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How could anyone sleep in this!

Only Forks could be this uncomfortably hot! It was maddening.

It's June and extremely hot. Unconventionally so for Forks; yet the ground was still damp and the air humid and sticky.

It would be some small consolation if sunbathing were possible but under the constant blanket of cloud; that even the summer sun couldn't penetrate; the fact of the matter was that being in Forks right now was like being trapped in a green house.

Most of my free time recently was spent down at La Push, which is where Charlie was right now; he and Billy would be off on another of their fishing trips at dawn, he often stayed the night when one of their trips were planned.

I tended to gravitate towards First Beach, and the cold ocean. Since the heat wave had descended my solitude had been invaded. Most of the students at Forks high had taken to flocking there too in the desperate hope of cooling down.

Rolling over in her bed, her eyes slow to focus the blurry digital display told her it was still too early. Flopping onto her back she stared into the darkness, the stifling heat quickly had her tossing and turning.

Frustrated, hot and clammy she rolled out of bed, peeling her vest and shorts off she dumped them into her laundry hamper. Making her way through the empty house into the bathroom she flicked on the shower, adjusting it down to the coldest setting available she hopped in. The shock of the freezing torrent forced her lungs to clench, her breath coming in short rapid gasps. Leaning her head against the cold tile she basked as the stinging water cooled her hot sticky skin. Once every inch of skin was puckered in goose flesh she quickly freshened up and headed back to her room wrapped in a towel.

Dumping the wet towel in the hamper she enjoyed the cold curtain of her hair, in the heat of her bedroom it was soothing against her skin. Running her fingers through the loose tangled wave she lay back down on her bed, knowing that sleep was unlikely to return; she was far too antsy; she ran her finger tips across her stomach in light trails. She could feel the muscles in her stomach tighten and tremble, feel the rush of wetness the gentle caress brought forth. Caressing lower her hips undulated in a delicious grinding motion as her finger traced her folds. With her other hand she caressed her breast, gently tweaking her hard nipple. Groaning she slid two of her fingers into her core, thrusting them slowly. She whimpered as the pressure began to build, the tightening in her stomach was deliciously unbearable. A strangled cry of urgency burst from her lips as her fingers drove her ever closer to the edge; she could hear her heart pounding in her ears, her head dizzy. Trembling, gasping and moaning she could feel herself on the brink of oblivion…

"Bella are you……O- ok?"

With a speed her body would never naturally possess she sat bolt upright, clutching the sheet, desperate to hide her body. Frozen in place she flushed red as her eyes met the golden ones across the room looking back at her.

Oh God!

He was looking at her.

He caught her.

He caught her doing what she was just doing.

Of all the people to catch her; he was without a doubt the absolute worst!


I wandered through the familiar surroundings feeling strongly comforted by these woods. It had been awhile; time held little consequence for someone of my kind; since I had left but clearly a lot had changed. I could pick out the scents of the Quileute pack in the woods; clearly they were taking advantage of our absence and were not respecting the boundary lines; the offensive stench set my nerves on edge but I would rather surround myself in it, hunt the same grounds as them; than spend another moment sitting in my abandoned home, wallowing in memories.

After draining a second large stag, my thirst quenched, I began to run the familiar paths, barely noticing where my feet were taking me, too lost in the thoughts I had tried to escape.

My thirst hadn't been unbearable but I chose to hunt more frequently now. This lifestyle was harder to sustain when you were alone, but I was determined. I wouldn't slip, I would stay strong.

I knew I could go back, knew I would be welcomed with open arms, but I just couldn't. As much as I missed certain members of my family, the hatred and betrayal I felt towards the others was more than enough to keep me away. They had destroyed everything. The life I had known was gone.

Pushing away the torrent of emotions thinking of them always invoked, I ran faster. Finally taking notice I realised I had run the expanse of the forest and was maybe less than a minute away from the town of Forks. I slowed down listening to the sounds of the sleeping town, it was quite as always, but a familiar sounding gasp caught my attention.


How did I end up so close to her home?

The gasping was quickly turning to whimpering and moaning; was she hurt?

I should check in on her, she wouldn't have to see me.

Another loud moan had my feet moving quickly. It was the dead of night; what was happening to her? Had I missed a scent? I inhaled deeply; there were no recent scents around her house, neither Vampire or Wolf.

