AN --- Kind of funny, this. I just found it, literally, five minutes ago in my doc. folder. Since I wrote this, I have, unfortunately, betrayed my S/K past, and instead fallen totally for S/J. Like, seriously, I'm devoted to Suliet, now, purely because I feel like SHE won't hurt him... Unless he hurts himself... -_-

ANYWAY. I still really like this... And the end, by the way is shamelessly (but hopefully without copyright infringement), inspired by The Secret Life of Bees.

At first, he hated her intrusion into their little community.

At the time – well, actually, come to think of it, still – Sawyer supposed he might have hated her mainly because Jack backed her. Of course, there were other good reasons; she was one of them, they had hurt them before, and could anyone really trust that cold, calculating face?

Of course, now, he found that the same aforementioned cold, calculating face made his heart beat somehow both a little slower and a little faster, that it was calming and soothing in even the roughest of times. She never seemed to flinch, Juliet, she never seemed to panic or worry or just plain freak out – even when they were threatening to cut off her hands, for Christ's sake, she still kept her cool relatively.

With Kate just dead – just dead, when it could have been him instead of her -, with the island jumping senselessly to and fro in the time-space-continuum, and none of the comforts left of what used to be their island, she was a sea of calm.

And Kate. God, Kate. He already missed her, already found himself wondering where she was in tiny slots of idle thoughts, already felt that restless unease that he did whenever he was away from her for any considerable period of time – and here he was, spending the majority of his time with, now, finding a rock in the anti-Kate. Because really, Juliet was nothing like Kate.

Juliet had blue eyes where Kate had green; blonde hair where Kate had brown. Juliet faced confrontation head on whereas Kate always ran, and nothing seemed to touch Juliet when everything seemed to effect Kate quite sincerely and deeply. Kate was dead, Juliet was not. Kate went on the helicopter, Juliet did not. Juliet had never wavered in her feelings for Jack or anyone else, while Kate's life was absolutely dictated by her wavering.

He didn't love Juliet; not even in the farthest sense of the word. Not even how one loves peanuts in Coca-Cola or rainy days, he didn't love Juliet.