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Phantom Blood

A Danny Phantom/Naruto crossover based on the thread from the Maximum Addventure.

Part One

She looked over the records of the mothers that were coming in for their prenatal check ups to make sure that the children they were carrying would grow up health and strong. She thought to herself, 'Little do they know that one of them has been selected as a test subject for the serum that Master Orochimaru has developed during his experiments with forbidden projects involving spirits and the dead.'

The female doctor had been amazed by the work that the banished sannin had developed as results of his dreaded works with things that many though would be best left alone. It was even hinted that the great ninja had found a way to become immortal in form allowing him to survive death in any number of different ways. That was what had drawn her to the most feared man in Konoha, the chance to survive death as it had haunted her for years even while she was a young woman. The lives of ninjas tended to end rather quickly than death in bed at the end of a long life.

The bio-chemical compound that was in the syringe that was disguised as a booster shot was in fact a mixture of ectoplasm, the blood of ghosts that had been collected and purified by her dark master. Added to those supernatural chemicals were bonding agents that would connected the ectoplasm to human DNA, creating a new kekkei genkai that was suspected to give the infected the abilities of a ghost. Making a powerful line of ninjas if the formula behind the planning was correct, the wielders of the Reichi kekkei genkai.

'Now to just bring in the mother and subject.' She though as she spoke out loud, "Come in ma'am. I am ready for you know."

A month or two later...

The female doctor was on the run from the hunter ninjas, trying to save her own life while delivering the important information that she held in her mind. She had somehow slipped up and left some clues to the fact that she had been working for Orochimaru in her office that had been noticed by one of her aides that informed the hokage on her.

Fortunately for her, she had managed to hear about the fact that she was wanted for questioning just a few minutes before she had been hunted. But now she had to get to a predetermined meeting spot where one of Orochimaru's agents would be there to collect her for extraction. She would then inform the snake sannin about the test subject that had been used to test the newly created kekkei genkai, even though there had been not time to see if process had take in the baby that had been used to become the great ninja's next tool in seeking revenge against Konoha.

She moved carefully in the woods, trying to avoid the ninjas that she was running from. She had learnt the basics of the world of ninjutsu before she had joined the world of medicine and before she had fallen under the spell of Orochimaru. But what she had not expected was the fact that some of the best trained jonin would be after her once it had been learnt that she was working for the snake sannin.

So she didn't expect the sudden attack that knocked her down and out. Several people wearing masks of different animals looked down on her body, as one of them stretched out and pulled her up on their shoulders.

Later in the Hokage Tower...

Sarutobi studied the information that his interrogation division had gather for him from the traitor of the village. The fact that one of his precious villagers had turned their backs on their home had always made him heartbroken, but the actions that they had taken while in the village was unforgivable. Turning on their fellow villagers to make them a human lab rat to test out a possible future bloodline, one that no one would know if it would be effective or even if it would hurt the one that it had been given to.

Sarutobi, the third hokage of the village of the hidden leaf, knew that he would have to keep an eye on this injured party so that everything would be at the ready when this child started to display any changes. This child, this victim.

Sarutobi looked at the report from the interrogation department about what the traitor had been thinking during her escape attempt, noticing that the woman had made mistakes with the dates that the events had occurred. He thought, 'It was only a few months before the events of the attack of the Kyuubi that took the life of my successor and added more trauma to the body that she altered with her insane experiment. Why did fate decide that this boy, Naruto Uzumaki would be given two great trials to live through? To be given a bloodline from one of the most hated men in Konoha and then become the container of the most feared demon in all of the world."

The Sandaime Hokage was trying to think about what it was that they could do for the boy given the events that had befallen him. The Yondaime had wanted him to be seen as a hero, as being the one born on that day had made him the only one that could hold the Kyuubi, his undeveloped chakra coils created a prison that the beast could not escape. The fact that he seemed to have a ghostly material in his D.N.A. might have stopped a normal person from trying to hold the monster in the boy's body, but the Yondaime had prepared for this eventuality working in some extra elements on the seal that would use this element as an extra safeguard in sealing the giant fox's spirit.

The people didn't see it this way as they only saw the beast that had killed so many of their precious people instead of the boy that would save them all form the demon's power. The Sandaime had made sure that the secret of Naruto's possible new powers would be kept secret as at the moment it could only cause things to get worse. So he had created the laws that would prevent anyone from speaking about the Kyuubi's sealing and the experiment.

