Author: shannaroooooo
Rated: T
Genre: Romance and Humor
Summary: A confused Gokudera enters a website. A website full of Pineapples. Is this gonna help him with his 'Yamamoto' problem? Or will it make their relationship worsen? After all, our love shrink IS our favorite pineapple.
Note: If you're strictly violent about the pairing, I suggest you leave. I mean, it IS an 8059 story. Don't hurt yourself.

Consult a Love Shrink at Idiot dot Com
A YamaGoku (8059) Story

Gokudera Hayato's POV
1. Complications… NOT

Huh, I thought. Where am I? I looked around. It was pitch black. Nothing was there. EMPTY. As in, the five letter word. E-M-P-T-Y. I looked around, trying to see something else beside the color black. Unsuccessfully, I didn't see anything. Great. I'm in one of THOSE dreams. Now what? I thought, once again, to myself. Am I gonna see my future lover?

... Don't look at me that way. Love stories come out to start like this. The protagonist (I usually think of the protags in stories like this to be female) runs in her dream, screaming inside her head. Then, the antagonist (or another protagonist or anyone male) appears in her dream and, while his back is turned away from her, he looks back. The protag, running sloooowly, reaches out and calls out his name without even knowing it. The antag (or protag or anyone male) turns away from her and walks away from her slowly. While she runs, he gets farther away from her.

Then, that's the time when the protag wakes up, sweating. She asks her self, "Who was that man…?" in a shaky voice or whatever sentence is related to that. There are actually two versions in my interpretation. I'm telling you guys one. It's when the girl comes to school, greets her friends, blah blah blah. Then, the teacher suddenly comes inside, everyone shushes, et cetera. Then, the guy from her dream comes in and wow! Just as you guessed. The antag (or the other protag or anyone male) is the new student! Then, they talk, blah blah blah. Then in the end, either they fall in love or break away from each other.

... WHAT?! It's my interpretation of dreams like these! Don't go telling me what your interpretations are! At least I don't criticize… Thinking about this makes me think like a girl…

I was waiting, standing. It should show up by now… My future lover, that is. I kept on waiting. Wasting my time. Then, I decided to run. Oh GOD. Wake me up. I kept on chanting as I kept on running. At least it's good exercise. I thought stupidly and realized that it's just a fucking dream.

I stopped to get some air. I didn't know dreams could be tiring. I wiped away the sweat that came from my forehead and looked. FINALLY. GODDAMN FINALLY. A white light randomly came out from nowhere. Then, there stood a figure. I couldn't make out who the figure was. "Damn light…"

I walked slowly towards the figure, wanting to see who it was. I hope, I idiotically thought, if it's my future lover, I hope she's hot. I smirked. When my eyes finally adjusted, I looked and saw…


Still covering my eyes with one hand, my jaw dropped. NO. FUCKING. WAY. THIS WASN'T LOVER'S DREAM. IT COULDN'T FUCKING BE! YAMAMOTO! NO!!!!!!!!!! GODDAMNIT!!! NO FUCK-

"Gokudera?" The stupid idiot smiled. I couldn't stop myself from kneeling down, feeling lost. "Gokudera." He said it now with confirmation. No it's not Gokudera. It's HAYATO GODDAMN IT. HAYATO. I defeatingly looked up at the idiot. He just smiled down at me, offering his hand to help me up.

"Gokudera""Gokudera-kun!" Why'd his voice sound like an alien? It didn't sound right. "Gokudera-kun!" Once again, it was overlapped with a voice… a familiar high voice of someone very familiar to me…

"Gokudera-kun!" I woke up. "The teacher might notice you!" I looked around me. I was inside our classroom. Our homeroom teacher was talking about something I couldn't catch. I ignored him and looked at my left. The Tenth was smiling at me. "You were sleeping." He simply said and cautiously looked back at the teacher. Seeing that he wasn't looking at us, he sighed. "Are you alright?" He worriedly asked. I blinked. The Tenth was waiting for an answer. "Ahaha!" I laughed embarrassingly. "Sure! I'm okay… Just a little bit sleepy…" I said, preventing a yawn to come out of my mouth. I made the Tenth worry about me again… I mentally slapped myself. "You seem to be deep in thought ever since that dare you made." He said, quite smiling.

Then, it hit me. Why I had that weird dream. Why I thought of love as my interpretation. Why I saw Yamamoto as my 'lover'. It all happened in a stupid game... That stupid "Sin the Buckle" (that's what the brainless toddler said [Lambo]) game. I SHOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN DARE. I could've lied with picking Truth. I unconsciously banged by head repeatedly on the desk, making the teacher stop in mid sentence.

"Gokudera. Do you have a problem?" He said as he pointed his chalk at me. I simply glared at him. "NO." And that's my only answer. As usual, the teacher replied to me by also glaring and going back to what he was saying. I could hear people behind me giggling. I glared at the back-people. They WERE only people from the back. And I'm IN FRONT of them. Just goddamn get the gist and shut up. And they did get the gist and shut up.

This was gonna be a LONG DAY…

Author's Notes:

WHEEEEEEE~ My first story in fanfic~!! –heart beat speeds- I hope it turned out okay. I mean, I'm starting with the couple most of the people I know like. Fine. It's a lie. I mean, I know couples that have higher ratings than this one but who cares.

I'm not sure if I got Gokudera's attitude and expressions right. I mean, I AM A STARTER and I kinda suck at stories. -nervous- It was raining hard and I was doing another fanfic (which might, once again, go to the folder where all the [unsubmitted] fanfics are). Then, I did this and decided, I SHOULD POST THIS UP. I mean, I've done more than 50 fics (all unsubmitted) and I should at least post one. The next chappie will just appear so wait for it please.

I'd like to thank the song Incl (by Meg Rock) for this story. It suits it for some reason… I think? Also, I'd like to thank my new laptop Tyki (I name things and the names are new for it's 2009 except for somethings), the panda that made me hug him (my stuff toy Kanda Panda), and my puppy Zack for peeing on the floor when I was almost finishing this chapter. –facepalm-

Review please~ And as you review, can you please tell me your favorite KHR pairing? I'm just curious. Say anyone you want. I won't get mad (in fact, I LOVE EVERY PAIRING. Even crack. -smile- ALSO, about the title, Gokudera will be going to the website by the third chapter so don't expect Mukuro to appear yet. Kufufu~

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