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Chapter 5 Beginning of Lunch

Mokoto went to his classroom and sat at his assigned seat just about the bell rang. "Whew.... That was close," he sighed.

He looked outside at the window. He kept looking at the serene sky, inattentive of what the teacher was saying. He was thinking about Ryuji and the past. "Ryuji..." he wondered.

It felt like an eternity, waiting for the bell to ring. "Come on..." he pleaded silently, "move faster."

45 more minutes later the bell finally rang. "Finally!" he stated, "It's time for lunch!"

He was about get out of until a man blocked the entrance.

"Mokoto!" Taisuke Sawanaga screamed to Mokoto.

"What do you want now Taisuke?" Mokoto questioned him.

"I thought you were going to help me!"

"With what...?"

"Getting a girlfriend!!! You forgot?!"

"Uh... I guess so."

"Well you told me you were going to help me today during Lunch!?"

"Can you please stop yelling at me? Anyway I'm sorry Taisuke. I can't help you today. I got to do something."



"You're going to make out with Kotonoha huh?"


"Yep. I can see it now. Both of you making out somewhere secret. Slowly tasting each other saliva as both of your tongues collide. As the both of you make out, you..."

"Ah!!!!!" Mokoto runs out of the classroom screaming.

"Maybe I overdid." Taisuke said smiling and laughing.

Mokoto runs up to the rooftop entrance and stops to catch a breather. "Damn... Taisuke..."

When he was finally done catching a breather, he started to walk to the door... Until he felt a bulge in his pants. "Oh hell no..."

He had an erection. "Damn it Taisuke!!!!! He just needed to say those things. Damn my hormones and my imagination..."

He kept looking at it. "Um... Maybe I should smack it."

He smacked it. "AHHHHHHH! PAIN!"

"Hey... What the hell are you doing?"


Mokoto looked up and saw Ryuji holding a lunch bag.

"Do you have an erection?"


"It looks like you do. Got to horny thinking about Kotonoha huh?"

"Fuck you."

"Thought so."

He put down his bag and sat on the stairs. "You know you're supposed to wait until that thing subsides..."

"Shut up."

Ryuji just smiled at him. After a few silent minutes, Mokoto says something. "It's been awhile since we spent any time together huh?"


"It feels so... Nostalgic."


Kotonoha finally comes tired. "I'm... Sorry... Mokoto... and Ryuji..."

"You okay?" Mokoto asked.

"Mhm. Just kind of tired."

"What happened?" Ryuji asked.

""I just needed to do some errands," Kotonoha responded.

"Well..." Ryuji stood up from the stairs, "lets hurry up and eat."

"Yeah," Mokoto said as he opened up the rooftop door.

After a few minutes settling down and finding a place to seat, Ryuji opens up his bag.

"Oh my god!" Mokoto hollered.

"Yep. Sushi!" Ryuji said with a smile.

"Can I have some?" Mokoto said with a pleading look.

"Hahahahaha... No."

"Come on!"

"Too bad."


Kotonoha chuckled a bit and opened up her lunch box.

"Oh my god! Sandwiches!" Mokoto screeched.

"Go ahead and have some Mokoto. I made it for you and me to eat." Kotonoha explained.

Mokoto started to chomp on the sandwiches. Ryuji looked horrified. "Can I have one?"

"No!" Mokoto threatened, "if you do, I'll bite your hand off."

"Go ahead Ryuji," Kotonoha offered, "annoy Mokoto and just have some. Tell me what you think."

"You're so mean Kotonoha," Mokoto said playfully.

Kotonoha just stuck her tongue out to Mokoto. "So mean..." Mokoto remarked.

After 15 minutes, they were finally done eating. "Damn you Ryuji," Mokoto stated, "you ate the last sandwich..."

"Hey those sandwiches were hella good," Ryuji informed.

"I'm glad that you like them," Kotonoha smiled, "Anyway I have a question."

"Hm?" Both of them pondered.

"How did you two meet?" Kotonoha questioned.

"Oh. Well it's a long story. But I'm sure we can tell you before the bell rings," Ryuji assured.

"Yep," Mokoto answered, "Well I'll start it off. It was a long time ago..."

End of chapter

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