A/N: Ok, so the sequel is up!!! Check my profile for it, it is called 'The Totally Unexpected'

Just a quick message to the anonymous reviewers, I don't mind that you review, hence why I enabled it. But, please do not ask questions as I cannot reply to you with an answer.

I had one review asking a question about the dress, I don't know what word they used to describe them but I'm guessing they were calling the outfits slutty. So, no they were not meant to be slutty, if you think they are slutty that's fine I don't expect everyone to see them the way I do.

Anyway, that's it. Thank you again to everyone who has reviewed this story, I really appreciate it and absolutely LOVED hearing your ideas. The ones I didn't use I might use in the sequel. Please keep your ideas coming... What do you want to happen while Bella is away?