'The experiment is something that Orochimaru would be trying with all of his immoral desire for the secrets of immortality. To bind the blood of ghosts to this boy and make it his own is something only his mind could come up with . He was looking for a way to become immortal and learn all of the techniques that ninjas know, looking for a way to make himself the ultimate being. The traitor had also mention that the snake sannin had even had a few breakthroughs with the dead and dying. But this brings up the man made Kekkei Genkai, the one that lies dormant in the body of young Naruto.' The Sandaime looked at the guesses that the traitor had made about the abilities that would result from the infusion of strange ghostly blood.

'The skills that would be gained would make this tempting if it was not for the possible costs that would occur with this. Invisibility and intangibility would make for powerful tools for a ninja to have as well as the ability to float through the air. There is also the suggestion that it could allow for the possession of people like the techniques of the Shintenshin no Jutsu of the Yamanaka clan, but in a possible different method. But much of the powers that Naruto would develop would likely be based on his unique genetic structure, so could vary greatly to the reports that she had admitted in her session with the interrogation squad. There was also the note of weaknesses that could occur when battling against jutsu that involve large amounts of spiritual energy that could be used to counter the powers of the ghost infused Naruto. The winner would depend on the strength of spiritual energy, Naruto or his foe.'

The Sandaime heard the cries of a baby which could only mean one thing, Naruto needed him for something. The old man thoughts turned to the boy's safety given his problems, 'Orochimaru knows that the woman has used the solution but he doesn't know which child it was given to. He would not be expecting use to use the ghost child as the guardian of the Kyuubi, so that might actually grant him some protection even given the treatment of the people of the village. All I can do is try and find a place that would at least tend to his needs and keep my own personal eye on things so that his life is as bearable as possible.'

Naruto was currently trying to hide from Mizuki and keep the scroll of forbidden techniques that the blond had been tricked into stealing as he tried to digest the information that he had just been given. The fact that they young ninja student was the Kyuubi, the creature that had nearly destroyed the village that he lived in and killed the Yondaime Hokage who lead it. The fact that the teacher that he so admired had been one of the people to keep the facts away from him was also hurting the blue-eyed boy. Then he heard Iruka answer Mizuki's claim that Naruto was a demon who hungered for power and revenge.

"Your right, Mizuki, the Kyuubi would do that but not Naruto. Naruto is a loyal ninja of the village hidden in the leaves that works hard to learn the skills that he will need to become the Hokage. He never gives up and has made me proud to know him, making him the complete opposite of both you and the Kyuubi. He is Naruto Uzumaki of the Hidden Leaf Village! " Those words that Iruka spoke causes a feeling of joy and happiness that had been lacking in his life, as well a strange feeling of strength that seemed to fill him.

"You know, I was fully prepared to let you live just a little bit longer..." the rogue ninja said as his annoyance increased, " ...but you just changed my mind. Say goodbye, Iruka!" The white haired ninja prepared to released his giant shurikan in a death attack that was meant to end the life of his opponent.

It was then that the weirdness was released! A circle of white light appeared instantly around Naruto as it rose and he could feel himself change, but that didn't stop himself from launching into the sky with a new found power of flight. With the speed of a deadly gale, Naruto slammed into the enemy villager in a way that caused him to drop his shuriken. Speaking his mind, Naruto said, "If you touch my sensei... I will kill you!"

It was then that Naruto noticed that Mizuki was looking at him like he was confused, but the foe recovered within a minute before returning the threat of Naruto. The white haired man told the young ninja, "I don't know why you have changed your look or how you learnt to fly, but I'm going to take you down!" Mizuki then took out another huge shuriken to launch at Naruto, signalling that the battle had just begun. The fox boy just nodded in a way that he thought was cool and then used the hand sign for the Shadow Clone Jutsu, however he felt a sort of resistance when he was trying to do that technique that he couldn't feel when he had done it before. Instead of the hundreds of clones that he had been hoping for, he had just ten clones appear to fight his now least favourite teacher.

Naruto guessed that he would just have to make do with what he has, as he moved to give a major break down. It was with the first punch that Naruto noticed that something strange was going on, as a fist to the face caused Mizuki to sail back with more motion than Naruto's strength would have normally had done. But he continued to move as Mizuki seemed to have slowed down while they were fighting as Naruto kept on giving punches and kicks to the traitors until the fox boy was sure that he would not be getting up again. The ten clones looked over the unconscious form of his former teacher. Turning back to see how badly hurt his teacher with the scar was he returned to him, not noticing that he was flying. The boy looked at his teacher who had his eyes wide in shock.

