Hello all, this is a list of 40 ways to annoy/piss off Kyo Sohma that I randomly started thinking of, hope you enjoy :D

1. Remove his Juzu beads in a crowded public place

2. Ask him why he dyes his hair orange

3. ...Refuse to believe him when he claims that orange is his natural color

4. Make subtle comments about how Tohru would be much better off with Yuki

5. Make obvious comments about how Tohru would be much better off with Yuki

6. Make references to Tom and Jerry

7. Make him watch Tom and Jerry

8. Erase Tohru's memory

9. Force feed him leeks and miso

10. Count down the days until he would have to be locked up by Akito

11. Force him to not be mean to Momiji for a whole week

12. Make him spend the day with Kagura

13. Call him a pervert

14. Make him take anger management classes

15. Force him to wear a tie with his school uniform

16. Ask him why Yuki can always kick his ass even when he's half asleep

17. Make him relive the whole Tohru falling off a cliff incident

18. Follow him around, constantly reminding him to not bump into any girls, no matter how much he wants to

19. ...Laugh when he yells that there is no way he would ever want to bump into girls

20. Call him a cutsey little kitty cat in public

21. Call him Kyon-kichii, Kyon-Kyon, Kyorin, etc.

22. Tell him his red eyes make him look like a vampire

23. ...Beg him not to suck your blood

24. Tell Hatori that you think Kyo is depressed and needs medication to control his darker nature

25. Write a fake diary entry, supposedly from Kyo, full of embarrassing and strange made up situations and give it to every member of the Sohma house

26. Tell him that Yuki looks a lot better in a dress than he ever could

27. Make him spend a whole day locked in a room with Ayame

28. Tell Shigure that Kyo is taking advantage of Tohru and watch the commotion that ensues

29. Ask Kyo "Why so serious?"

30. Ask Kyo if he is afraid of dogs and if he eats rats

31. Constantly remind him of when Mother's day and Father's day are

32. Encourage him in his thoughts of suicide

33. Push him off a building, claiming that cats always land on their feet

34. ...Look innocent and whistle when he is rushed to the hospital

35. Attempt to scare him by barking, and start sulking when it does nothing but annoy him

36. Have him listen to the Pussycat Dolls, any song will do

37. Bluntly ask him about his sex life with Tohru

38. Snicker at the deep blush and akward silence that is bound to happen

39. Congratulate him on being able to beat up 14 year old Momiji, for it is a start, and maybe in a few years he'll be able to move up to 15 year olds

40. Do all of the above...all in the same week