A/N: No offence intended to the rabbit community. I really do like rabbits despite what this may imply. ;)

This Blows

"You know what, Scully? This blows. This blows like a constipated rabbits' fart."

"Like a what?!"

"You heard what I said."

"No. I'm certain, quite certain, that I heard you terribly wrong."


"Just... Say it again. Please."

"Fine. I said 'this blows like a constipated rabbits' fart'. Which it does. It really does. Do you agree?"

"I...uh...wow, Mulder! Some imagery! That's just...wow!"

"Do you agree though?"

"Yes. I do. It does blow, Mulder, but really. Is there anything we can do about it? Me? I got nothin'."

"Hmmm... Well. We could tell Kersh to stick a constipated rabbit - "

"Please do not finish that sentence. I beg it of you!"

"Well, you get the idea."

"Oh yeah!"

"In all seriousness, Scully, what can we do? I can't just sit here and take this. We're on desk work now! We should be on the X files! Who else is going to take those cases? Who else is going to care?"

"I really couldn't say, Mulder. And for now, I think we're stuck doing this. As much as it blows."

"Right. In that case, I think I'd better go find that rabbit for Kersh..."