I heard her cry out; a muffled scream. Running now I quickly crossed her lawn and jumped unhindered into her window. Did she still leave it open for us?

As soon as I entered I called out to her, taking in the scene before me too late.

"Bella are you……O- ok?"

Oh! Shit!

My brain was going in slow motion even for a Vampire; Bella was lying on her back; her covers kicked to her feet; completely naked. One hand; crescent bite stark against her pale skin; was between her legs, her fingers working against her quickly, the other was pinching and pulling at her taut pink nipple.

The heat of the room seemed cold in comparison to the waves radiating off of her glistening skin. I could feel her warmth, smell her arousal from across the room; it hit me as hard as a freight train the moment the words had left my mouth. Now; my body as motionless as the marble statue it was; I stood unable to move, frozen to the floor just inside her window.

Less than three full seconds had passed since I leapt in through the window; Bella had instantly scrambled to retrieve her cover and had hastily tucked it under her arms. The familiar red blush of her face was even more noticeable in contrast with the whiteness of the sheet. The sheet; the very one that I was suddenly inexplicably jealous of; offered her little privacy. Had she gone to bed still wet from the shower? To my Vampire eyes the damned thing was practically see through. I should tell her, shouldn't I?

A few seconds later she finally met my eyes, her teeth tugging at her bottom lip.

"Emmett! Umm, wh- what? Why, why are you here?" She asked breathlessly.

"I… ahh. Was, umm hunting... and I heard… umm… I… thought… someone was trying to ahh …but…um…your safe" I stammered.

Oh God!

My brain is broken.


"Umm. Okaaay, I think. No. I. I still don't understand. Why are you here?" my voice trembled as the reality of the situation crashed down upon me.

Emmett was back!

Where they all back?

Was Edward back?

Did I care anymore?

I've finally moved on, I had put my broken damaged heart back together as well as I could and moved on.

Oh God! What if he was back?

I had forced myself to move on, made myself forget him and his family. I had been a wreck, I had been so broken.

Was he here? In Forks? Why? What did he want?

Alice; the only one of the Cullen's who had chosen to stay in contact with me; would have told me if they… if he was coming back wouldn't she?

I should have called her more often!

"Well, umm. I've been on my own for a few months now and I came to Forks, I uhh… needed time to… umm. I was out hunting when I heard you and I panicked… I thought you might be hurt or need help. I shouldn't have come. I didn't mean to upset you. I should have realised how seeing me again would affect you." he mumbled, the words almost inaudible.

If I hadn't been fully awake and alert I may have missed half of what he had said. I was so focused on his golden eyes. They were so sad; there was no trace of his former carefree happiness. They looked hollow. Like mine had for so many months.

"I'm ok Emmett. It was just… Um… a misunderstanding. And it doesn't hurt to see you again. Time has helped with that, besides I have moved on. I had too. He did".

I felt a distant ache deep in my chest as I remember when Alice had told me. Six months after he had left me he had started a relationship with one of his kind. He didn't love me anymore. We hadn't spoken of him again since then. Emmett's voice broke me out of my reverie.

"He isn't back. It's just me. You have nothing to worry about Bella" he reassured.

"Emmett, why are you back alone? Where's Rosalie? What happened? "I whispered.

"Alice didn't tell you? Makes sense I guess" he stated, not waiting for a reply, "Bella, Edward started seeing someone not long after we left".

"I know. Alice called me, she told me months ago" I answered, ignoring the ache in my chest. I looked back at him, unsure what Edward had to do with his being alone.

"Bella. It was Rosalie" he said her name with distaste and malice, "we found them together. We had been out hunting when Alice had a vision. She was hysterical. All she could say was 'Rose how could you'. I ran back to the house with Carlisle and Esme. They were in our bed, making love. He tried to apologise, swore he never meant for it to happen. I only stayed long enough to pack some of my things. I haven't been back since. She ran after me of course, begged for me to accept it, accept them. Pleaded me to forgive her. She told me they were meant to be. She soon gave up when she realised I wasn't buying into her bullshit. She got angry after that. She told me she didn't love him, never would. She begged for me to accept it was just one of those things take her back but soon gave up she was never one to lose face, she told me it was a self esteem thing; to finally have him after he resisted and denied her all those years. She had something to prove to herself I suppose. She couldn't get over the fact that he chose you; a mere human; over her" he laughed humourlessly, "I think she is incapable real love you know. She is too cold, too emotionless and selfish. In the seventy years we were together we not once made love. We fucked sure; spent days holed up together but not once was it ever slow, tender or beautiful. Nothing like the way they were together. She didn't love me either. I was nothing more than a glorified accessory to her, the token husband she thought she deserved. She will never understand what it is to love someone so completely and be loved in return. I envied Edward of that you know. He had your love, your whole heart, and the pathetic fucking coward that he is he threw it away".

