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I stared at him. He grinned as he stared back at me from outside my car. He then tapped the window softly.

"Hey, Bella," he grinned. I froze and know that nothing could help me, or save me… if this vampire wanted to kill me right now. "I would like to talk to you for a second."

"Who are you?" I stuttered, frightened. He grinned and gestured for me to roll down the window. I refused. Stupid.

He sighed, impatient. And then his eyes looked up at me. His hand punched through the window and hundreds of glass fragments shot toward me. I screamed and tried to run toward the other side of the car. I heard him sigh again and a hand grabbed my back shirt and pulled me back.

"No!" I screamed, panicked.

"There are businesses to be done, Bella," he smiled. I can smell him, the smell of honeysuckle and lavender. He pulled me out and dropped me onto the wet, cold ground. I scrambled up and tried to run toward the main parking lot street, back to the school, but he was, of course, way faster than me. And he was already waiting, leaning on Edward's Volvo when I was almost to the school. "Your existence is bad for my future, Bella. I am sorry but I am glad, too."

"Of course you are," I spat.

He nodded. "Now be nice and let me drink. I'm thirsty and I'm hungry. Time-travelling drained me."

He was about to jump toward me when the school bell rang. I froze and so did he. He clicked his tongue when he heard the buzzing from the people in the school as they walked out from their classrooms toward their lockers and the parking lot. He turned to me and grinned after putting on a disappointed expression.

"I am terribly sorry," he did sounded sorry. "But I must let you be for the moment. Until next time then." He bowed and then leaped off.

I stared at the space where he was standing a few seconds ago. And then a tap on the shoulder grabbed me back to reality. I turned, trying to hide the fear away, but I guess I failed because Jessica was looking at me worriedly.

"You okay?" she asked. "He didn't hurt you bad, did he?"

"Who?" I asked, confused.

"Edward," she muttered. I blinked and looked at her, my mind was still with what happened just now.

"Wait," I shook my head. "Who?"

She looked at me worriedly and then gasped when her eyes trailed away from my face, staring at someone behind me. Then, she slowly lowered her head; blushing and walked away.

I turned and saw that Edward was standing in front of me, his expression unreadable.

He looked at me and then sighed. He then, suddenly, grabbed my hand and dragged me toward his car.

I stared at the hand he grabbed but felt nothing. The shock was still there.

I didn't pay attention to the road as he drove. But I recognized it when he drove into the small path that leads to his big white house.

"Why are we here?" I muttered, knowing he'd hear me.


One word and I knew why I was here. She must've seen me dead or something. And she must've seen that a vampire killed me.

The thought got to me and I was shaking by the time he parked his car. He turned to me and I heard him sigh. He then grabbed me and carried me inside.

Esme waited by the door and she smiled at me warmly, as she would always. Carlisle was next to her, he looked at my pale face and hurried to Edward's side, checking me, perhaps looking for any sign that would indicate me fainting.

Emmett looked at me from behind the couch, fortunately, he wasn't that dumb to realize that things were not going to turn out fun in the end.

Alice ran toward us and hurriedly took me from Edward's arms and into hers. Then, she dropped me gently onto the couch. She knelt in front of me and stared me in her eyes, then her eyes looked distant as she looked to the future.

When she blinked, she looked around the room at the other vampires, her expression grim.

"Bella," she hesitated, but I cut her as I knew I was going to die in the future she saw.

"He's going to kill me, isn't he?" I spoke.

Alice looked at me, obviously shocked but at the same time confused.

"Who, Bella?" Esme touched my shoulder, I turned to her and my blank eyes met her worried gold ones.

"That vampire," I spoke. "He's here to get me."

She gasped, her eyes flickered to Alice worriedly, and to Edward accusingly. Edward's face was filled with shock and disbelief. He walked to me and grabbed my shoulders. I didn't even consider the fact that he could break them easily as he started to shake me.

"Tell me what you know!" he demanded.

