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Warning: Briefly mentions self-harm.

Author's Note: A couple readers asked me to write another Jenny/Shane piece, and I could only graciously oblige. (Thank you to Rain Addict CM for your lovely review and fic request. I know this is terribly short, but I plan on writing another Shane/Jenny fic at some point in the future).


Jenny spins wide- pushing, poking, provoking...
I dare you to notice me
Stripping, stealing, spiralling...
I dare you to stop me
Caving, cutting, crying...
I dare you to catch me

For all her wanting, the acceptance of the dare was a shock.
She lost her grip on control, and down she fell. Tumbling down from the tightrope, the lies, the endorphin high...
Caught in her eyes, in her arms. She looks back at Shane, the final dare playing on her lips.
I dare you to hate me.
She never expected the game to end like this.
How can you love me?