"Naruto, what happened to you?" Naruto was about to ask what it was that Iruka-sensei was saying, but then Naruto's reflection was shown. It had the fox boy's face, but the hair was a deep shade of violet that bordered on black while his eyes had turned bright green and glowed with an inner light. He was also still wearing his orange jumpsuit, but with this new appearance it just didn't seem to fit. It was then that Naruto's eye started to twitch for a second before he let out a scream!

"Naruto, just relax! I'm sure that the Sandaime Hokage will know what has happened!" Iruka called out above the screams of his student, needing to repeat it a few time before Naruto stopped stretching his voice. Naruto was still scared at what it was that had happened to him, after gaining the knowledge of his darkest secret. The dark haired man then told the purple haired boy, "Close your eyes. I want to give you something that might make you feel better." Naruto shut his eyes as he tried to figure out what it was his favourite teach could do to make up for this weirdness. Naruto could feel something being slipped on his head before the scared elder nin told him to open his eyes.

Naruto noticed that Iruka was not wearing his forehead protector, before feeling his own forehead to sense cloth and engraved metal. Iruka smiled as he said, "Congratulation, you pass! I saw you make at ten clones and not only clones but shadow clone. That takes a lot of hard work and you deserve to be recognized for it. No we just have to turn Mizuki to the interrogation squad and return the scroll to the Hokage as well as get some answers for this weird change that has happened to you."

Later inside the Hokage Tower...

The Sandaime Hokage had dismissed most of the searchers for Naruto and the hidden scroll after he explained what had happened and what it was that people could expect when the fox boy and his teacher returned with the traitor that they had caught, making sure that Ibiki was ready to uses his special skills to find out who had corrupted the former ninja of the leaf. Before him stood both Iruka and Naruto, the latter had returned to his blond hair appearance rather than the purple hair that he had seen in his crystal ball. Both were asking questions about what it was that had happened to Naruto.

The Sandaime started his tale, "Months before Naruto was born and before the attack of the Kyuubi, a traitorous ninja who was working for one of the greatest foes of the leaf injected his mother with a serum that they believed would alter his DNA. This serum would create a possible kekkei genkai that they called Reichi for the fact that is was made from a substance known as ectoplasm that is basically the blood and flesh of spirits..."

He was interrupted by a nervous blond who was asking, "Those that mean I'm dead, that I'm a ghost!?! I don't want to be dead, old man!" The look of terror on his face was something that neither of the older men wanted to see on the boy that both loved like a son or brother.

"Not exactly, Naruto. You are not a full ghost, but more of a combination of a living being and a spirit. A combination that gives you greater powers than that of a normal human, such as your heightened physical abilities and the ability to fly like in your battle with Mizuki." The fear on Naruto's face grew less extreme as a hint of interest came on that face in reaction to the Sandaime's words. The Hokage continued, "It is also likely that you will develop other powers based on ghost like invisibility and intangibility, both of which could come in handy since you are a ninja. Ever since you were given the bloodline, we have been maintaining a limited study of spirits so that you can improve your powers and at the same time counter the power of the demon that give you these abilities." Naruto's foxy grin appeared spreading from ear to ear and the young man nodded, likely covering the confusion he was feeling under that superhuman smile.

"I will make sure that you know more about your abilities, Naruto. Remember this though, you are always a ninja and citizen of the leaf and so a precious person to me. I will do all in my power to protect you from anything that could try to harm you." Honesty came from the Hokage's voice as made sure that Naruto understood that. Looking at the ghost boy, he saw true happiness cross the young ninja's face which was duplicated on the face of his teacher.

Part Two

Kakashi Hatake was standing in front of the Hokage after he had dismissed the other jonin that had been summoned for teaching, which let him know that something important was about to happen. He wondered if it had to do with the fact that he was about to teach the Uchiha prodigy or the fact that he was going to teach the holder of the Kyuubi, either one would be an interesting time in teaching. He was keeping his cool as he wanted to save his energy in case he had to move with a sudden burst.

