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SUMMARY: After defeating Sasuke, Naruto returns to the village waiting to be received as hero. But even with the success of the mission he is still badly treated by the village. Tired, Naruto decides to flee. Will Naruto succeed in get a new life?

This is the translated version of my Fiction that was originally in Portuguese. Sorry if the grammar sucks.

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Naruto continued to pass quickly among the trees towards Konoha. He looked slightly towards the unconscious companion in his arms, a small concern passed in his head. 'Did I exaggerate? I knew that I needed to bring him back to the village at any cost, but it was really necessary to leave him in this condition? 'His thoughts were interrupted by the sudden recollection of a scene that will probably never leave his memory. The vision of this same person, which until that moment was considered as his best friend, leaving him a hole on his chest, courtesy of Chidori. Remembering the vision Naruto closed his eyes and in his face appeared signs of sorrow. For all his life Naruto always had just one desire. To have a friend. Somebody that cared about him without asking anything in exchange. For one moment he really thought Sasuke would be that person, but after the events of this day he was sure that the only things that he cared about were power and revenge.

Naruto then began remembering of the events of the day, as each companion of his team was separated in individual fights. He twisted his face, trying to remove the bad predictions that came in his mind. Predictions that said that all of them were dead except for him. 'No they are alive, all of them. I am sure. 'He thought, his face contorting in a false smile, trying to hide of himself his fear that something was wrong. That the persons that he considers precious for him were not there anymore. He looked once again at the companion that he was carrying, but this time his face was not more of concern but of rage. 'Damned! You better hope that nobody got hurt, or else nothing will stop me from ending with your life. '

Continuing his line of thoughts, Naruto almost didn't notice what had happened with part of the forest to his side. "What the hell?" Naruto said aloud. He could not believe what his eyes were showing. A part of the forest was literally put below. The face of Naruto twisted in fear, this was the exact the point where he had left Shikamaru struggling against that redheaded person of foul mouth. Stopping on top of a trunk Naruto examined the damage better, trying to find any sign indicating what could have happened. The boy then heard a small moan of pain. He looked around trying to find where that sound had come out, he heard the same cry again, only that this time it was louder. Having gotten to distinguish of the where the cry had come out he went heading for the place, having first left the Uchiha leaned against a tree and making a clone to guard him. Pulling a kunai of his pocket, only for precaution, he began approaching the place of where he had listened that cry. A smile appeared in his face, when noticing that was not one of his own companions but a girl of red hair that he soon had recognized as the one that tried to prevent them of saving Sasuke. Naruto approximated carefully of her thinking about what to do. He faced the kunoichi for a time, soon noticing the damage in her body. Her legs clearly suffered a lot of damages because of the trunk that fell on top of her. Because of the blood leaving her mouth he reached the conclusion that she was probably with internal bleeding and also even if she looked unconscious her face showed clear signs of a lot of pain. 'Who ordered her to try to kidnap Sasuke? She deserves to suffer. 'Thought Naruto. But looking at her face better Naruto lost his smile, it was a sad face, a face full of agony, a face that reminded of him a long time ago. He felt sorry for the girl even if she was an enemy. 'Maybe is best to end her suffering?' Thought Naruto, soon rejecting that consideration. He would never have the courage of killing somebody defenseless not even if she was an enemy. Naruto noticed that he didn't have a lot of options, so he bent over and tried to move the trunk of the girl's legs.

"What devils do you think that you are doing, bastard?" The girl screamed, surprising Naruto that thought that she was unconscious. Looking at her face he noticed that was red of rage.

"What do you think? I am saving you." He answered.

"I don't need any fucking help of an shit-head like you." She screamed once again, if it was possible she seemed more irritated.

"If you don't need my help, why don't you leave by yourself then?" Naruto said crossing his arms.

The girl looked at him full of rage, murmuring a lot of unspeakable things, many of them he didn't even knew the meaning. She tried to lift the trunk with the only arm that was still good, moaning in pain while forcing her body above the limits; even so the trunk didn't move. Looking at her, Naruto for one moment really believed that that girl would really lift that trunk, but even with all her effort, her body was not even close to the necessary conditions for that task. She continued until when her body gave away, falling in the ground victim of the agonizing pain and of the exhaustion. Naruto looked at her admiring the effort done by her, even if was just to try to prove a point.

"Do you still think that you don't need any help?" He said with a smirk in the face.

"Shut up! Just go ahead and finish me, or just leave me alone, shit-head. "She said, this time with a weak voice.

Naruto shook his head in sight of the girl's persistence. He bent over again, even to the sounds of her curses, to try to remove the trunk on top of her body. After certain effort he finally got to remove the trunk from her, throwing it to the side. The Kunoichi breathed a sigh of relief because of the removal of the weight that was on her legs.

"And now, what fucking you plan to do with me, your dumb fuck?" The girl spoke irritated. His patience was really running thin. After everything that he had done she was still swearing at him. He hated that, she remembered him of the villagers that even after everything that he did for them they still looked him with contempt.

"You really are an ungrateful bitch, aren't you?"

" WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? You son of a bitch, Who... "The girl screamed to the top of her lungs, which was interrupted when she cough up some blood. The girl let out a scream of pain putting the hand immediately in her abdomen while she breathed sporadically. The look of Naruto changed clearly for one of concern; he had forgotten that she probably had internal damage. He moved quickly to try to aid the girl. Using a healing jutsu of analyzes that the Hokage had taught him, he confirmed that she really had internal bleeding that would end up killing her if he didn't do something. Acting fast he transferred chakra to his hands and began the treatment, the girl utter a cry of pain while he passed his hands on her wounds, after a certain time her breathing was more regular. Noticing that the girl life wasn't more at immediate risk, he stopped the treatment.

"Well, I think you are save now." Naruto said looking at the girl that was at that moment looking at him with a skeptic expression. She couldn't believe he was helping her. Why would someone that is her enemy save her? Unless.... Her face became pure fury. He didn't care for her, certainly he only wanted her alive because this way he would take her to the village and she would supply every type of information, and when she had told everything that she knew, after several sessions of tortures, they would probably kill her or leave her to deteriorate in the prison. She looked at him laughing.

"You saved me? Is this that you really think, dumb ass? The maximum that you did was to increase some days my fucking life. If you take me to that shit thing that you call village, I will pass the remain of my fucking life in a prison being tortured. That is, if I don't have the luck of that gay Orochimaru to meet me first and kill me. It was better to have left me for dying, shit-head."

Naruto looked at her. In spite of her smiling for all the moment, he could see the fear clearly in her eyes. It was the type of fake smile that he recognized. 'She is afraid. Like me when I were little. And as well as me she disguises smiling, as if she didn't fear anything. Yes she is afraid' Naruto knew that wouldn't matter what he did, she would end being tortured and later executed. He shook his head with that thought, he didn't knew the reason, but he didn't want that to happen to her, even if she was an enemy. He needed to think fast because probably, the ANBU was already in search of them, and if they found her here they would kill her at the spot. He thought arduously about his options, he had already disregarded surrender her. He knew very well what would happen if he did that, he remembered the first phase of the Chunin exam and he still have tremors when he remembers of the scars shown by the instructor. He couldn't also leave her here, since even if somebody of the sound found her first, she would probably find the same end. After thinking for certain time he had an idea. He bent over and started to lift her in the bride style.

"What fuck do you think that you are doing, asshole? Let me go!"

Don't worry. I won't turn you in; I will hide you in my apartment until you get better. Then you can do whatever you want." Her chin almost fell to ground with surprise. She didn't believe in what he had just said. He would hide her? He would risk his ninja career or even worst his own life just for her. No, she didn't believe in what he said. He would want something in exchange. He was probably just another pervert that wanted to take advantage of her. Just like him.

"So spell out shit-head? What do you want? "


"You really believe that I am stupid. That a fucking ninja like you, doesn't want nothing in exchange for helping me?"

"No, I don't want anything in exchange. I am doing that, because my ninja way is to always help the other" Naruto thought about what he had just said, noticing that was a lie. He didn't really wait for anything in exchange for helping her, but he actually didn't know the reason. On the other side the girl has shown obviously surprise with his answer. How did this guy succeed in being a ninja? Ninjas shouldn't have compassion since that would turn them weak. But in front of her that person did want to help her only for the pleasure to help? She still didn't believe it, everything must be just a trick to lower her defenses. But she didn't have any choice, was that or certain death. She nodded and rested her head in his chest.

"Ah yes! My name is Naruto. What is yours?"

"... It is Tayuya."

"Good Tayuya, you don't need to worry anymore, I will protect you that is a promise for a lifetime. And Uzumaki Naruto always accomplishes what he promises." Tayuya snorted. Naruto didn't like the reaction even so he let it go. He called the clone that was keeping Sasuke, which soon appeared with the same.

"Y-y-you got to stop him? How?" Tayuya asked with surprise.

"Of course, I said that always accomplish what I promise." Tayuya looked at him with a gaze almost similar to one of admiration. The fact of Uchiha was still alive indicates clearly that he reached until the second level of the cursed seal, and even so he beat him. That also reminded her that they failed the mission, so there weren't more chances of her to be forgiven by Orochimaru. Yeah, she was really fucked.

Naruto began to return for Konoha, with the clone carrying Sasuke in the front and him with Tayuya soon behind. During the trip Naruto began to tell her all of the facts of his fight with the Uchiha (Of course, failing to mention the fact of the help of a certain fox), he spent minutes speaking to her almost failing in noticing that she had already fallen asleep in his arms. In the beginning he was angry with her for simply ignoring him, but later he reminded himself that she should probably be exhausted. Looking at her sleeping, she even seemed beautiful. Naruto began to think if he was really doing the right thing. To hide an enemy ninja would practically be a betrayal. And the citizens of Konoha already didn't see him with good eyes, imagine when they discovered that he was hiding a enemy. It was not really the smartest thing to do. But since when Uzumaki Naruto is known for doing smart things?