Can You Look At Me Now?

~disclaimer~ We Own Nothing .. Well we own lots of things but we don't own the rights to TWILGHT or any of Stephenine's wonderful Characters, we just wanted to play with them for a bit!


Three years after the Cullen's left I was standing on the front lawn of a small weather beaten white two story house with a porch that was about the size of the house itself, the night was only slightly cool for an early fall night. I closed my eyes and sighed softly Alice came up next to me and put an understanding hand on my shoulder.

We both looked at the house not a word between us for some time then with closed eyes I spoke very softly "the smell of that dog is pouring out of this house, its no wonder why she has dropped off your radar". Alice looking as if someone kicked a puppy in front of her spoke just a little louder out of frustration " would it really be Bella if she did not throw herself head first into the nearest danger" she smirked as she thought of her old best friend. I kept my eyes locked on the house as I took in all the emotions from inside " you know she is still very sad, but there is something different about this sad it goes deeper then a normal human, buts buried so deep I can almost look past it..... its nothing like when we first left"

~flashback~ jpov

I just could not leave with out knowing for sure Bella was going to be ok, I had an idea of what Edward was planning but I was not aware of details, but from the emotions that was pouring off him when he returned to the house was damn near sickening at first when he arrived I thought he had lost control and finally killed her, but there was something different it was just not sitting right with me so I had to see for myself.

So with out a word to anyone knowing Alice knew as soon as I took my first step I was racing toward the Swan house. I stopped short about a quarter mile from the chiefs' house I was hit with 4 things.. first deepest of despair, second the sweet smell of Bella, third the smell of those damn Quileute dogs and last overwhelming anger.

~end of flashback~

I took a step forward and Alice grabbed my arm, more as a warning then holding me back "Jasper as soon as you walk in those doors I lose all sight of you". I gave her the no shit Sherlock look, "Alice please I need to do this I need to see if what I am feeling is real". "ok fine what happens when you walk in there scare the shit out of her and that dog wakes up.. its not going to be pretty" she was mumbling, she always hated having blind spots.

"Ok Jasper I am going in there with you, I can not stand not knowing, oh gwad I sound just as bad as Edward huh" . I smirked "almost" I headed for the door, I was moving slow even for a human pace, I guess I really didn't want to know the truth if it meant I would find out that she had moved on.. with him none the less. I opened the door and flinched as the sent hit me. "it wreaks in here" , I took in the sights of the living room it was very very tidy, Bella always kept a clean house when she lived with Charlie

I would not except any different here, the living room was fairly large I am sure to accommodate those freakishly large dogs, there were pictures covering almost the whole western wall, I walked over to the wall as Alice was taking in the other decor. The first picture to catch my eye was a group shot of Bella with the dogs and their mates , they were arranged in two rows, in the back the mutts them self's, and in the front row were the mates, but it sparked something inside me when I noticed Bella had no one behind her, there was an older lady next to her and Bella's father was behind the older lady but had his hand on both their shoulders. This struck me as interesting, had Charlie moved on and hooked up with a mutt mother, but what also caught my attention was Jacob Black was on the other end also alone. I started to scan the rest of the pictures and in every one that Bella was in there was something about the look on her face, even though in most she was smiling it was not the smile that I have burned in my brain, it was missing something. I could not look at the pictures anymore I turned to see what Alice was up to.

She was looking at some laundry that was folded on the couch she had a look of confusion on her face, then she whispered over to me" if I didn't know any better I would say Bella has gone ...goth" she gave a little shrug and sat down in the chair letting me have my space. I glanced back at the pictures and then I noticed that there was more then her smile that had changed, she seemed darker, in her clothing and the circles around her eyes ... then a picture off the far side caught my eye I am not sure how I missed it the first time around , it was a candid shot of Bella sitting at a picnic table right out in front of this house, she had on a black tight hip hugger pants it looked like black boots and a black tank top that had red sparkly angel wings covering most of the back.. She was half turned to the camera, her hair was black with blood red highlights in it, she had on heavy black eye liner and her lips were pale, she was holding a very large black cat and there was a banner in the back ground that said, HAPPY 21ST BELLA!

I thought I felt my dead heart break right there this picture was only a few weeks old. I turned to the door that I knew was her room, I could hear her restless sleep, her heart was racing Edward always said she had sleep problems when he was not around, I am sure after what had happened it has only gotten worse. I opened the door with out a sound and her sent was like a welcomed slap in the face, her room was dark not that it would bother me, I made my way to the bed and there she was just with in my grasp. Her hair was a mess around her face and she had an arm flung over her face, her cheeks were tear stained, I noticed something on her wrist, I moved a little closer to get a better look. I could not believe my eyes I whispered for Alice to come in here, knowing only she would be able to hear it, when she came in I pointed to Bella's left wrist. Alice's eyes bugged out of her head for a second and she quickly covered her mouth to stifle a laugh, then she pulled herself together and whispered to me " Bella got a tattoo, that says ..;she had to giggle in between words; Runs With Vampires. Hearing Alice actually say it made me hold in a laugh as well. That's when it happened , she rolled over toward us and she said a name ... not any name she ..said... my name. I held my breath in panic, was she awake.. no she couldn't be her heart rate and breathing has not changed, I looked at Alice to see if I really heard that or I was really starting to lose it , she just simply nodded, I really think she has been around Edward to long. "Jasper... please don't.. Jasper look at me.. don't leave me ".

I ran out of there at my full speed not caring if I woke up the whole damn Quileute reservation I did not stop till I was at the old Cullen house, I sat on the porch and dropped my face into my hands, it was only seconds later there were two hands on my shoulders, I didn't have to look to know it was not Alice.