It was three days after Alex won his VMA and he had recovered from his fever. However it was early morning and Alex, not for the first time in his life, couldn't sleep.

Alex twiddled a drumstick around his fingers. Alex was scared, at one that afternoon Alex would be flying back to Vancouver, something he hadn't told his brother.

Alex put the drumstick down and climbed up to his brother's bed and shock him awake.

"What the hell?" Nat said groggily before he looked at the time. "Alex, it's four in the morning!"

Alex sat at Nat's feet and put his back to the wall.

"I wanna talk," Alex said quietly.

"About what?" Nat said sitting up.

"Stuff," Alex said vaguely.

"What's the matter Alex?" Nat asked, it had been years since Alex last woke Nat in the middle of the night just to talk.

"Simon's taking me to Vancouver," Alex said, clearly not wanting to go.

"What? Why? When?" Nat said shocked, he knew Alex never wanted to set foot in that city again.

"Today, he said it will make me better than I am now," Alex said quietly.

"What!? Alex why didn't you tell me earlier?" Nat asked flabbergasted.

"I don't want to go." Alex said quietly.

Nat sighed heavily.

"Nat can you get me out of it. I'll forgive you, I'll give you what ever you want." Alex said crying quietly.

Nat crawled over to his brother and put his arm around him.

"Alex, I don't think I can do anything," Nat said quietly

"Don't make me go, brake my leg, poison me, just don't make me go," Alex cried.

Nat sighed and held his brother tighter.

"I don't want to go away from you," Alex cried.

"Do you have to go by yourself?" Nat asked quietly.

"No, Juanita and her foster mom and counsellor are going," Alex cried.

"Do you want me and dad to go?" Nat said softly.

"You don't want to go, I heard you and dad talking after we got back," Alex sobbed.

"Alex, do you think me and dad would let you go back there without us. We're a family ok Alex?" Nat said comforting Alex.

"Thanks Nat," Alex said as he stopped crying and rested his head on Nat's shoulder.

"I just wish you told me earlier." Nat said quietly and pulled out his cellphone. "I better tell Rosie."

She answered on the 6th ring.

"Nat it's four in the morning she said grumpily.

"Sorry, I forgot the time." Nat said quietly.

"It's alright, so why did you call?"

"Alex wants me to go with him to Vancouver," Nat said quietly.

Rosalina hid a sigh of relief. Simon and Paula had talked to the rest of the band. They made them promise not to talk about it to Nat and Alex. They told them everything they had planned, although they were all worried that Alex wouldn't ask anyone to go with him.

"And you tell me now?" She said with regret. She had to feign knowing nothing.

"Alex only just asked," Nat said quietly "In fact he only just told me that he was going,"

"Ok, I'll come around later," Rosalina said.

"Thanks, I don't think Alex, therefore myself are going to be going back to sleep tonight," Nat said looking at his brother, he seemed frozen with fear.