"Kakashi, I know that you know that two of the students that you will be testing this year could be the hardest pupils that you will have to face. However, something had just occurred that could also influence the teaching path you now face. The Reichi has been activated." The Hokage told him as the silver haired ninja's single visible eye widened with shock and awe. Kakashi had known about the incident of the traitor who had placed the artificial kekkei genkai in the baby that would be used as the sacrifice to hold the nine tailed fox. The fact that the Yondaime had used that bloodline to aid in the binding of the beast was a pure sign of his skills.

"So Orochimaru's experiment works. Has it effected Naruto in a negative way? Is he alright?" The one eyed man was wondering for the safety of the young genin as the boy would soon be his charge and would also be a member of the team if they passed his little test.

"Naruto is fine and his personality is the same as before, even if he was a little shocked at the nature of the kekkei genkai. He managed to demonstrate the bloodline in defence of his sensei against the traitor Mizuki. It was also in that incident that he learnt the shadow clone jutsu, but there seems to be a limit in using that jutsu while Naruto was in his ghost form." The leader of the leaf informed the jonin of the well being of the blond boy.

Kakashi had gained a little respect for the fox boy in that moment as the will of fire had risen in one that had been given nothing. His mind realized, 'If we could translate that urge to protect his precious people to the other people of this village, he might reach his goal of becoming Hokage. A good Hokage at that. But if I am going to be able to teach him, I will have to know what kind of abilities I will being dealing with. Which is likely the reason for this meeting.' So he asked his elder what it was that he could expect from Naruto with this bloodline.

"His physical abilities seem to be enhance in his ghost form, including strength, speed and agility. He has show the ability to fly through the air with the same heightened speed, perhaps even being able to go almost a hundred miles per hour. He also seems to have the ability to turn himself invisible and has the ability to phase through solid matter. The information that we have gained from the traitor that injected Naruto with the bloodline states that his powers should continue to grow and increase. She stated that he should have the power to control ectoplasmic energies in various ways, including offensive and defensive abilities. He might also show the ability to use elemental attacks while in ghost form. What those two last abilities might mean, we are not quite sure of. It is also possible that he might be able to possess people much like the Yamanaka clan, but in a different way. I will give you a copy of the files we have on the kekkei genkai, as well as some of the research that we have done on ghosts and spirits." The Hokage explained, moving back into his role as the famed Professor of the leaf.

The silver haired man thought over the information that he know had on the new ghost boy. He then spoke, "Many of these abilities would be useful in the ninja way, but those same advantages would make training harder than if it was just the power of the Kyuubi behind him. I take it that you have done research on spirits both for Naruto's sake and to counter the possible plans of Orochimaru. Knowing that snake, Naruto is not the only experiment that he has used to create this new bloodline. It is possible that he has his own minion with the Reichi or some form of it."

"We have been working on this problem with a crew of specially selected ninjas, using the knowledge that we have gathered from folklore. We have developed tools and jutsu that are useful in fighting spirits, including a foam that neutralizes a ghost powers for a while and a rope that is effective in holding a ghost without them phasing through it with their powers. They have not been heavily tested, but there have been some success with the ghosts that inhabit some of the more haunted places in our lands. We have been working on a gate that would allow us controlled access to the spirit world, as well as a way to hold ghosts until we can send them back to that world. They still need work though. I will let you have files on those tools as well as the working tools that could be useful in training." The leader then pushed forward a number of files for the jonin. As well as a piece of paper that would lead him to the centre where the studies of spirits were going on.

"While we are at it, I want to show you the way that Naruto is currently living. It might open your eyes to the mind set that Naruto has developed before gaining his Reichi. I expect great things from him, perhaps even fulfilling the dying wish of the Yondaime in becoming the hero that Naruto should have been. I know that he has had low grades that has been the result of trying to control the power of the nine tails while dealing with the hatred and shunning of the citizens of the village. He does show potential with his his dedication to his training as was shown with his learning the shadow clones jutsu in one night. With the right teacher he could be a great ninja, so I hope that you remember that when you start to teach him. " The Hokage then started to lead them away to visit the place where the ghost boy called home.

Naruto was getting sick of waiting for his new sensei, it did however give him time to think about the mixed luck that he had since gaining his Reichi. The first thing was finding a rival with old man Hokage's grandson, Komohamaru. The kid had wanted to know the sexy jutsu that he had used to beat the old man and all of the other perverts, and Naruto had been willing to teach him if only to get him out of his hair.

