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True Allegiance: Rewrite
Chapter 1: In My Darkest Hour

Pharaoh 90 had landed, the pulsating mass of red energy groaning and moaning like nothing Sailor Moon had heard before. There was no way to stop it; she had given the Holy Grail away to Mistress 9 in a foolish attempt to save Hotaru. Hotaru, her dear friend had vanished with the mark of Saturn only moments before the mass landed. She could vaguely hear Neptune and Uranus yelling at her, but their words of criticism and anger met nothing to her. Just as she was about to cry, she heard a small voice, Hotaru's voice say, "Sailor Moon." Shock appeared on her face and she looked up from where she kneeled on the cracked and destroyed ground that had once been a school. Before her a ghostly figure began to land on a jutted piece of concrete, becoming more solid as she lowered. She was dressed in a purple fuku with knee high boots and feathered shoulder pads. Hotaru Tomoe had transformed into Sailor Saturn.

She had a small smile on her face; she did not blame Sailor Moon for what happened. She understood, Usagi had only been doing what she always did, trying to help a friend. "Thank you for protecting my body," she said. "It's all thanks to you."

Behind Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune whispered in reverence and fear, "Sailor Saturn."

Sailor Moon, however, just asked in awe, "Hotaru-chan?"

Professor Tomoe shouted out from where he lay broken in a pile of rubble, "Hotaru!"

"I am no longer Hotaru," she stated. "The only one who can save the world from silence now is me. Leave everything else to me."

"Wait! I'll go with you!" Sailor Moon called out. She would do anything to protect a friend, to help a friend, to be with a friend to the very end. It was what she lived for, it was the purity of her heart.

"No," Sailor Saturn said firmly and sternly. "To defeat Pharaoh 90, you need to enter its core and make it all disappear at once. I don't know about Super Sailor Moon, but as you stand now you can't even enter Pharaoh 90 now that it has the power of the Grail. This is my job now."

"When you defeat Pharaoh 90... what will happen to you?" Sailor Moon asked.

"The reason I am called the Warrior of Ruin is because I am given enough power to destroy a planet," Sailor Saturn answered simply. "However," she said, raising her arm into the air and summoning her Silence Glaive, "when I use that power, I myself will also."

"You can't!" Sailor Moon shouted, finding the energy to run forward in hopes of stopping Sailor Saturn from killing herself.

Sailor Saturn grasped the glaive in both hands and brought it down to point at Sailor Moon, halting the other warrior in her steps. "Farewell," she said with a tear in her voice as she leapt backwards into Pharaoh 90.

Pharaoh 90 began to groan as the sounds of battle ignited from within the pulsating mass. All anyone could do was watch in shock. "Hotaru-chan!" Usagi yelled as she ran forward to attempt to help her friend. However as soon as she hit Pharaoh 90 she received a shock of dark energy through her body and screamed out in pain, being flung backwards. "CRISIS MAKE UP!" she called, in hope and prayer. When it came to friends in trouble, Sailor Moon did not know how to give up. "CRISIS MAKE UP!" she called when the first didn't work. Crying she called again, "CRISIS MAKE UP! CRISIS MAKE UP!" She slammed her fist into the ground and cried out, "Please transform!"

The battle still raged in Pharaoh 90 as Sailor Moon repeatedly slammed her fist into the ground in frustration. Sailor Uranus and Neptune watched in shock, realization dawning in their minds of what this met to the pure hearted girl. "Crisis make up," Sailor Moon said while crying tears of frustration, fear, anger, and genuine sadness.

Blocks away, the four inner planetary warriors heard their leader's cry. "Sailor moon," Mars thought, the red crystal on her tiara glowing as she lent whatever energy she had left to her princess.

Mercury followed with the thought, "Sailor Moon," the blue crystal in her tiara glowed.

Jupiter barely whispered, "Sailor Moon," as the green crystal in her tiara lit up.

"Sailor Moon," Venus whispered allowing the yellow-orange crystal to glow with power.

Uranus said nothing as the dark blue crystal in her tiara glowed, neither did Neptune as the aqua colored crystal in her tiara also glowed.

Unknown to Sailor Moon, the upturned crescent moon on her own tiara began to glow the colors of the crystals on the tiaras of her warriors, protectors, guardians...friends, but only for a moment. Sailor Moon felt a rush of power and looked at Pharaoh 90 determination in her eyes, "Crisis," she whispered and then in a shout finished, "MAKE UP!" From her chest emerged her heart crystal. The shiny crystal of the purest heart anyone had ever seen. Purer than the hearts that had made the Holy Grail, hers was the heart that had intrigued Kaolinite so long ago. The butterfly wings appeared around her as Sailor Moon transformed through the power of her own pure heart into Super Sailor Moon.

In a daze she leapt forward, tears streaming out of her eyes, her focus completely on saving Hotaru.

"Farewell," she heard from Sailor Saturn as she entered Pharaoh 90 with determination shiny in her eyes. Just as soon as she disappeared into the darkness, the energy was gone. Sailor Saturn had succeeded. The crater filled with water, creating a small salty pond in the delta where the school used to be.

Sailor Neptune and Uranus stood side by side remembering what Pluto had said, "If you are able to meet the real Messiah..."

"The real Messiah?" Sailor Uranus whispered looking up. Despite how hard they had been on her, both outer warriors realized that Sailor Moon was the true Messiah.

But she did not return.

Across space and through the fabric of reality Super Sailor Moon and the baby Hotaru had traveled. To another earth much different from the one they knew and loved. In the middle of the Black Forest a large ki appeared. If there had been anyone around to see her they would have noted that she had been in a very heavy battle. The fuku she wore was torn and her hair was loosely flying in the breeze. But the most disturbing part of her was the vacant blue eyes and the glowing crystal centered above her heart and hanging over the baby bundled in blue blankets. Her ki flared for but a moment before fading away to near nothingness as she pitched forward, holding the baby protectively to her chest.

Tears in her eyes as she whispered, "We're safe, Hotaru-chan, we're safe," before passing out.

The ki flare may have been brief, but the power level had alerted the few people of earth with the power to sense ki. Closest to the source was Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Piccalo who quickly flew to where Tsukino Usagi lay with a baby held protectively in her arms.

Across space and through the fabric of reality the other warriors mourned the loss of their Messiah; however, on the horizon a creeping black mist began to seep in. The ultimate light was gone, there was nothing to stop it now.

In a place that was nowhere, yet everywhere at once, a single figure looked up and whispered, "So it begins, may Selene watch you, my daughter."

End Chapter 1

Much longer than the original first chapter and with much greater detail, it didn't change too much, but I made a few overall changes that will affect the story in much greater detail. This is still betrayal!fic, but there will be some MAJOR twists. This will be, eventually, Vegeta/Usagi, and probably Gohan/Hotaru (no offense to Videl, but she kinda reminds me too much of his mom). There will be a lot of canon changes to the DBZ verse.