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Chapter 1

"You going to be ok with this Tony?" Gibbs asked eyeing him off.

"Sure boss, I just love watching my wife on a date with another man."

"I am not on a date DiNozzo" Ziva's voice snarled over the speaker in MTAC. Their eyes returned to the screen to watch her feed coming in.

"what would you call it Ze-vah?"

"my job Tony."

"You two better snap out of this, or I'm reinstating rule 12"

"Sorry Boss," they both said in unison.

"We know that one of the men in that room is the man the Special Agent Watts is looking for. I want you to get a good look at everyone, we'll take their photos then you get out of there, understand?" Ziva had the languages needed to accomplish this mission, something Watts team lacked, that and the correct anatomy to really infiltrate the situation, Gibbs didn't like the fact that Since Ziva ran an Austin Martin into a gate Watts had called on her a few times, but it was better that they used her occasionally with Gibbs watching over then Vance insist she move teams.

The newly weds had spent a week in the Hawaii on their honey moon and had dropped into headquarters to drop off some gifts when Ziva was called to the assignment. She didn't mind, she'd missed the excitement and action it had been 3 weeks since Tony was shot, and she had intended coming back to work the next day anyway. Tony was still on his crutches but he had no problem sitting in MTAC watching her.

Gibbs may have joked about reinstating rule 12, but he couldn't do that to them. There is an exception to every rule, and they were defiantly the exception to this one. He loved watching them. It reminded him of how happy he was with Jenny when she had worked under him. It was a bitter sweet feeling, but as every day passed it was tasting a little less bitter, and a lot sweeter.

Gibbs had seen a change in Tony over the last year and a half. after Jeanne and Cassidy he thought Tony was a broken man, then he watched him as he mended, all along he had no idea it was Ziva that healed him.
They were even professional at work. They were them, they flirted and had fun, but that happened before they were married, and it seemed to improve their work anyway. Though Gibbs would never admit to approving, and they did still receive a lot of head slaps.

"Behave yourself Mrs DiNozzo I see you checking out his ass."

"That's David-DiNozzo."

"You're a married woman no matter what way you spin it."

Gibbs knew it was all in jest. If anything it improved their proformance, and their marriage.


Tony unlocked the door to their apartment as Ziva rambled about the insanity of idioms. "…I mean, paint the town red, why red? Why not blue or purple? I thought that it was meant to mean you were having a good night… red means anger, should it not mean that you're having a rage filled night?" Tony gestured for her to walk through the door, then followed her in closing the door behind him as he rolled his eyes at her rant. He knew there was only one thing to do to stop this. He threw his pack on the ground, raised the brim of his cap, wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her into him, his lips met hers and he passionately kissed her. Their lips wrestled for a while, his massaging her top lip as she did the same to his bottom lip, only she used her teeth as well. Tony had only meant it as a way to get her to stop rambling, but this was good, this was better. The excitement from her kiss let him know that kissing wasn't all she wanted to do. "I can't believe you were flirting with all those men tonight Zee-vah," he loved to tease her, he knew it would make her more aggressive.

"I can not say I do not love my job, some of them where VERY good looking Tony." She inturn, loved to get him worked up too. They were both totally secure in their relationship, but their urge to tease each other would probably never dissipate. She rapidly unbuttoned his shirt as they stumbled into the bedroom, their lips firmly interlocked. Tony unbuckled his bet, and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor, he then focused on disrobing her. She was still wearing her cocktail dress from her assignment. He reached round her back and slowly, passionately, teased the zip on the back of her dress open, he slip his index finger under the strap on her right shoulder and ran his hand down across her skin and down her arm, allowing the strap of her dress to drop, then with ran his hand across her other shoulder making the emerald green dress plummet to a pool on the floor. She shuddered as a surge of electricity spiralled down her spin as the cold air licked at her bare flesh. She stretched her neck back allowing his to run his mouth down her. Suddenly she pushed him back onto the bed, climbing on top of him and straddling him. They made love perfectly and passionately. Slowly, they melted together as one, rocking and grinding till they screamed out in ecstasy.

Lying side by side, he on his back, her on her side, she continued to admire his body, trailing the tips of her fingers across his face, down his neck, finally reaching his torso. She loved the feel of his rippling chest, she lay a few gentle kisses on him as she went. Catching their breath they lay first in silence.

"You know," Tony started, "If you keep doing that my legs won't work anymore."

"I am sorry, I will not do it again if you do not want me to." She said giving him a half smile with one eyebrow raised.

"Oh no… you don't need to go to extremes, I'm just saying is all. Hey!" he suddenly cried. Ziva's wondering fingertips had ventured past his torso and circled a very sensitive part of his anatomy.

"Do you not approve Tony?"

"Come on,,, give a guy a chance to re-cooperate from what just happened."

"Fine," she muttered, displeasure apparent in her voice. I will leave you to re-cooperate as you say." She rolled over, stood up she reached for her robe, smoothly, the deep red satin fell over her body. She tied it at the front then left the room.

"Where do you think your going Sweet Cheeks?

"If you will not satisfy my hunger I will have to go elsewhere."

"Come on, we've just had a week in Hawaii and we barely left the room, besides, I'm still an injured man!"

"Perhaps that is it. I will have to find a man who has not lost a rather large percentage of their blood recently… just until you are better of course.

"You were just kidding about those guys being good looking right. You're talking about food right?" Tony sat up, waiting to hear a response, his eyebrows furrowed. The sound of the fridge door opening and the milk bottles in the door clanging against each other, allowed Tony to relax slightly.

"OH… they were good looking Tony."

"But not like me right?" he called down the hall.

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