Song By The Waterfall

In this village there are 7 superstitions that have been passed down from generations to generations, for so long so that they have also been considered as legends. The first one is; if you sing your favourite song by the waterfall at dusk, the first person who hears that is your soul mate. If all 7 legends are fulfilled, you get to be with your destined one forever.

'I'm so bored, why won't Ryouga hurry up and come over like he said he would? Wasn't he supposed to help me figure out the legend today? I don't like waiting like this, I'm getting kind of lonely. Hurry up Ryouga and come; otherwise I'll give you such an earful.' I got up and started walking around the front of my house; it sure is boring I thought. I really want to see Ryouga but why won't he hurry up? He's always making me wait but I guess I'm such a handful that he can't it. I let out a little laugh at the thought then sighed. Then I started to think about those superstitions, every girl in the village believed them and it's no surprise that I would too. The first legend is if you sing your favourite song by the waterfall at dusk. The first person to hear it would be your soul mate. Thinking about just makes my heart skip, it's nothing new I am a girl after all. I stopped halfway when I saw a figure running towards me, I squinted my eyes to see if it was Ryouga but I couldn't tell. As the figure came closer I could see blue blob. It must be Ryouga I thought so I ran as hard as I could and jumped on the figure.

"Ryouga! I'm so glad you came!" I smiled and wrapped my arms tightly around the person I that I though was Ryouga.

"Oh my, Aera have you finally figured out your feelings towards me?" I heard a slight giggle but it wasn't Ryouga's voice, as I looked up I was surprised to see that it was Lynn that I had my arms tightly wrapped around. I jumped back straight away; I could feel my face go bright red. How could I have made such a silly mistake, how embarrassing I hope she didn't get the wrong idea?

"Um . . . Lynn, where's Ryouga? Is he coming?" I asked, trying to smile but my cheeks were still a little flushed.

"Oh so you weren't thinking of me? Ryouga? He's still sleeping why?" She giggled a little but had a slightly teasing grin on her face. I can't believe it!! Ryouga's still sleeping; does he know what time it is? Also he made me wait this long for him, why that no good, lousy excuse for a huma- . . . living creature! I'm going to go there right now and wake him up in the most inhumane way possible.

Totally ignoring Lynn I dashed all the way down to Ryouga's house, he better still be sleeping heavily right now. Without any hesitation I swung his door open and marched straight up into his room. There lying on the bed was Ryouga sleeping peacefully, without a care in the world. I took a look around, his room looked so much cleaner than mine. Well I guess that's the kind of person Ryouga is, always well organised even though he's a boy. I took a few steps forward towards his bed and leant over. Wow his sleeping face looked so cute, he looks so much more adorable when he's asleep. Looking at him I somewhat feel at peace, I felt a smile crept up my face. Hey wait, I suppose to be angry at him not feeling happy to see him sleep. Oh great, now I feel like such a pervert, well better just wake him up and get it over with.

I opened my mouth and was about to release the biggest scream ever but something stopped me. He was just looked to serene, I couldn't bring my self to wake him up, my face started going bright red. What's going on? Why won't my voice come out? This guy made me wait for 1 hour, while I was sitting in the hot sun he was sleeping cosily in his cool house. My mouth was wide open next to his ear, I held this position for quite awhile since I couldn't find my voice. If someone where to walk in right now, they would've though I was completely insane or just a pervert.

"Ugh . . . . Aer" Ryouga let out a small yawn and turned towards his side.

"Huh? Ryouga?" I couldn't help replying to his muffled voice.

What was he trying to say my name? Was he dreaming about me? No way, probably just dreaming about beating me in a duel again or something. Still, why am I feeling really weird? I don't like this feeling. That's it I'm just going to scream now.

"RYOUGA!! GET UP ALREADY!! HOW LONG DO YOU PLAN TO SLEEP!?" I screamed as loud as I can and yanked the blanket off his bed. I didn't expect that Ryouga would come rolling down with the blanket.

"Oof! What the hell was that? . . Aera? Couldn't you act more like a girl and wake me up a little gentler?" He rubbed his head and gave me a little glare.

"What!? This is entirely your fault you know. Keeping me waiting for so long, didn't you say you were going to help me fulfill this first step to the legend?" I tried to sound superior and in control.

