Hamai Misa paced around the room, placing ornaments and embellishments she had to areas she thought they would fit in. She had a feeling she would be extremely happy today because—well, perhaps because of her son, Tsukimori Len? Oh, no, no, no. The pianist was in high spirits because her son, her dearest Len, finally (after sooo long a time) had someone to introduce to them.

Not that the young Tsukimori had said something about it. Hamai could practically sense it. With just the unpredictable change in Tsukimori's music, which was in good way, why wouldn't she think such? And oh~ she just really had the biggest and the most unambiguous clue of who the said someone was.

How giddy she was about the idea.

She hummed to herself as she picked out an angelic figurine from its box and wiped it with the highest of feelings. Wasn't this great? Just the other day, she was plagued by the following questions:

1. What if Len grows white hair without even having his own wife? Not that it makes any difference considering his hair is light blue but still . . .

2. What if we won't be able to have at least ten little Lens and little . . . errr . . . redheaded grandchildren? Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm thinking of a certain girl for our dearest Len.

Hamai was so certain, really. She was now over the moon. Why not? She had to celebrate because finally! Before she could place the angelic figurine atop the intricately designed table, a knock reverberated around the huge music room. She smiled as her son—her son—entered grumpily.

"Mother, you called for me?" he asked with a frown, folding his arms across his chest.

Hamai smiled. "Why, yes," she said. She set the figurine atop its designated place and approached Tsukimori. She hugged him and smilingly said, "I am so proud of you."

Tsukimori raised an eyebrow.

"Excuse me?"

The woman pulled out from the hug and, grinning, she patted her son's shoulder.

"My son is a grown up," she chimed then she giggled. "Very, very matured now. Not an imbecile any longer."

". . . W—What?" asked Tsukimori, befuddled. "Mother, may I ask what are you talking about?"

"Oops, I'm sorry, that was such an offensive term," stated Hamai, covering her mouth. "Let me revise what I said. You're not an infantile any longer, my son. I am so proud."

Something was so wrong, Tsukimori just knew it. His mother didn't act like his mother at all.

"I don't—"

"Hino-san is a very kind lass, isn't she?" started Hamai, going back to her previous business with a dangerously sweet smile. "Beautiful, too."

Tsukimori pursed his lips.

"And oh, I like her," continued the woman, "so much. I really do, Len. What do you think of her?"

The young man could only stare at his mother with the message that screamed, "Are you out of your mind, Mother?"

Hamai giggled at her son's reaction. Really, he shouldn't be shy about the matter. Hino Kahoko was such an idealistic girl. Tsukimori was so keen to even notice such thing that, oh—Kami-sama was she so happy about this!

Tsukimori Len had a girlfriend! Now, the only thing she had to know was how and when and why her?

"Len, your Father is so proud as well," added Hamai, her back turned to her son so she wasn't really able to see how Tsukimori choked on his own saliva. "Very proud."

"E—Excuse me?"

Hamai chuckled. "You may be excused, my dear." She spun around to face her flabbergasted son (although it didn't really show much from his still dull expression). "Ohoho, before I can forget, your ojii-san wants to meet your girlfriend~ I shared every single thing about your girlfriend to your grandfather and must I say, he was rather pleased. His villa is such a romantic place to celebrate the Golden Week so yes. He's just so excited to meet the girl who will soon bear little Lens and little Kahokos."

Little . . .

. . . what?




He had to do this. There was no other choice but this.

Tsukimori Len wondered how the hell this kind of thing happened to him. He was minding his own business (business which yelled, "I think I love Hino!") and then his mother and father would suddenly . . . suddenly proclaim how proud they were? How proud they were to actually realize that he was not mentally and emotionally and socially retarded?

So this was the only option. When everything like this started, it couldn't be tended any longer. Just follow the flow. And hopefully—just maybe—everything would surely be fine.

He stopped in front of Class 2-2's classroom and frowned, ignoring the curious glances thrown by the General Educations students to him. He sighed as he prepared himself to slide the door open when it slid by itself and came the figure of Hino Kahoko.

His girlfriend.


His supposed girlfriend by his parents.


His soon-to-be girlfriend.

"Tsukimori-kun?" the girl queried, staring bewilderedly at the tall lad in front of her.

He didn't care if many students were around them.


He didn't heed the fact that this would spark some malicious gossips around.


No one should care if, publicly, he did something.

"—you doing—"

"Can you be my girlfriend?"


"—here . . . ?" Hino blinked.

What? What did Tsukimori just say?

He didn't even wait for an answer when he suddenly spoke, "You're my girlfriend now so spend your Golden Week with me in my grandfather's villa."

He thought that asking someone to be his girlfriend was any difficult. Pssh. Who would have known that it would be this easy?

Hino's mouth hung agape as did the other students who had witnessed the exchange of . . . er . . . unclear words for an unclear conversation. Well, no, it was clear that the Tsukimori Len was asking Hino Kahoko to be his girlfriend but still . . .


Tsukimori pointedly glared before spinning around on his heels, ready to take his leave. "I'll see you later in the usual practice room," he said before completely leaving.





By: Amou Nami

Only six words would take to be able to convey the newest and latest gossip around here in school.
Apparently, the Violin Romance came true.




-to be continued

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