Hourglass Caves!

"Time Sweep Start!" said Piccaro as him and Oliver entered Hourglass Caves. "Defeat all the time monsters! There are 11 of them in this area!" said Oliver as they went through a doorway that suddenly closed behind them.

"Oh, no!" said Oliver as 2 monsters flew in from above and another monster prepared to fire trash at them. "We can get rid of them! I'll get the octoballoons and you get rid of the dust herder!" "Piccaro, the dust herder is still alive!" "Then shoot it again!" "Okay" said Oliver nervously as he shot it again. This time, the herder dissolved into nothing, like all time monsters did when they were defeated.

"Let's go to Area 2 of Hourglass Caves" said Piccaro, after they defeated all the monsters. As they stepped into the Goal Gate, Piccaro shouted "Time Sweep Complete!"

"We've landed in area 2, but I can't find a way out of here!" "The only things here are wall and sandfall!" shouted Oliver. "Sandfall?! I think if we jump into the sandfall, we'll be able to make it!"

So Piccaro and Oliver jumped in the sandfall and started falling! "I knew this was a bad idea!" shouted Oliver. Suddenly, they landed on the ground.

"We have landed on the bottom of the LOOK OUT!!" shouted Piccaro as an octoballoon came down and was about to shoot Oliver! BOOOOOM!!!! Oliver shot it with a huge boulder.

"That really shook the ground!" they both said together. So they shot monsters, bounced above sinking sand and collected money until they came to the Goal Gate. "Onto Area 3!" said Oliver. "Time Sweep Complete!"

"These stronger monsters are beginning to be so easy!" said Oliver. "Don't let your guard down Oliver, you always have to be alert" Suddenly, a pig on a flying bike came out of a portal and started stealing gold.

"That's a Tom-Tom, a pig that steals Time Crystals and gold and uses them for evil purposes. We've got to get him away from the gold!" said Piccaro.

So as soon as they hit the Tom-Tom's bike, it blew up and he ran away. "Yes, we're up to the Goal gate already!" said Oliver. "Over to the last area, Area 4." "Time Sweep Complete!"

"What's that Piccaro?" "It's a giant molegon" They had battled molegons before. A molegon was like an underground snake that attacked from below. "Quick Oliver, get on one of the rocks." "It's heading right for me!" yelled Oliver.

"Don't worry Oliver, just jump off the rock when it attacks and then attack!" So Oliver jumped off the rock and attacked the molegon. "You clobbered it with a 16 tonne weight! It's finished!" shouted Piccaro happily as they jumped in the Goal Gate. "Time Sweep Complete!"

"So, we're back in the Time Factory." Yeah, until the next disaster Piccaro."