I looked at him and all the longing came back. That was what caused me to burst out to tears in front of everyone. I grabbed his hands that felt like stone and leaned my head forward, wanting him to hug me. But nothing came… because I wasn't even in his life, I wasn't part of him… Instead, he shook me off and clicked his tongue with annoyance.

I didn't get how this Edward could be so mean and cold, when my Edward was so gentle and caring…

I heard a slap and an 'ouch'. I turned and saw that Esme had slapped her son so hard that the spot where she slapped him went red.

"What was that for?" he yelled at her. She narrowed her eyes, shook her head, and turned to me.

"Now, dear," she smiled, she hid her worries well. "Why is he after you?"

I looked at her and started crying again, worse this time. Why was this happening to me, of all people? Why can't they let me in peace when I already got my so-called happily ever after? Why was all the bad vampires seemed to come for me? I should never come to Forks in the first place… if I never came… then all this wouldn't be happening. The pain… I wouldn't have to bear it. But… what about the happy memories? The werewolves' and vampires' truce, Renesmee… would she never be born then?

I stared up at Esme and took deep breaths as I tried to control the hysteria. They all waited patiently.

Alice looked at me with her big, gold eyes, they seemed to reassure me.

"Now," Esme smiled when the hiccups were almost gone, "what happened?"

"I…" I started, hesitating as I wiped away the tears. "You wouldn't believe me…"

I waited for their response. Esme turned to Alice and then to the rest of the family.

"We'll try," she smiled again.

I nodded and told her.

"I got sent back in time; in the future, I was Edward's friend, he turned me into a vampire when I was dying. The vampires and the werewolves were in good terms. Then, we were fighting against the Volturi but nothing happened. I get to know more vampires from the fight, vampires like the Zafrina, Tanya, etc." I decided not to tell the part that I was Edward's lover… maybe I was hoping we could rebuild our relationship in a different way…

I paused when I saw Esme's shocked expression. As good as she was at lying, her expression at the moment showed how much she didn't expect what I just said.

"Eh…" she hesitated after a while of silence.

"She's a big liar," Rosalie spat. "She's a human, and such a big liar."

"That's a good story, Bella," Esme smiled, the worry and the shock were still present. "You—"

"I'm not lying!" I yelled, frustrated. "You can ask me anything and I'd answer them!"

"For example?" Jasper stood next to me.

"The one who made you used to made immortal children that caused the Volturi to act," I turned to him. "Esme, you jumped off a cliff because you lost your child but Carlisle saved you. Carlisle, your father was sort of an exterminator and you had lived with the Volturi for a while. Alice, James made you but you didn't know that. Emmett… well, I don't know your story… but Rose, someone you loved betrayed you and raped you, and Carlisle changed you and you killed those men. Edward… you almost die from the Spanish Influenza but again, Carlisle saved you."

They all looked at me with expressions I was unable to comprehend.

"Bella…" Alice gaped. "I… can't believe this."

I nodded.

"So…" she started, her face still shocked. A while later she was beaming on me like the sun. I looked at her, impossibly confused. "My visions always come true, and it does! I knew we're going to be good friends!" And with that, she jumped and crushed me into her arms. I gasped, certainly not expecting this and cringed away as she almost broke one of my shoulder bone.

"Oops," she smiled, innocently, "sorry… I forgot how fragile you are."

I grinned at her and shook my head.

"It's okay," I said. Things… seemed to get better.

"So…" Carlisle stepped in. "What should we do now?"

"We should help her get back to her time, of course!" Alice rolled her eyes. "Then, she'd have her happily ever after with us!"

I looked at her, still couldn't believe how easy-going she was on all of this…

"Yeah," Emmett grinned. "That's the best solution." He turned to me and grinned wider. "I got a feeling we'd have fun."

I grinned back. Me and Emmett did have a lot of funny and stupid memories.

I nodded and looked at the small circle of vampire family. They looked at me, some with their smiles on, others didn't look as pleased; Rose and Edward… But I'd make this work, if I want to have my happily ever after back.


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