Author: RooDooDoll
Rated: T
Genre: Romance and Humor
Summary: A confused Gokudera enters a website. A website full of Pineapples. Is this gonna help him with his 'Yamamoto' problem? Or will it make their relationship worsen? After all, our love shrink IS our favourite pineapple.
Note: If you're strictly violent about the pairing, I suggest you leave. I mean, it IS an 8059 story. Don't hurt yourself.

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A YamaGoku (8059) Story

Gokudera's POV
3. Him and Him Her


So it's awkward.

We were standing side by side, him wearing his normal everyday clothes whilst I wore a stupid skimpy outfit. Nah, I'm kidding. I should go on with my ritual, thanking yea gods above for making me wear something that does not reveal anything inappropriate.

Yamamoto was still standing there and smiling idiotically at the street whilst we patiently waited for the stop light to turn green. I crossed my arms, not caring about appearance anymore. Yea gods, are you now making me want to hate you all? Fuck, if you're going to make me wait for an hour just to make the stop light finally go, then yes. Fuck. You.

"Ack!" Frustrated, I grabbed the idiot's hand, still not caring about life. It was hard walking with these boot-like... things while making sure you're still holding your partner's hand- Immediately, I let go of it as if it were a pest. Yamamoto blinked, confused.

"Tch." I continued walking, again not caring whether the other was still following or not. Though I did turn a little to see whether he was following or not. Crap, he was. So walking sluggishly due to the shoes, I looked around, wanting to eat something familiar.

Heck, if I'm not gonna get what I want today, then the world would explode.

Finally, after several seconds of torment walking, I finally found a decent place to eat. It was Italian, obviously, as I was already sick of the food they served around here. I have nothing against the food of Japan, mind you. I just wanted to eat something new and since I'm treating this day like a 'celebration', I say we eat something Italian. So I stopped walking, crossed my arms again, and stubbornly looked at the forever-slow Yamamoto. I tapped my foot against the ground, feeling very edgy at the dare and the fucking slowness of the idiot. Finally. Finally, he reached me, still smiling as if he were ignoring the negative vibes I was sending at him.

Ya know, it's your fucking FAULT that I'm in this mess. I swear it's not the goddamn cow but YOU Yamamoto. YOU.

I am wondering now why I cannot speak those words out loud. By then, he would have scolded me about our "friendship" for at least a few minutes and he would have turned and go probably but for some reason, I couldn't get myself to do it. I just glared at him whilst he smiled so happily. That I wondered about. What's with this guy? What's he so happy about? Is he so happy that he's actually with me for a normal day? Nope. Not blushing. Or is it because he finds me so funny that he refuses to laugh but cannot remove that smile on his face?

I cannot stop my mind from thinking negative I tell you. Once I'm edgy, it becomes- "What's wrong, Gokudera? Something bothering you?" –infuriated.

"What's wrong?" I ask him back, unable to hide my rage. "What's WRONG?" I was already shaking that time but for some reason, I was saying the wrong words. "I'm HUNGRY and I want to eat THERE." I pointed at the sign of the restaurant, fixing that stupid puffy skirt as I did that.

The baseball idiot blinked for a while and smiled his goofy smile. "Well, why didn't ya say so?" He said, placing an arm around my shoulders as we were proceeding to walk towards the Italian restaurant. Now, it was my turn to blink. What the hell...

For being so bold, his foot was rewarded by my foot stepping on his hard. "Itai!" If it really hurt him, well, it wasn't obvious. "Stop being so rough, will ya? You're a girl, remember?" At that, he chuckled whilst I fumed.

No use getting mad now.

I walked away, of course. I didn't dare wait up for him as he called me and continuously said that it was a fucking joke. Yeah, right, pshaw. In we went the restaurant, me, looking so pretty in fucking bloody pink, and Yamamoto, looking oh so fucking godly on his t-shirt and jeans, obviously calling the attention of everyone in it. Here was I, a 'girl' in a Loli pink dress with a thousand ribbons, and Yamamoto, clearly not dressed up for a different restaurant, looking like the weirdest couple of the year until 2012. And to my amazement, we weren't kicked out! We were actually welcomed in by the hostess. Go me and my choice of food. Huzzah.

I groaned as Yamamoto talked to the waitress and 'loved the place'. People were still looking as we walked pass the other occupants of the restaurant. I caught the eye of a little boy near me, looking up at me with his eyes looking oh so dreamy as if the one he were looking at were his first crush-

I glared. There was no way that I would be the one he was looking at. Nope. And yet, when I continued to glare, he continued to stare- or rather, gawk- at me. I felt myself shake due to the anger again. I sighed, trying to calm myself down.

Another man by the corner was staring. When our eyes met, he winked. ARGHH! Now I was obviously shaking. THERE WAS NO FUCKING WAY THAT I LOOK LIKE A GIRL.


