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Chapter One:

Hannah's House

"Has she moved from this spot in the last four days? Has she even slept in the last 96 hours?" Hannah hovered over Janet's curled up body on her couch, her eyes blood-shot and just staring into space. She couldn't make up her mind to go home. Everywhere she looked, she could see him. The mornings when he slept over, he'd make her burnt toast and eggs. The kitchen still smelled of his toast. Even his shaving gunk in the bathroom drain made her tear up and pizza crusts wrapped in tissue and then wedged between the sofa cushions. Janet thought squatting in Hannah's Family Room was her best option.

"Ma. Have you seen Janet work? I don't think she even knows how to sleep. I think her body makes a whirring noise every now and then and shuts down. She's a total work junkie," said Sam in his most precocious voice.

Hannah tore her eyes off Janet and smiled at her 10-year-old kid. "Okay, Rock star. Go get your bag you'll be late for school." And with that, Sam scampered off into the house.

"Janet? Sweetie you gotta eat something. You can't be like this. Why don't you get washed up and we'll talk about stuff okay." Hannah cajoled gently.

"I messed up everything. I had everything I wanted and in one fell swoop, it was gone. I messed up everything." Janet whispered hoarsely and the tears began to fall again.

"Okay, Ma I'm ready", said Sam in a hurry, "Did you pack my lunch? You know how I hate it when Ray packs PB&Js right?"

"Yeah it's on the kitchen counter. Grab it and let's go." Sam walked off again and to Janet, Hannah added, "We're not done here. I'll be back in 10 I want you up, moussed and ready to go get some well-deserved perspective. Copper-boom!"

20 Odd minutes later

Janet sat at the dining table her clothes ruffled and her eyes still bloodshot. OH WELL, AT LEAST SHE ISN'T CRYING ANYMORE. Thought Hannah looking at her friend made her feel so miserable.

"Why Rooster? Why, of all the people this holy earth could cough up, did I have to sleep with Rooster? I mean what is wrong with me?" she asked Hannah sincerely.

"Stop." Hannah scolded firmly. "You HAVE to stop beating yourself up about this. You were drunk; if anyone's the slime ball here, it's Eddie. He was CWS."

"CWS?" Janet asked confused.

"Cheating While Sober." Hannah stated and then cracked a smile.

"Do you think it's possible for someone to look for a kind of happiness their whole life and then when they finally get it, they sabotage it? Not because they're necessarily self-destructive but because they know that, it's too good to last and so, they think to themselves, 'What the hay? Might as well finish the job before the universe gets to it'."

That was the most Janet said in 4 days. I GUESS THATS PROGRESS...thought Hannah Jane. "You know I don't know why people do what they do. But I do know that you messed up. Big time. But Janet look at me," she gently reached over and lifted Janet's chin to force her to look. "I have seen the way he looks at you. That's not something you can just get over that easily. Like when he picks you up after a shift and you're just done mopping up he just watches you." Hannah finished smiling at her.

"How do you know that? How do you know that he's not just thinking 'Man can she get a move on already? I'm tired'?"

"Well actually Nick told me about that a while ago. He said that he and Owen were shooting pool or something and Eddie came by to pick you up."

Janet was quiet for a second "You said something about a shower?" she asked clearly dazed.


"This morning. Before leaving the house... you told me about a shower or a wash-up or something?"

With a wave of relief, Hannah got up enthusiastically and said, "Yes! I have a shower! I mean you can use it its right up the stairs, third door to--"

"Hannah I know where the shower is. I've been coming around for more than 10 years remember?" Janet said grumpily.

"Right. Okay so towels are in the linen closet and if you need anything else--" Janet shot her a look.

"--just holler." Hannah finished quietly.

She quickly began to clean up the dishes off the table and take the cereal bowls inside the kitchen when Janet's cell phone rang.