I waited for his words to rip open the dull aching hole in my chest. Waited for the crippling agony of knowing he didn't want me to resurface. But it didn't come. I had moved on, I didn't care enough about him anymore for it to matter.

"They deserve one another" was my answer.

Emmett smiled at me, his face taken over in awe.


God! She is unbelievable! I can't believe I just told her all of that! How is she so calm? So grounded? Edward is a total dickhead. He is welcome to the succubus from hell. He was never worthy of Bella. She deserves more than he was ever willing to give her.

"Are you sure you're ok?" I wasn't positive yet it wasn't a front. I remember they way Alice had described her in the beginning. Catatonic was the most prevalent. It tortured us to stay away from her because he had ordered it.

Her lips lifted into a lopsided cheeky grin.

"Yes Emmett I'm sure. A little unsatisfied maybe; thanks for the interruption by the way, I don't get the house to myself that often. And I can't help but wonder if Alice is having a laugh at our expense".

Her face stretched into a wide smile as she spoke of the little pixie and I couldn't help but smile back. Of course it was only convenient for my phone to spring to life at that moment.

"Speak of the pixie and she shall make herself known. Shh, be quiet, no matter what, don't make a sound okay?"


"I'll put it on speaker okay?"

Bella nodded as I flipped the phone open.

"Hello Alice", I forced an impatient tone.

"Whatcha doin' Emm?"

"Nothing. Why?"

"Just wondering"

"Why? Have you seen me doing something? What is going to happen?"

"Well I saw you deciding to go hunting".

"Yeah I'm going in a bit. Why should I not go? I have hunted these woods before so everything should be alright shouldn't it? I'm not about to drink Newton dry or anything am I?" I winked at Bella who was practically choking on her silent laughter.

"Huh! Emmett, where are you?" the pixie was getting annoyed.

"I'm in Forks, at the house. Why? Am I going somewhere?" I teased.

"Umm. Well I think you really should go hunting".

I swear to God I could hear Jasper laughing in the background. Looking at Bella I saw her mouth was hanging open, I was certain mine was as well. Alice was trying to ensure what just happened?

"Nah, I was going to go out, but I think I'll move on tomorrow, hunt for something bigger on my way to wherever". Alice hates nothing more than 'vague'.

"You don't want to be a risk" she pushed.

"I won't be. I'll be in the house or the truck the whole time. Besides I hunt regularly. It won't even be an issue".

Bella was grinning wickedly at me.

"Maybe you should run by Bella's place while you're in Forks. Check in on her. See how she is doing" she insisted.

Jasper was by now very obviously trying to stifle his laughter and doing a poor job at it.

"Alice what are you pushing at and why is Jasper giggling?"

"I don't giggle" Jasper shouted.

Bella had to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

"Nothing. It's fine. I'll just ring Bella myself".

Our eyes met in panic and Bella grabbed her phone switching it to silent. Smirking, I winked at her. She pulled her full bottom lip between her teeth in response; leaving me with the sudden urge to lean over and suck on it. 'Whoa! Where did that come from?'

"Okay, whatever. It's late for humans though Alice well actually early I guess, she's probably asleep. I think I am just going to go play Xbox or something. Talk to you again later" I hung up before she could reply.

"What was that all about?" Bella frowned, confused.

"If you keep your decisions vague and don't focus on one thing Alice can't get a definite vision of you. Remember her visions are based upon choices so right now she'll be flicking between me here and me on the Xbox at the house" I informed her authoritively as Bella's mouth hung open. Again.

"What?" I quizzed. Apparently it was my turn to be confused.

"Nothing... I just never knew that. And I didn't expect to learn it from you", she slapped her hand over her mouth a second too late, realising her insult she quickly turned a vibrant shade of fuchsia.

"Well. Really Bella. I'm insulted. I do have a brain you know. But I guess it is easily forgotten when your so intently ogling my psyche" I scolded jokingly.

