I'm Sorry


Matthew hid slightly behind the door to his room and watched his brother Alfred and their guardian Arthur fight in the hallway. They argued quite often, but lately it had just gotten much worse. Alfred finally pushed Arthur aside and walked out of the house closing the door with a slam. Arthur sighed and walked down the hallway, stopping next to Matthew. He turned to Matthew and asked,

"What am I supposed to do with your brother?"

Matthew did not reply, knowing it was a rhetorical question. Arthur sighed again and continued down the hallway, heading into his study and closing the door behind him. Soon afterward, Arthur left the study and went to bed.

As soon as Matthew was sure that Arthur was asleep, he snuck through the hallway and out the door. He then went to find Alfred, before he got into trouble again.

He found Alfred sitting underneath a tree. The only light around was cast by the moon.

"Alfred!" he called, running towards his brother. He stopped in front of Alfred, panting slightly from having run so much.

"Matthew!" Alfred cried back, surprised. His expression suddenly darkened. "Did Arthur send you?"


Alfred reached up and pulled Matthew down on top of him.

"I'm glad," he whispered in Matthew's ear, while pulling him close, "I don't know what I would do if my own brother had turned on me."

"A-Arthur's in bed. Asleep."

"As is everyone else. Come on, Matthew, let's have some fun." He smirked, and pushed his lips against Matthew's. Matthew froze for a second, before responding.

He knew Alfred was drunk.

But he didn't much care at the moment.

Alfred's hands wove their way into Matthew's hair, pulling the younger teen closer to him.

"Matthew, I love you," Alfred whispered to his brother.

Matthew almost cried, knowing that it was just the liquor talking.


The next morning, Matthew awoke to his alarm clock blaring loudly. He stretched, and climbed out of bed, flinching slightly when pain went through him. He turned off his alarm clock and took a shower. He got dressed, and hoped to god that Alfred didn't remember.

Arthur had already left for work, which was usual, and Alfred was already up, which was unusual. Alfred was going through the cabinets, looking for something edible.

"Matthew!" He turned around and scooped Matthew up into a hug. It was weird for Alfred to even notice Matthew in the mornings, much less to be affectionate.


Matthew was placed back on floor and Alfred released him. A strange look passed over Alfred's face, before he said,

"A-about last night-"

Matthew's heart sunk. Alfred did remember.

"I'm sorry," Matthew mumbled, managing to say it at the exact time as Alfred. Alfred blinked, surprised, and said,

"What are you sorry for? I'm the one who forced myself onto you. But don't worry, I won't do it again, I swear."

Matthew just nodded, saying,

"W-why don't I make us pancakes?"

I'm sorry for enjoying it.


Author's Note: Might continue, might not.

And NO, Matt-kun, I do NOT have drunk people in all my fanfictions.


Just most of them.