandex suit. Naruto happily took it, despite Tenten sighing, and slipped off into the woods, putting it on before coming back. Gai also offered him the orange leg-warmers, and attached 30 pounds of weight to each leg. Naruto would be feeling that.

"Now, we have quite a simple schedule here, Naruto-san. First, we do taijutsu training, then team exercises, then we get 2 D-rank missions done, then do more team training, then end at 7 PM. I will help you in anything after the two missions, but the time before that is predominantly physical exercise. Now, let the new Team Gai get on with the training! YOSH!

(Two Weeks Later)

Team Gai was standing in the Hokage's office awaiting their first missions for the day. They had completed 14 D-rank missions in the past two weeks, and Naruto was getting sick of it. They'd captured that damn cat eight times. EIGHT TIMES! One day they caught the stupid thing TWICE!

"Now, we have a few D-ranks you all can still do. There is a house that needs to be painted, a garden that needs weeding, Oh! And Tora has escaped again!"

Naruto was shaking silently while the man spoke, while the Hokage sat by and let this man give out crap missions to Naruto, his team mates wearing defeated looks. At the mention of Tora, he just couldn't take it anymore.

"THESE AREN'T MISSIONS! These are jokes! We are SHINOBI ("and kunoichi" Naruto added because not including that word would mean a beating from Tenten) and we shouldn't be wasting our skills in the village doing chores!'

The Hokage smiled at the outburst. It had been the first time since Iruka's death he had acted as his old brash self. He was much more calm and collected now, but he still acted like the old Naruto every once in a while.

"Naruto-baka!" Tenten yelled, smacking him over the head, while Lee said that Tenten's flames of youth were dying out. Gai bowed to the Hokage in apology, but everything stopped when the Hokage began laughing.

"What's so funny?" Naruto asked the still snickering Hokage.

"Heh, eh, ahhhh, funny. I was just wondering how long it would be before you asked me. Well, here ya go, it is a C-rank. There is a town to the northwest that has been having some bandit problems. Shouldn't be a big deal for you, considering Tenten and Lee have done this before. Though Naruto, maybe I should place you somewhere else and give them someone more experienced."

"Like HELL old man. That's my C-rank, Let's go!" Naruto said, while he performed a kawarimi on the scroll, sending it to his hand and replacing it in the Hokage's hand was a small note that said 'Thanks' with a chibi of a fox Naruto smiling.

Inside Naruto's head said fox was berating the boy… but he could not be heard.

Gai turned to his team and got the scroll of Naruto before telling them all to meet at the north gate at 7:00 AM and to be ready to leave.

Chapter End.

Well, there ya go. Next chapter we see the beginnings of Naruto's rise to power, with his original E-rank jutsu based techniques. By the way, I don't believe I myself could create 996 different jutsus from E-ranks, but I already have a set list Naruto WILL have that has, as of right now, over 90 combinations. If you have ideas for your own, feel free to post them. Remember, they must be comprised of only the three academy jutsu, Kage Bunshin, and E-rank elemental jutsu like something that will move a glass's worth of water, or create a match-light for lighting a fire. Also, if you have another idea for a move that could split chakra, feel free to recommend and explain it and I will consider adding it. I will get there, really.

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