Chapter 19


" Tch… It's all his fault" Mikan grumbled as he glared at Nastume while he just leaned at the wall, hands shoved deep in his pocket.

" The bastard kissed me" she rolled her eyes at him.

" Oh, looks like lover boy's taking a move" Jun smirked at the flame caster and shook his head.

" Does everybody know 'bout that?" Natsume said, clearly irritated at the fact that his feelings are too obvious.

" You're not that obvious, we're just really smart" Mikan and Jun chorused together, Mikan playfully punching Jun's arm as she giggled.

" Can you 2 idiots stop reading my mind" Natsume said through gritted teeth. Emphasizing and dragging out the word "Idiots" just to annoy them….

End of Flashback

A threatening black aura began to seep out of Natsume due to the extreme annoyance he felt towards the 2 brunettes. He clenched and unclenched his fist in an attempt to calm himself down and release the tension he's feeling.

"Leave Natsume-nii alone" A voice that came deeper from alley said. "Who's there!" Mikan replied as her senses became alert.

"Relax, Nee-chan. It's Just me" And with that statement, Youichi emerged from the darkness he was submerged in. He was scratching the back of his head in an annoyed manner as his stare switched to one person to the other.

"Your rabid fans pushed me in here... More like trampled me though" He muttered the last part in as he crushed the small pity he had for the fanclub, hoping that his sibling would avenge him. He gave a quick glare to the general direction of Natsume and Mikan as irritation once again filled him when a tinge of pain came from the back of his head.

"They did, did they?..." A maniac smile emerged from Mikan as she began cracking her fingers. Anyone can obviously see that she's pissed because her beloved brother got hurt due to those retards that doesn't have anything better to do. Youichi merely sighed and stomped his way out of the cramped area and into the vast street.

A small tug came from her handcuffed hand. "Chill would'ya" Natsume said as he pulled the Bruntte closer to him.

"Tsk. C'mon let's get outta here before they find us" Mikan murmured as she once again felt the rumble of the crowd that's currently tormenting them. She held the flamecaster's hand and teleported themselves out of the alley, leaving Jun alone and defenseless.

The next thing became a blur to both Mikan and Natsume. All they know was that Mikan was sitting on Natsume's lap under the Sakura tree. The Nullifier's head was on the crook of his neck while Nastume's hand was wrapped securely around Mikan's waist.

It didnt occur to them that they should separate. They were too cozy to do that. Natsume twisted his head, incidentally tickling Mikan's nose with his long locks of raven hair. They stared at each other for a while, both getting lost at the others intriguing eyes. Their soul's depth luring their hidden emotions out. And with the gentle wind's caress, both of them were lulled to sleep in each other's arms.

Meanwhile behind some bushes...

"Stop that Imai-san" A blonde lad harshly whispered to his emotionless partner as she continued to take pictures of the sleeping couple.

"I have to say the same, Hotaru Imai" A deep voice came from behind the two. Both of them slowly turned around and what, although more like a who, greeted them was a big surprise.

Persona sat behind them with his feet crossed and unbelievably dressed in his normal clothes. His mask was gone, revealing bloodshot eyes and a simple v-neck t-shirt with black pants as his attire made him appear casual and friendly although his reputation said otherwise.

The man behind them made a cold shiver run down Ruka's spine as Hotaru took one last shot and stored her camera away. "What're you doing here anyway?" Hotaru's blank voice pierced through the heavy atmosphere that began to develop around them.

"Squirt" Came Persona's one word reply. "You shouldn't worry 'bout her too much. The idiot can beat Hyuuga to a pulp any day" She said in reassurance to the overprotective brother.

"I'll take your word for that, Imai" With it, Persona got up and brushed the grass that stuck to his pants and walked away from the scene.

"Well that was... awkward" Ruka said breathlessly.

"Hyuuga still hasn't introduced us yet" Hotaru added. 'I can't get close up shots. This idiot does like to have privacy. Tch' And with the thought of earning money she finally decided that Mikan Sakura and her will soon be acquainted under any circumstances. Dollar signs instanlty flashed in her previously emotionless eyes.


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