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I felt like I was in front of the firing squad, everyone was looking at me like I was an alien, I think if I could cry I would just from the tension .


I have not said a word in days, I don't even know where to start I mean really "surprise" really like it was a gift or something. There was a huge elephant in the room no one was talking, no one was sure what to say at this point even though we have had days to get ready for this, what was there to say, its ok darlin, everything is fine. IT'S NOT, fuck, it's not even close to ok, I ask the woman to marry me and she goes on a suicide mission.

I feel like I am being torn apart, I don't know what to do, sit here and stew or forgive the woman I love … I know deep down I forgive her but my stubbornness keeps getting in the way.

She looks so lost right now, so alone. Everyone in the family is still so shocked at what transpired here they have not spoken to her either. I think I just need to man up and make sure she knows I still love her dearly.

I get up and cross the room, making my way over to the section of the couch she was sitting on in a tight little ball, she was staring off into space twirling a strand of her hair, a smile came to my face for the first time since I asked her to marry me, she was so beautiful and she was mine.

Without warning I scooped her up in my arms and kissed her like the world was going to end that second. She was taken back for a second but then melted into my frame kissing me back, it was then I heard a simultaneous sigh of relief from the family, I grinned like a fox in the kiss. Bella pulled back and looked at me with that eye brow of hers arched.

"Should I even ask" there was finally some emotion in her voice, out of all the things I could and should have said to her I came out with "I love you". For just a split second I thought it was lame but when I saw those red eyes light up like a child's eyes on Christmas I know it was the right thing, it was what she needed to hear at the moment.

One Year Later…


I slowly swung back and forth on the tree swing that is in front of my and Jacobs house, my feet making matching ruts in the dirt as I moved. I was so nervous I don't know why it was just Jacob I mean come on right.

No I had every right to be a nervous wreck, this was the first time I will be seeing him since the "incident" …after me and Jasper made up we left town for a while… well a year to be exact… least till I could be in control for sure and my eyes were somewhat of a normal color.

It was just the last few months I have been back in touch with Jacob but I know there is no way to make up for what I have done, I have come to terms with that and so has he, we agreed on a somewhat of a fresh start … so to speak. So here I am, waiting for him to come home, we just got back into town last night, I have not even seen my father yet, I made a point to see him first.

I sighed a little hoping he did not change his mind he is about an hour late, when I was about to give up hope and get my ass off the swing in pulled my Durango, well I'll be. I stood up when he got out of the truck we both just kinda stood there not knowing who was going to make the first move, then I just bolted to him wrapping my arms around him … holy shit he was hot … but that was not even the point, god I missed him.

By the end of the night we were dancing around the living room like idiots to Beastie Boys, I found out Angela was 3 months pregnant, and they set a wedding date …after the baby comes because Angela was already showing. He found out we have yet to set a wedding date…all and all it was a good night.


Getting back to town was a good thing, for all of us. The unexpected vacation was just a tad stressful to say the least. Now Bella was over visiting Jacob which gave me time to work on this small… oh hell who am I kidding very LARGE project, I am giving Bella a surprise wedding.

Alice is so proud of me; I am doing this with minimal help from her and my parents as much as Esme and Alice want to butt in.

I was just about done with everything, this was going to be perfect, and no uptight tux's… no fancy dress and shoes to make Bella uneasy. It was going to be full on casual, just like we are.

Now I only had one more call to make, to Miss Angela Webber, I wanted someone that was a friend to her and outside of the family to stand up for her, hopefully I can pull this off without her or Jacob knowing…

Angela is a go! Poor girl started crying when I told her… she thought it was the most romantic thing she ever heard. Deep breaths, relax, cause tomorrow Bella Swan is going to become Mrs. Bella Whitlock.