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I was so hungry since we didn't get to eat at the reception. "Chad, could we please drive-thru somewhere and grab a bite to eat?"

"Sure, I could go for some food. Any ideas?"

"Well, there aren't many quick choices, except maybe McDonald's or Taco Bell."

"Well you know me, I don't normally do fast food. You decide."

"I could go for some chicken nuggets," I replied, flashing my toothy grin.

"Mickey D's it is!" he agreed, fixating his eyes on the road.

"You're kidding me right?" I almost spit my Diet Coke out of my mouth. "Chad Dylan Cooper has never had fries from McDonald's?"

"Nope, my parents wouldn't let me eat that junk when I was younger, and I just never did."

"It's like the best, greasy junk food you can have! Just try one," I persuaded, forcing an over salted french fry in Chad's face. "You'll love it, I promise!"

"I gotta watch my figure," he teased, patting his nonexistent flab.

"You're such a diva," I joked, rolling my eyes as I did so. "But you're missing out!"


Several minutes later we pulled back up to the reception area. Low and behold, it was still going on! I saw lots of camera flashes; people were having a great time! They were all over the dance floor by now- they must have been toasted from a little too much wine.

I turned to face Chad, shaking my leftover fries. "Last chance, are you sure you don't want one?"

"Yeah, I am."

"How about now?" I teased as I dangled the fry from my mouth.

He didn't even respond; instead he just leaned his body in to mine, stealing the fry from my mouth, but not before giving me a quick kiss.

"Yeah, these are pretty awesome. Thanks Sonny for getting me addicted to these salty things," he said sarcastically.

I couldn't help but smile. I loved seeing the simpler side of Chad- the one that likes French fries, comfy clothes, and scarfing down food.

I glanced back at him; he was giving me a pleading look. "Are you gonna finish those?" he asked, referring to the rest of my fries.

"No, you can have them," I said sweetly, feeding a few to him before handing the rest over. As usual he devoured them.

For being a male diva, he had some manliness too.

"Alright, those were good," he said, tossing the container back in the bag, "but I prefer sweet."

Then he tilted my face up to him and lightly lingered on my lips. I could swear I saw a close camera flash, but I'm sure it was just my imagination.

It's hard to focus on anything when you're kissing Chad Dylan Cooper.

Chad took my hand as we approached the scene. It was nice now that it we didn't have to pretend.

Finally I actually had a chance to go congratulate Lacey; she was my sweet cousin after all, and I was happy for her. Chad walked with me, nodding a congratulations to her. I of course gestured with a hug, "Congratulations Lacey. I know you two will have a wonderful marriage."

"Thank you Sonny," she replied sweetly, responding with a hug back. "I'm so sorry about my evil little sister, she's just always been so jealous of you."

I smiled a small smile. The pace of the song slowed back to a smooth melody, so I grabbed Chad's hand, leading him out to the dance floor.

"Really?" he asked surprised, but nonetheless took me in to his arms. "I thought you didn't really like dancing."

"Well, I didn't, until I danced with you," I answered sappily, nestling my head on his shoulder. "Besides, we never got to finish earlier."

"I felt his grip tighten; it was nice being in his arms. I suddenly felt at peace with the world. That is, until that evil monster cousin of mine approached us.

"Sonny, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to knock you down earlier," she said; only I could tell she was being sarcastic.

"Uh huh, I'm sure," I whipped, breaking from Chad and crossing my arms in front of me. "How stupid do you think I am?"

"Well, stupid enough to think you're so funny on your dumb little comedy show."

Alright, now I'm steamed.

"Chad, would you mind getting me a big hunk of cake, while I talk to my cousin?" I winked, enunciating the word hunk. It was a double entendre; I wanted a big piece of cake, but also Chad is pretty hunky.

"Sure thing," he said, returning the wink.

"Look Heather, I am not just on some comedy show; I make people laugh. I put them in a good mood. I make them smile and bring them happiness. You're just jealous because everyone that comes around me brightens due to my sunny personality, but when they come around you, you're just a dark, stormy cloud looming over them."

"She's right, you know," a voice piped up from the dance floor. Suddenly, Heather's boyfriend approached our conversation.

"What?!" Heather screeched to her goofy boyfriend.

"She's right, you're no fun to be around anymore and I don't like this side of you. Sorry babe, we're over." And with that, he escorted some blonde back out to the dance floor.

"This is all your fault!" she screamed at me with pure rage.

"Is it Heather, is it really? Because I think this is all your fault," Chad remarked as he returned with a colossal chunk of cake. Yum! Wait- back on topic Sonny.

"How so?" she sneered.

"Well, just in this short weekend you tried to make our relationship appear fake- when in reality, we truly care about each other. Then, you attempted to demolish her at karaoke- in which you did not succeed. Third, you threatened us. And lastly, you knocked down your own cousin just to grab a dumb bouquet. And what's the point? Obviously you're not getting married anytime soon- especially now that you don't even have a boyfriend."

Old Chad was back, but for a brief moment I was glad. He took up for me and said what needed to be said.

Heather stood dumbfounded for a moment, glaring at the both of us. There was still no remorse in her stare.

"Oh, and this is for saying that my comedy show is dumb," I grinned.

I grabbed the monstrous blob of cake off Chad's plate and smeared it in her face, making sure to get it in all the crevices.

Chad chuckled loudly.

"Oh look Chad, she's not laughing, guess that wasn't funny enough for her."

At that moment, I ran to the nearest table and grabbed the giant punch bowl, and well, I bet you can guess what I did with it. I hovered it over Heather's head, slowly pouring the sticky liquid down her face, and ruining her dress. It seeped in to the fabric, turning it blood red.

"Now that's comedy!" I smugly pranced away, pulling Chad to the dance floor once again.

Heather ran away screaming in fits of terror, "My dress! She ruined my dress!" She escaped somewhere in the chapel, probably to try and clean herself up.

I felt a little guilty, but not because she didn't deserve it, but because that's not me. I don't usually do things like that.

Apparently I wear my heart on my sleeve- either that, or Chad can read minds.

"You know you didn't do anything wrong, right?" he asked softly, brushing my hair from my face as we danced.

"I know," and I did.

"After all of the torture she's put you through, a little cake and punch is nothing," he sweetly spoke. "Besides, she looks better that way," he chuckled, causing me to snort.

"Uh, I'm sorry," I said covering my nose with my hands, now embarrassed.

"It's okay, it's cute," he assured me.

When we returned to the hotel that night, we washed up, put on comfy pajamas and vegged out on the bed watching old reruns of Saved by the Bell. It was nice to know that I could just be myself around Chad. No more judging.

Then I began to wonder, what would our cast mates say about us dating? Should we tell them? Hide it? Will they be mad? Upset?

My thoughts were broken by the adorable blonde next to me unable to unlock his gaze. He wistfully pulled me toward him, unleashing the most erotic kissed ever bestowed upon me. After a few moments, we broke apart, both blushing from the heated embrace.

Chad wrapped his arm around me and my head rested on his shoulder. After some time I began to feel sleepy, and gently glanced up at Chad. He had fallen asleep- so sweet, so peaceful. I lay my head back onto him, and that's how we drifted off.

Chad Dylan Cooper was more than just a wedding date. He was more than just my boyfriend. He cared about me, and I returned it. And who knows, maybe one day it may become more than that.

The end... but not really :)

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