A day in Doctor Walson's office.

Now you might have read the title and thought what does this have to do with Mario? Read on and find out. Apologies if anyone hates me going back to script format. But these are just short sketches.

Scene: A doctor's office.

Nurse: Mario, the doctor will see you now!

Mario: Thank you.

Mario walks into the office.

Walson: Hello Mario, what's the problem this time.

Mario: My hand really hurts.

Walson: (Sighing) : This is the 8th time Mario! I've told you don't punch those coin blocks so hard!

Mario: I'm sorry.

Walson: Sigh…let me bandage your hand. At least you aren't hitting the blocks with your head anymore. You lost 6% of your brain by doing that.

Mario: I know! I can't do math anymore.

After bandaging Mario's hand and giving him some prescriptions for painkillers, he asks for the next patient.

Walson (calling in waiting room): Let's see Luigi now!

Luigi walks in the office

Luigi: I'm-a-Luigi number one!

Dr Walson: Indeed you are. Hello Luigi, what's seems to be the problem.

Luigi: I've lost all feeling in my left arm. I can't move it!

Walson: I see, have you been doing anything out of the ordinary recently?

Luigi: Well last week my brother pounded me into the ground with a hammer in order to help get Princess Peach's voice back.

Walson: Ah yes. I read that in the paper. I'm writing you a prescription for some pills, the feeling will come back in a week. Avoid doing any weightlifting whatsoever.

Luigi: Thank you, doctor!

Walson: Let's see the Wicked Brothers please!

Wario and Waluigi walk in.

Walson : What seems to be the problem?

Wario: Call us nuts, but me and my brother seem to act like raccoons sometimes, we sometimes have the urge to go out at night and play in the garbage. We sometimes think we have rabies.

Waluigi:It's weird! What's wrong with us.

Walson: Ahhh…..I've heard about this have you been using raccoon leaf powerups.

Wario: Yes.

Walson: Lay off those for a little while, they can have strange after effects. After that you'll both be back to normal.

Waluigi: Thank you, doctor.

Wario (snapping at Waluigi): Don't say thank you! Do you want to be a bad villain or not!?

It is now lunchtime. The doctor is eating a sandwhich with the nurse in a coffee bar

Walson: God! Ever since this Mario fellow came along. Business has never stopped.

Nurse: Just be thankful you're not the vet. He gets tons of goombas and turtles every single day claiming they've all been squished flat.

Walson (sarcastic) : Jee…I wonder who's causing all these injuries?

Nurse: And don't even get me started on the other patients.

Scene 2: Vet's office. Yoshi is getting treated by a man named Smith

Yoshi: I vomit about 5 or 6 times a day!

Smith: The answer is simple Yoshi. Eat less.