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Somehow I knew this was going to be the day. I'd been trying to prepare myself for it for a long time, but no matter how hard I tried it never got any easier. She had been quiet last night, only muttering a few words as she slept restlessly. I think she knew it had been coming too but refused to talk about it no matter how many times I brought it up.

It had become extremely difficult to move about 10 years ago. We both wanted to find a final quiet place so that we would be able to enjoy the rest of the time we had together. With Carlisle's help I found a large and very remote piece of land with our very own meadow.

I designed our house for every need she would ever have. We had solar everything and a couple of no fault backup generators just in case, as the winters were heavy here. Bella insisted that she would no longer hide. She wanted us to live the way we were destined to. I had to chuckle to myself. Her stubborn streak had not diminished over time. The joy she expressed when my family and I surprised her with the house made any difficulties we'd suffered wash away. We were finally home.

I let my mind wander over our life together. It was understood that we would have to move every few years so that people didn't notice my lack of aging. We knew that we would not be able to play the happy couple forever. That time came sooner than I'd realized or wanted.

When it would no longer be plausible to present ourselves as a couple in public I realized just how precious our time in this life was. I was long practiced in creating an illusion for the world to see, but Bella grew frustrated with it often. She would guilt herself over the smallest of slips or details skipped over and each time I would reassure her.

I cringed every time she made 'cougar' jokes. She commented that we had the perfect Halloween costumes built in and she would be my Mrs. Robinson. I was completely horrified the first time she wiggled her eyebrows and croaked out, "Would you like a piece of candy, little boy?" Then she attempted to chase me down the hall with her cane flying. Ah, my Bella. On my birthdays she would call me a 'lecherous old man' under her breath. My standard retort was that at least I was her lecherous old man….

I never attempted practical jokes of any kind after she sent Emmett after me the one time I tried to play a joke on her by hiding her teeth. Every year she made sure to include a box of Sea Bond denture adhesive among our anniversary gifts. It had turned out that Bella had a more cunning mind than many of the vampires I knew.

She went to Carlisle for medical issues that commonly plagued humans as they aged. I never once took for granted that her health remained excellent. Alice had shared her secret with me shortly after her final departure from the hospital. I was convinced Alice's venom, although only one or two drops had made a difference in providing the long lasting health Bella enjoyed.

At first I became a 'younger man' for her. Emmett loved to tease me about that quite often and it was apparent that he was nearly as devoted and protective of her as I was. Then I became the 'helpful nephew' and wasn't sure how to play that role convincingly. Surprisingly Rosalie stepped up and helped me there, providing me with examples from the limited memories she retained of her own nephews.

When the time came that I was going to have to present myself as the devoted 'favorite grandson' Bella started having real difficulties with our charade. I knew she would be unable to suffer anymore role playing. She dreamed more often of our meadow and music and I wanted to give them all to her. I would give her anything.

Before our last move I offered to change her one last time. She narrowed her eyes at me and quipped, "Edward, I do NOT want to be the eternal poster child for Metamucil. I've come this far so why the hell would I want to change now?" That was her way of saying enough and I never asked her again. Part of me was glad she wanted to stay human. Another part of me grieved what was sure to come. Our time was growing short.

Our bedroom window greeted the sun each morning. I loved watching the reflection of my skin as it danced across her cheek. She had never looked so beautiful. The light glinted off her silver hair, creating a brilliant glow as if she were angel with hair that resembled silken threads spun from glass.

Her only request was that no mirrors be placed openly in the house. She hated that her skin was thin and wrinkled and dotted with the freckles of age. I still think she doubted me when I told her she grew more beautiful to me each day. It was true. Her soul was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. My heart would never belong to another.

One of Bella's favorite features on our property was the natural meadow that included a pond. We spent many evenings just lying in each other's arms watching the day's end. She always said that twilight was the moment of magic for us because we'd spent so many pivotal moments 'between'. The best visions we'd shared had originated in a meadow and I knew she treasured those memories. That was where our story really began.

I was brought out of my musings by the change in her breathing. It had become increasingly uneven yet she remained still and peaceful. Her eyes opened and she smiled at me. "Soon," she said.

"Not yet," I pleaded. "Stay with me just a little longer. Please," I whispered in desperation.

She raised a wrinkled hand to my cheek. "It will be ok, Edward. I promise." I sighed and gently leaned into her hand.

She didn't eat much when I brought her breakfast and refused lunch altogether. She slept again and started talking in her sleep more than she had in years. She talked to her dad a lot. "I'm coming, Dad, really. I'll be there soon. Don't worry."

I tried to call Carlisle for advice and only reached his voicemail. He called me back the second he got the message hearing the panic and helplessness in my voice. "I don't know what to do, Carlisle. I'm losing her. It's too soon."

I heard the compassion in his voice. "I'm so sorry, Edward. I know you didn't expect it to be so hard. It's her time. Love her."

"Dad," I choked out. "I can't be without her."

"I'm so sorry, son. Do you want us to come down?" he asked. "You don't have to do this alone."

I knew that Bella wouldn't want everyone fussing over her. "No. Bella wouldn't want that."

"Call us if you need us."

"Thanks, Dad."

The weight of my years wore heavy on me that afternoon as I came face to face with the inevitable. I'd just finally made peace with myself when she woke up. She looked better than she had in days. Her eyes sparkled and she had more color in her face. She even ate a bit. It was growing close to twilight. She looked out the window toward the water. "Edward, take me."

I didn't protest and carefully wrapped her in a blanket and lifted her into my arms. She leaned her head against me as I carried her down the stairs and I saw a younger Bella looking up at me.

I walked the well worn path to our spot. The grass was lush and thick with a few scattered wildflowers. The crickets had just started their symphony as I laid her down. I lay on my side next to her and stroked her hair.

She smiled. "Twilight," She said. "Our time."

I smiled down at her. I leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I will love you for all eternity." And began to hum her lullaby that I had written for her years ago. She smiled as her eyes closed. My eyes never left her as she took her final breaths.

As her chest fell for the last time, I felt a single drop of venom fall from my eye.

I knew what I was going to do.

I kissed her lips one last time and whispered my final words to her.

"Wait for me, my Bella. I'm on my way."

~~*~~*~~*~~*~~*The End*~~*~~*~~*~~*~~

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