Bella's mouth hung open in embarrassment.

"NO! I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry..."

My bellowing laughter cut her off.

"Oh… Shut up Emmett" she hissed, her stropping was adorable.

"Why? It's not like Charlie's here to hear me" I chuckled.

"Humph… So… What have you been doing then? I mean what brought you here, to Forks?"

"Well this was kind of a stop gap. I knew I could hunt nearby and I guess I just needed some time to think things through. I've just been going from place to place mostly, but I think I knew I would end up here eventually" I told her glumly.

"Why?" she asked looking up at me through her lashes.

I couldn't help but be truthful.

"It's hard being away from the family. Living this way is gruelling when you're doing it alone. I can handle it, don't worry" I assured her, "but I miss the support. I miss my family. Carlisle, Esme, Alice and Jasper. I thought coming here, being in Forks, would help but it has made me miss some things more than ever, things I hadn't even realised how much I missed to begin with".

I ruffled my fingers through my hair, trying to shake off the unsettling emotions and desires Bella was stirring in me.

"What do you miss?" she blurted out.

As I watched her watching me her cheeks flushed red. This wasn't really a question I wanted to answer. Until I stepped into this room my answer would have been immediate, truthful. But now, now I was dealing with some very dangerous desires. There was no way I could be honest. What would I say? 'I missed you. Your face, hair, eyes, mouth'. God her soft full lips! I wanted nothing more than to ravage them. Take her warm, glistening, naked body into my arms. I can still smell her arousal heavy in the air; I want to taste h… Oh Fuck! Shit! I have a boner! Why is she staring at me? Has she noticed? I don't think so! Not yet at least! I had better sit down. Thank god she hadn't gotten rid of the rocker! Fuck, she is waiting for me to answer.

"Umm, just having people around to keep me in line, someone to chill out with you know?" Yeah Emmett. Real convincing!

"Well I'm happy you're back in Forks. It makes me very happy to see you again" she smiled coquettishly.

I think I melted, or at least came!

"I'm happy that you're happy I'm here. I think my timing needs a little work though, I interrupted you and made myself look like a complete idiot".

Shit! Thank God I can't blush. Why the hell did I have to bring that up?

"I agree your timing was… inconvenient, but you're not an idiot. I never thought you were. I think it's charming that after everything that's happened you would still come to help me if you thought I was in trouble".

Her renewed blush was radiating so much heat I could feel it from my seat.

"I will always help you if I'm near. We all became rather fond of you in the short time we knew you. I always wanted to get to know you better, but Rosalie's pig-headed jealousy always got in the way".

"Umm, thanks, I guess" she whispered looking down, her eyes almost immediately shot back towards me, "Emmett! I'm naked!"

"You're not as naked as you were when I got here" I winked.

"A sheet is not exactly dressed. Umm… would you go downstairs or into the hall so I can put some clothes on?"

"Sure. No problem. I just figured you were waiting for me to leave so you could finish".

Her jaw dropped open as I walked into the hall laughing; another beautiful blush coloured her cheeks.

I could hear her moving about her room, opening drawers and cupboards muttering under her breath; the words indistinguishable; when there was a dull thud and a hissed shriek. In an instant my hand was on the door handle twisting it open. Obviously she knew me well enough to know I would go in and check on her because she yelled out to me, "I'm fine. I just stubbed my fucking toe".

Releasing the door handle and returning to my leaning stance against the wall I found myself contemplating Bella in ways I probably should be. She swore! It was the first time I had ever heard Bella curse and it was… adorable. 'Bless her harmless fury', I chuckled to myself.

Shaking myself out of my thoughts I listened to her movements again; just in time to hear her stumble into something and begin to fall.

Faster than I had ever moved before I was through the door and pulling her into my arms. She never even got close to the floor.

Standing her upright I held her steady as her feet found the floor. As she looked up at me I became acutely aware that my hands were still wrapped around her waist, her very naked waist. Oh god! I couldn't let go of her! My hands were drawn to her warm flushed skin like it was magnetic.

I could hear her heart thundering in her chest, I could feel her blood coursing through her veins at a hundred miles a minute; see the way her plump swollen lips quiver with every breath. Could she be feeling the same things I was? No. It was impossible. Why would she be? But her eyes; Oh God her eyes! Her deep pools of molten chocolate were still as every expressive as ever. Shock, confusion, desire and lust. Holy fuck! She was feeling this too!

