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I opened my eyes slowly. My head hurt so badly. I blinked a few times and felt the pain on the back of my head. Something happened, I just can't remember what.




Alice! Jasper! Emmett! Rose! Carlisle! Esme!

I looked around but no one was around. I panicked even more. Where was Jacob? Why were they all gone?

I ran down the stairs and realized I was no longer in the Cullens house.

"Bella?" I heard my dad's voice. I peered around the kitchen and looked at him with confusion.

"Dad?" my tone was confused, matched what I was feeling.

"You're almost late for school," he sat down with his cup of coffee.

"School?" I took a step forward, even more confused.

Now he eyed me, his expression even more confused that I was.

"Yes, school," he looked at me. "Don't tell me you forgot today is your first day at school."

"What?!" my voice snapped like a whip. He jumped and accidentally tipped his cup. It came down pouring onto the floor.

"Aw, crap!" he cursed. I stared at the dropping coffee and ran upstairs. "You better hurry!" he yelled.

I banged the door open and looked at the calendar. My jaw dropped. It was the date of my first day at Forks High School! But how can it be possible?!

I spent more than two years in Forks already! Having to find my soul mate who turned out to be a vampire, having a complicated dilemma between choosing him or my werewolf best friend, having to know different kinds of vampires, and having a daughter of my own!

I must be dreaming…

I closed my eyes shut and opened them. No, still in the bedroom.

I tried it for more than ten times until Charlie knocked on the door impatiently.

"Bella," he sighed. "Hurry up."

I stared at the door and walked tiredly to the bathroom for a shower.


I arrived at Forks and received the sorts of greetings I remembered I got when I first came here years ago.

I smiled politely at them; I rushed to all my classes, looking at the clock; unable to wait for Biology. Because he was going to be there, waiting for me. And then it would be as normal, it would be as if all this was a dream. Because he would remember me.

Something must have had happened when we were fighting those nomads from far off Europe. The last thing I remembered was that one of them hit the back of my head and everything went dark. I can still remember Edward's frantic screams, and Renesmee's frantic cries, and Jacob's angry growls… the others were just hissing furiously nearby.

The bell rang and I ran to Biology. I gave introduced myself to Mr. Banner. He nodded and gestured to the empty seat next to him. I walked hurriedly to him, he looked tense. I frowned at this.

I sat and turned to him, and then I smiled.

"Hi, Edward," I smiled.

His eyes widened in shock. I could tell he was holding his breath. His left hand tightened on the lab's table. I looked at the table worriedly.

"Don't break it," I muttered under my breath.

"Excuse me?" his singing voice snapped at me. I stared at him in shock.

"Ed… Edward?" my voice shook.

No, this can't be! Please… please, anything but this!

"Do I know you?" he looked at me, disgusted. He stood up and walked outside. Mr. Banner nodded as he passed by him.

"Well Isabella, it seems like your partner is not feeling well," he looked at me. "The experiment is simple; do you think you can do it alone?"

I looked at him, dumbfounded.

"Sorry, Mr. Banner," my voice trembled. "But I'm not feeling well either."

I stood up and ran out from the lab before he got to say anything. I tripped, of course, just in front of the door.

And then I was crying. Crying alone in the hall.

Something happened.

And now, everything was ruined.

He didn't remember me at all!

I sobbed as I clung to myself, trying to find the lost soul of a happily every after vampire I possessed before.


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