'But then I got to know him and he seems so much like me, except I'm not that annoying. Each one of us is trying to be recognized for being ourselves and not be judge on things that are out of our control. I'm glad that I set him straight about the fact that only by hard work can anyone become Hokage, that you can't become the best ninja in the village just by hoping and wishing that. If it was that simple I would be Hokage ten times over. Plus it was a hell of a lot of fun to freak out that teacher of his with my new harem jutsu. There a part of me that wishes that he can become Hokage, after me of course.' Naruto remembered his time with the boy and wonder if he would be meeting him again.

But that had cut into his time in trying to figure out how to use his new bloodline, he did get some help with that from the notes that the Hokage had passed on to him through Iruka-sensei. It was basically guesses that they had taken from the traitor that had given him the bloodline, but it was some place to start with his training. He had been going over the basics of his bloodline with the ability to turn invisible, being able to phase through matter and his power to fly. He had discovered that he could turn other things invisible, but he was having trouble with do a large area for a long period of time. The larger the area, the shorter the duration. Hard work was causing that to increase, but he still needed to work on that. The same thing happened with causing things to become intangible, with the exact same problems. The only other major problem was that even his non-ghost form had the power of the Reichi in an uncontrolled manner.

'I'm just lucky that I wear a track suit, or else I would keep loosing my pants in front of everyone. Old man Hokage promised to get me a different outfit that would work better with my kekkei genkai, whatever that means. I just hope it makes me look like a super cool ninja the future Hokage is suppose to be,' Naruto wished that he could look like he wanted to be, then his thoughts turned to the cloning problems he had. 'With the shadow clone jutsu I can create hundreds of clones at once, but when I am in ghost form I can only create a piece of that. I keep feeling resistance against creating clones, like I'm doing something wrong. What the heck is the problem with that thing?'

'Still, maybe my sensei can help me with this damn glitch. It does seem to help with my training to use the clones of both my human and ghost forms, but I have no idea why that is. But it does help to learn how to fight by have many different mes try and beat the crap out of me. It does help with my flying speed and my combat skills, but my ability to avoid attacks using my phasing ability. It should be more than enough to begin being the best ninja in the village.' Naruto thought with a smile, before frowning again as he thought about the announcement that Iruka-sensei had given about the teams.

'Then there are my teammates. I couldn't believe my luck when I got the same team as Sakura-chan, it would have been a dream come true to work with her if it wasn't for the other guy. I still couldn't believe my luck when I got stuck with Sasuke, I can't stand that guy. He gets everything handed to him, while I have to work with everything I got. Still, I got my bloodline before he got his.' Naruto was proud of his bloodline, especially after Iruka-sensei had given him a brush up of the bloodlines of the village. Which include the doujutsu duo of the Uchihas and the Hyugas, the Sharingan and the Byakugan. Naruto still felt that his was much cooler, and could wait to be able to pull out his newest trump card against an enemy or even in a fight with Sasuke where he could kick the arrogant bastard's butt.

'I can't take it any more!' Was the thought that echo in his mind as he moved up from his seat and went to the black board to pick up one of the chalk erasers. Moving to the only door to the room, he opened it just in the right way to hold the eraser so that when the door was open further it would fall on the person that was passing through the doorway. He looked over at his teammates and saw that Sasuke was brooding as always, while Sakura was looking like she was getting angry at him again.

"Dobe." Was the soft reply from the last of the Uchihas, as he paid little attention to his male team member.

Sakura was louder than that when she answered, "Naruto, you shouldn't do that. Our sensei is a jonin and not going to fall for that kind of childish prank." Naruto just gave her a foxy grin as he moved to take his seat once again. He really didn't care if it was childish or not, just as long as it made the sensei that they were getting look a little foolish. It would certainly make him feel better at wasting all of this time he could be using to learn about his new powers, rather than just sit here and wait.

It was just a few moments later that they heard someone touching the doorknob, opening the doorway wide open so that the eraser fell on top of him covering the grey haired man in a soft layer of chalk dust. He turned to look at the different genin as Naruto was laughing his ass off, Sakura holding back the laughter and Sasuke held a sly smile on his face. Turning to look at the with his one eye, he said, "My first impression of the three of you... is that I hate you all. Now if the three of you would just follow me to the top of the roof, the first meeting of Team Seven will take place."

On the roof...