My body moved of its own volition, pulling her against me completely. Leaning her back slightly I lowered my face down, closer to hers. Looking into her eyes I asked her if she wanted this with my own; I don't think I could have formed a coherent sentence right now if my existence depended on it. Her answering nod was so slight if I were human I might have missed it. I felt the smile tug at my lips before I even realised I was smiling. The spark I had assumed was one sided was almost palpable now.

I was never more aware of the fact that Bella was a human as I was right now.

I knew I had to be careful, I knew I had to hold her gently; keep my touch light; I knew not to move too fast, I knew to keep my teeth well away from her fragile flesh, but since the second I had her naked in my arms I had spared none of it conscious thought. Nothing about this was premeditated. It should have terrified me how naturally being with her came.

I continued to look into her eyes as our lips finally met, Bella's fluttered closed but I didn't want to miss a single moment of this. Of her.

Her kiss was overwhelming! Her full pink lips; inviting and moist; moulded perfectly with my own. Cold and hard moving in slow sensuous patterns with warm and soft.

Nothing would ever compare to the feeling of her lips on mine. My hands found her hair of their own accord, my fingers running through the silk soft strands, wrapping themselves in it. Instinctively I flicked my tongue out, tracing her bottom lip. She was all too willing to open her mouth and let me in. Christ! If I thought her kiss was overwhelming there were no words to describe the intensity, the heat her mouth offered. I wasted no time in tasting every crevice, moaning aloud as her tongue massaged mine.

As the kiss became more urgent she pressed her body further against my own, I could feel every curve as it aligned with my body; which responded all too gladly. There was no way in hell she could miss my boner now!

She didn't miss it. In fact she pressed herself closer still, sliding her tiny hot hands underneath my shirt, her fingertips trailing a blazing path across the contours of my ice cold stomach. I growled; low and deep; in response.

As delicious as her mouth tasted I wanted, needed, more. Hesitantly I removed my mouth from hers; sliding my lips along the curve of her jaw I placed kisses down her neck, greedily breathing in her scent. It was truly mouth watering but now that I had tasted her the fragrance held no temptation for me.

I chuckled as she sucked in deep heavy breaths, she hadn't been breathing. Silly Bella.

Sliding my hands down her glistening skin I wrapped my hand around her thigh, hitching it behind her knee I pulled her leg up hooking it around my waist. As I turned my attention back to her swollen lips, a tirade of shrill noises bombarded the otherwise silent room.

Ring, ring. Ring, ring.

Beep, beep.

Buzz, buzz.

I looked at Bella in confusion as she quickly disentangled herself from my arms; 'Where was she going? Where the hell was all that noise coming from?' Oh! The phone was ringing. Picking up the phone from its cradle she spoke breathlessly.

"Hello. Swan residence", shrugging she put it down, "No one there".

As she picked up her mobile phone I realised what the other noises were, our mobile phones; both of them.

How had I not recognised the sound? The answer was painfully obvious. Bella was standing right in front of me, completely naked with kiss swollen lips and mussed hair! Hell, I was impressed I could remember my name right now, who cared what a ringing phone sounded like!

Pulling my own from my pocket I saw that I had one new message. That damned Pixie!

Ha-ha! I told you so.

I'm always right.

If you don't stop now

Charlie is going to walk in on you making out.

And Bella your naked!

He'll be home in less than four minutes.

You can thank me later. :-)


I looked up to see Bella grinning at me, seeing my frown she turned the screen of her phone towards me. She had received the exact same message as I had from Alice. Snapping her phone shut and tossing it on her bed she exhaled loudly and began to grab her clothes that lay forgotten on her bed, pulling them on quickly.

Smiling at the disappointed look on her face I promised myself we; she; would get to finish what we had started later.

Placing a lingering kiss on her lips I whispered to her, "I'll go and wait for you downstairs, wouldn't want the chief to find me in your bedroom now would we".

In the matter of seconds I was downstairs in her living room, collapsed on the couch. My mind was reeling from all that had happened; I couldn't make sense of it. I was harbouring some very intense thoughts and feelings towards Bella, and they were most certainly not in the brotherly manner they had always been before. I was pretty sure she wanted me just as badly as I wanted her. Letting out a contented sigh I let my eyes fall closed.

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