"What are you talking about? I said I'd help you tomorrow." He gave me a dirty look and sighed. Completely shocked I tried to think back. It took my brain a few minutes to process the information. Oh . . . he was right. It was tomorrow, it was just I got the days mixed up. Oh no, that means I barged into his house and forcefully dragged him out of bed. This isn't good I can feel his eyes glaring at me, it doesn't look like he'd gotten much sleep, his eyes were a little bloodshot and he looked terribly angry at me. I could feel sweat dripping down the side of my face as he stood up.

"Um Ryouga . . . I ugh . . . well you see . . . it's just that" I stuttered not knowing what to say, I looked down at my feet. I could see his feet step a little bit closer towards me. Oh no, what do I do? Should I run? I should because it's too early for me to die. I haven't even had my first kiss yet, what should I do? Please God help me, please make a book drop on his head or something. I should just turn around and make a dash for the door but my feet won't move. As I raised my head I realized that I was already opening the door and sprinting out of his house. I guess I was lost in thought and my body just acted on its own. Well today it worked to me advantage. Yes I'm going to be safe but then I felt something pulling on my dress.

"Ahhhhhh!" I let out a squeal as I feel to the ground. Ouch something was holding me tight; I took a look around and found that it was Ryouga! His arms were around my stomach not letting me go.

"You think you could just rudely interrupt my sleep and get away with it." I could sense the murderous aura flowing from him, this time it feels like he's really going to kill me. As I braced my self and closed my eyes for a while nothing happened. My eyes were still closed and I was slightly confused, why wasn't I dead yet? He should've at least snapped my neck by now. I opened my eyes and tried turning around but his face just glared at me, he sighed and got up.

"Man, you sure really love believing in stupid things like these. You must really be willing to risk your life, geez waking me up like that." He scratched his head and looked down at me. "Well get up, weren't you the one who wanted to do this annoying thing? Don't just sit there, get up" He said that to me but he lifted me up right after.

'Ah . . . thanks. Right yeah I'm going to find my true soul mate tonight and you have to help me." I was bursting with joy all of a sudden. I couldn't help smiling at the fact that I was going to meet me soul mate. I turned to Ryouga but he looked a little bit annoyed with me, I wonder why.

"Wait Aera, wouldn't I be the first person to hear your song because I'll be right there with you?" He avoided my face while asking me this.

"Haha but you're my best friend so that couldn't possibly be true, right? Don't say such weird stuff" I laughed a little and started heading towards the water fall, in a few more moments it would be dusk. I heard Ryouga let out a little sigh.

"If you think about it, my theory still makes sense. Geez you are so dense, man this legend this sure is troublesome. As if it's going to work anyway." Ryouga slowly and reluctantly trailed behind me. We were so close to the water fall by now, I wanted Ryouga to come with me because I might look like a looney singing by myself at night. Also I feel a lot more comfortable if Ryouga is next to me besides he can tell me if I sing good or bad.

"Okay we're here" I turned around a smiled at him "Well listen to my song now okay and tell me if anyone passes by, boy or girl. I want to make sure that he's a guy, I don't want a girl."

"Okay, okay just sing already" He gave a half hearted smile back. I cleared my throat and faced the waterfall. Okay soul mate you better be here because I've been practicing this song every night before I go to sleep. I'm pretty confident in my singing abilities, how bad can my voice be anyway. I opened my mouth and the tunes slowly flowed out. I chose the lullaby dad use to sing to me, yeah he wasn't the best singer but I still liked it. This song always calms me down no matter how stressed I'm feeling. So soul mate, please hear this and be relieved, I'm singing this for you who ever you are. After I finished I could hear clapping, I opened my eyes to see Ryouga smiling at me.

"Wow who knew you could sing, pretty impressive Aera but I wouldn't get to cocky. Even if your soul mate heard that he wouldn't be pleased. I'm only praising you because I thought your voice would sound like an injured turtle." He was slightly teasing me, trying to get me aggravated and it was working.

"Whatever! Did you see anyone pass by?" I asked sounding a little annoyed.

"Nope, not a single soul" I could tell he was happy saying that because he face looked like a big sunflower right now.

"What!? No way, you're lying. How can this be? Well I'm sure the next legend will work out." I wasn't about to give up just because of a minor set back. I'll try the next legend some other time and of course Ryouga would be there to help me.