The team of three had just arrived at the roof as Kakashi tried to think about the collection of the three young people that had followed him up. He was not sure that these three would figure out the first and greatest test that he would show them, that of the importance of teamwork within the world of ninjas. His next move is to have them reveal more of their mind set, perhaps getting a surprise from his first impression of these young ninjas. With careful words he asked, "So why don't you introduce yourselves, one at a time?"

Sakura looked a little confused as she asked him, "Introduce ourselves? What do you mean by that, sensei?"

Kakashi just sighed within himself as he explained it to his charges, "Things you like, thing you hate, dreams for the future, hobbies."

This time it was Naruto who answered him with, "Why don't you go first, sensei? I mean before we talk, why don't you tell us about you so that we know how it's done."

"Me? I'm Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and things I hate... I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future... never really thought about it. As for my hobbies, I have a lot of hobbies." The teacher could not help but smile behind the face mask that he wore. He had showed them how it was done, while not revealing anything about himself at the same time. The looks on two of his students told him that he had frustrated them. He continued, "Why don't you go first pinky?"

"I'm Sakura Haruno! I like, well... the person I like... " she started as she looked at Sasuke in a way that screamed school yard crush. She continued, "My hobbies are... well, my dream is to..." She continued to look at Sasuke, even as he turned away from her without noticing her.

Kakashi was not liking the fact that Sakura was more interested in living a romance novels about ninjas rather than being one. It didn't help when he asked her what it was that she hated that she answered the name of her other teammate. Kakashi mused, 'This is not going to help any with the teamwork test. I might be sending these three back to the academy, if I don't convince them to quit instead.' The masked man motioned to Naruto to speak next.

"Believe it! I'm Naruto Uzumaki. I like instant ramen in a cup, and I really like the ramen Iruka-sensei got me at the Ichiraki Noodle Shop. But I hate the three minutes you have to wait after you pour the water in the ramen cup. My hobby is eating different kinds of ramen and comparing them, but I am also interested in training and learning more about myself. And my future dream is to be the greatest Hokage! Then the whole village will stop disrespecting me and start treating me like I'm somebody--- somebody important!" Naruto said with a bright foxy smile on his face as he spoke. Kakashi wonder if it was the Reichi that was the reason for the learning more about himself. Kakashi motioned to finish up the introductions with Sasuke.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha. I hate a lot of things, and I don't particularly like anything. What I have is not a dream, because I will make it a reality. I'm going to restore my clan, and destroy a certain… someone." spoke the last of the Uchihas, which placed looks of terror on Naruto's. Sakura continued to look in a dream like trance at Sasuke.

"Tomorrow we are going to have a little test to see if you should become genin." Kakashi started before he was interrupted by Naruto.

"But aren't we already genin? I didn't work my ass off to pass that test." Naruto said as he looked crossed at being told his work was for nothing.

"That was just a test to see if you were ready for this next test, one of pure survival in your life as a ninja. Out of the twenty-seven academy students that pass the final exam, only nine of those students become genin. The other eighteen are weeded out and sent back to the academy for training." Each one of the students took on a look of determination that varied from the high intensity of Naruto to the light touch of Sasuke. Which would help make the coming test more difficult, but would make them that much stronger when they passed. Kakashi gave them further advice that would make the test more difficult, "I suggest that you get in some hard training and some good equipment. Also I wouldn't eat breakfast since this test has the tendency to make one throw up."

The first elements of the test were set up, he had a few other elements that he had to set up for the next day's little exam. In his heart, he hoped that these students would see past the deceptions that he would place before them. To prove that they would be worth of taking part of the 'Will of Fire', the very strength of their village that had lead to their peace. The very lessons that took him so long to learn at the cost of the life of a friend he had neglected. So far, not team had been able to see past the lies he had told them to see the one truth that he would give them. But he continued to hope, or else he lose everything he believed in and that he would not allow.

He disappeared from the students as he thought about the unique problems that the ghost boy would be giving him. He had limited ghost line as the careful addition of chakra as well as warding seals that were used in it's construction was very expensive. He would have to use it just right if he wanted to trap the ghost boy, since anything else would just pass through him with the power of the Reichi.

'Well, I at least know about most of the tricks that he could show me during the fight tomorrow. Of course, since this is a new bloodline anything could possible appear from Naruto. It should make the fight more interesting if he decides to use it, since I will be the first person other than Mizuki to see this new bloodline in battle. I might even have to pull out my secret weapon.' The man named after a scarecrow thought to himself as he prepared to eat a good dinner and a good breakfast. He would need it.