I glared at the caller, giving him loud 'WHAT' as his reply. That was when I noticed I stopped following the hostess and Yamamoto and was standing in the middle of the restaurant. I felt myself blush and look at where Yamamoto and the hostess was. He was looking at me, waiting for me to follow whilst the waitress, now waiting on our table and obviously pissed off that Yamamoto was no longer talking to her, glared.

With my head down, I walked faster towards them, still furiously blushing. Yamamoto had one arm open, as if to receive me and guide me to our table by the open window. "Tch." I walked pass him, going to where the waitress was.

I sat down immediately, not waiting for Yamamoto to do his manly courtesy. I sat stiffly on the chair and looked out the window, not wanting to face the crowd. Unfortunately, Yamamoto was attracting attention. How did I know? Simple. I looked and peeked.

Some of the women were looking at him. Some were even staring without caring anymore. Then, I looked at him, looking why people kept on intently looking at him. I concentrated on his face. Oh, yes. It was very boyish, his face. His face was that of a content man with secrets. Though the way he moved and talk was very casual, there was something in his movements that made him secretive. Made him mysterious...

"So what are you having, hm?" He asked me, still looking forever happy. I stared at him for a while and sighed. I gave the waitress my order whilst she unwillingly smiled at me and said that the order will be served after fifteen minutes. Yeah, right.

I turned to look at the scene outside the window. It was still the normal city yet this restaurant looked so out of place just like us in it. Its layout was different from the usual Japanese restaurants we normally pass by. Its interiors were obviously decorated by some European person. You wouldn't normally see a chandelier inside a Japanese restaurant and wine glasses were never served here in Japan even in their usual ceremonies. That would depend, really, but still. And they had spoons, forks, and knives. I picked one up and twirled it, feeling like that sadistic bastard Belphegor.

Yamamoto was watching me, I knew. I ignored him and continued to 'play' with the knife. "So..." Yes, trying to make small talk with me. Sigh. "... What are you thinking about right now?" He had his arms folded in front of him which made him look quite serious and expectant of something. Still, I played but I answered, "... Nothing."

He sighed, scratching the back of his head. "Aren't you... angry? Or something?" Hah, you bet I am. "No. Why would I?"

"Well, earlier, you looked like you wanted to burst..." There comes his 'Ahaha' again.

I glared, though not that hard. "Well, put yourself in my shoes, Yamamoto." I placed the knife down carefully and looked at him again. "If you were to dress up in a girl and walk the streets you pass everyday when you go to school or a mall, convenience store, I don't care, with a boy that's recognizable, unlike yourself, what would you feel? If you were to dress up like a cute fucking little Loli girl and linger in places you know people from school might recognize you and torment you once your very presence touches the school grounds, what would you feel? If you were dressed up like some male cross dresser whilst knowing that you aren't, what would you fucking feel?" I broke off with my mad speech, watching him and his reactions intently. He was looking quite seriously at me now, his hands still crossed.

For a while, we were silent. Then, he spoke, "Well, as long as you're with someone you like, I guess it wouldn't mind doing that as long as we can spend a day together." He shrugged, as if to look flippant about the answer he was giving. In fact, he looked thoughtful.

I felt the heat rush to my cheeks and internally, I scolded myself. It's like as in "you're-my-friend" like. Not like like as in like like love. Fuck, Gokudera. Stop being such a drag to yourself and be a fucking man about this!

I coughed. That was all I can say. And with that, Yamamoto laughed. "Geez, you're too serious, Gokudera." He ruffled my hair, making the ribbons go awry. A plus point for him. "Why don't you try smiling? That'd make me happy!" Heck, he was already happy. And I was about to blush again. "Stop that. It's not funny." Geez, what's up with me today? Was it the huge crowd and audience that's making me hot or something?

And almost all throughout the 'date', I was partially quiet except for the times when he asked questions. I answered with very little detail but he went on talking about life. It was interesting, I had to admit. The day wasn't that bad.

Hah, little did I know that the man by the other corner, smirking at us whilst his mismatched eyes observed every action and his sharp goddamn ears listening to every word would soon be my bestest-fucking-friend.

Author's Notes

So after a... year or two? Yeah, a year of finally updating this story, I finally noticed how stupid I write when it comes to first-person perspective. I prefer the usual fanfiction paragraph style than this one. Geez, I don't know what got into those days when I was still fourteen, geez.

I didn't want to study anymore [heck, I didn't study that much today] and I didn't care if we had our exams tomorrow. I finished this chapter and now, it's currently 3:45 in the morning. Good luck if I can still wake up tomorrow. Geez, if I don't take the tests tomorrow I swear I'll—

So I was listening to several songs whilst doing this. First one was Blindness [F9's version], a song sung by Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka and High School of the Dead's theme song, High School of the Dead. Orz the title. xD And Shiver by the GazettE. Blame Kuroshitsuji and its shota-ness. And after that, I listened to this long Shamuon medley. .jp/watch/sm10895549 I've been into Nico Nico singers lately. ;;

ENOUGH TALKING. Bye, folks. 3

~ Roo