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Fifth and final part of a five part trilogy (with apologies to Douglas Adams); this follows up "Brothers in Arms", "In The Name of the Father", "Dazed and Confused" and "Balance". I swear, this was only supposed to be one story...I also swear this wasn't supposed to take as long as it has!

Many thank yous to J and V for the beta'ing and many thank yous to you for your patience. I hope I've been able to amply reward you.

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I don't know what happened when dad and Eric went to see Mai Ling.

I didn't feel right going with them. They invited me along, but it wasn't my journey. I didn't want to intrude and I still don't. I've never asked about it. I've never asked what happened But I've wondered all the same, because I know something did happen.

Something big.

Something that let Eric understand dad.

Something that changed Eric's ideas.

When Eric first came to Silverhills, back before any of this began, he looked at Silverhills as just a place to live. It was in everything he did and everything he never said. It was never a place he intended to stay, and that's changed now. Now, Silverhills is home. It's where he wants to be. Where he feels he fits.

I know he still struggles with that idea, but I think, deep down, he's already gotten used to the idea.

Dad's changed, too.

Forever, since I can remember, he's been weighed down by secrets. About mom. About other things, too. Now he's told me – us – about them, he seems…lighter somehow. Less grave and yet sadder all the same. As if telling us gave him peace but what he found when he went to see Mai Ling gave him more cause for remorse.

I haven't asked about what happened.

And I probably never will because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. The three of us are family and nothing can change that.