What can I say? I get bored easily and am still fascinated with Disney movies… and Mulan was a good one! But theres a twist to this plot! It's Yaoi! How does that work if Mulan was technically about cross dressing you ask? Well you'll just have to find out!

Pairing (for now anyway I might add another but idk): KuroFai (of course what did you expect from me?)

Warning: Future Cross Dressing!!! (and I think that's all the warnings for now…)

Mulan Factor

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shinning, the flowers were in full bloom, and every one was wide awake enjoying the beautiful morning.

'Well almost everyone…' Yuui thought bitterly, glaring down at her brothers' still sleeping form.

"Come oooon Fai!" She groaned, trying to shake her brother awake for the umpteenth time. "You're going to be late! And you know how important this is to Ashura-sama!"

Fai only groaned and turned his head in the opposite direction. He didn't want to get up just yet. The bed was just too warm for him to want to get out off it.

Yuui clenched her hands into fists. "If you don't get up now," she hissed. "I'll kick you out of this bed!" she threatened.

Fai's eyes shoot open, and he scrambled into a sitting position. "I'm up!" he cried. He knew first hand how strong his sister's legs were.

"Good!" She chirped, "Now get dressed; you've only an hour to get to the camp."

Fai groaned. "I don't wanna go!" He pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. He looked very much like a child and not the 18 year old that he was. But Yuui could see in his eyes how scared he was.

Now that Fai was 18 he was old enough to join the national army. Fai had never been one for violence, and Yuui had a feeling he wouldn't be able to last the first day. (Not because he couldn't hold his own in battle, but he was too scrawny to be able to hold a sword let alone fight with one. He was better at hand to hand fighting.)

Yuui sighed, and leaned forward to place a comforting kiss to her brother's forehead. "It's going to be alright, I promise." She said petting his hair lightly.

Fai nodded, and smiled up at her. "I know. Now let me get dressed!" He said, shooing her out of the room. He walked over to the dresser and pulled out the uniform Ashura had given him the night before.

'Remember, this is for Ashura-sama. I have to make him proud." He thought. He and Yuui had only been six when Ashura had found them, close to starvation, on the streets. Ashura had adopted them, and they had been living with him ever since. He didn't remember much about the country he was from or what had happened before they had meet Ashura. Yuui said she remembers but she always changes the subject whenever he asks.

He finished dressing, and he glanced over to the full length mirror. He frowned slightly at his sleep tousled blond hair, and grabbed one of Yuuis ponytails from off the top of the dresser, knowing that a brush wasn't going to help his hair. Fai pulled his hair up into a very short ponytail. His hair was short, barley even touching his shoulders, but Yuuis was much longer. Hers reached down all the way to her waist.

Fai pursed his lips wishing he could grow his hair out, but about shoulder length was the average for a male. (How Ashura got away with it was something he wanted to know)

Fai finished looking at himself in the mirror and walked out of the room. The smell of food hit him as soon as he opened the door. He smiled. Yuui was a very good cook and he always enjoyed her cooking.

He entered the dinning room, and found Ashura already sitting down, sipping on a cup off tea.

Ashura smiled up at his adopted son. "Good Morning." He greeted. "You're going to have to eat fast in order to make it in time."

Fai smiled back, sitting in front of Ashura. He was beginning to feel nervous, he could feel it turning his stomach into knots and he wondered would be able to keep his food down.

Yuui entered from the kitchen balancing two plates in her hands. She set one in front of Ashura and the other in from of Fai. Both men bowed their heads in thanks. She left the room to go get her own plate.

Fai began digging into his food, still managing to keep his manners even as he ate fast.

Ashura looked up at him over his food. "You're still eating with silverware?" He asked, and Fai could hear a disappointed tone in his voice.

He stared at the offending fork, before he nodded hesitantly. "I just can't eat with chopsticks…" He said trailing off. He had tried so many times, even had Yuui try and help him, but he still couldn't get it. It was just easier to eat with silverware.

Fai furrowed his eyebrows when he suddenly came to the conclusion that the camp wouldn't have any forks, or knives, let alone spoons. He glanced back down at the fork. He could always just take them with him; it wasn't like anyone else used them.

Yuui entered the room, with her plate, and sat down. They ate in silence, and Yuui could feel the tension coming off of her brother.

Fai pushed his plate away from him when he had eaten at least half the plate. "I should be going." He said. He stood up, and bowed respectfully to Ashura.

Yuui stood up as well. "I'll walk you to the door." She said, ignoring her food for the moment. She wasn't really hungry to begin with; she was too worried about what might happen to her bother to care for food.

They walked out of the room, and as soon as they got to the door, Fai swept Yuui into a hug. Yuui hugged him back, patting his back hoping to provide him some comfort.

Fai pulled away from the hug, and grabbed the bag Yuui had prepared for him earlier.

"Come back safe." Yuui said, when he opened the door.

Fai nodded, and grinned. "Of course! I'm the fasted runner there is, and I don't plan on getting killed." He said.

He turned away from her and started walking. It would take him about ten minutes to get to the camp if he took the horse and twenty if he didn't. He decided not too, he wanted to have some time to think before he arrived there.

Yuui watched her brother disappear, and a sinking feeling filled her chest. She entered the room Ashura was still in. "I'm going to go prey." She announced.

Well that's it for now… Hope you liked it! See you next time