Rebecca: *walks in* Right since Jazz was too lazy to do the author notes, I'll be doing them *glares at Jazz*

Jazz: I'm not lazy!

Rebecca: This is who our parents will be;

Rebecca: Parents are Pudding and Taruto

Mj: Parents are Zakuro and Keiichiro

Jazz: Parents are Lettuce and Pai

Kiun: Parents are Mint and Ryou

Saba, Rain: Parents are Ichigo and Kisshu

Jazz: Yep, I kidnapped you Saba-chan, just like you kidnapped me and you have a twin sister... *nods*

Rebecca: *COUGH* As I was saying, the Aliens or they might just be humans, they'll be humans most likely will be, Soda, Kao, Akite

Jazz: Yay!! Soda!!

Rebecca: Pairings will be RebeccaJun, JazzSoda, SabaAkite, RainKao, KiunAmu an-

Jazz: Gomen ne Mj, I haven't thought of anyone for you yet

Rebecca: Don't cut in!! I was about to say something

Jazz: Sorry...

Rebecca: Good and these will be the ages

Pudding: 37

Ichigo, Mint and Lettuce: 41

Zakuro, Ryou: 43

Keiichiro: 47

Jazz, Rain, Saba, Mj, Rebecca, Amu: 15

Kiun, Akite, Jun: 16

Kao, Soda: 17

Disclaimer: I own nothing apart from my OCs

A young girl walked along the path, of the woods. A shadow seemed to be following her every move.

She had pale blond hair in a high ponytail and warm chocolate brown eyes, she looked about seven. She was wearing a long red and white summer dress, light blue ribbons in her hair.

She stopped when she saw a small dog looking toy. She skipped over to the boy, grinning. She bent down and picked the toy up, then a look of horror came onto her small face. The toy was covered in blood.

Something yet dripped onto her face. She frowned, it was sunny and something wet fell from the sky?

She looked up and a flash of red eyes stared back at her. A high pitched scream shot through the forest, which was quickly cut off.

Pai's eyes flew open. Sweat dripped off his forehead and trickled down the side of his face. He looked to the side and Lettuce's peaceful sleepy face stared back at him, he let out a small smile then pushed the covers off and stood up.

The tall Alien pulled the cover back after Lettuce then he grabbed his shirt before walking out, slipping it on.

He walked past one of the bedroom doors and then slowly pushed it open.

A black haired girl was asleep, half off the bed and half on. Pai groaned before walking in and pushing her back onto the bed. The girl muttered something before turning onto her side.

Pai walked back out and walked down the stairs of the mansion.

After the epic battle with Deep Blue, the Aliens left, only to come back two years later. Zakuro had started to date Keiichiro after the Aliens left, so did Mint and Ryou. Masaya had moved away to England but wasn't too happy to leave Ichigo, but she wanted him to go, so he left. Days after the Aliens return, Ichigo, Kisshu, Lettuce and Pai confessed to everyone, they were now dating.

Five years after that, everyone except Pudding and Taruto got married.

Now years after that, Zakuro had a girl called Mj, Pudding had a girl called Rebecca, Lettuce had a girl named Jazz, Mint gave birth to a boy named Kiun and Ichigo had twin girls, called Saba, and Rain.

Pai knocked on the door of Ryou's lab before walking in.

Ryou, Keiichiro, Kisshu and Taruto were all down there talking. They turned to the purple haired Alien.

Pai raised an eyebrow, "What?"

Ryou called him over, "You had a dream right? About a girl with pale blond hair, yeah?"

Pai nodded, without speaking.

"Keiichiro and I have reason to believe something is coming, all of us apart from the girls, have had the same dream." Ryou explained, stopping to let Pai think over what he said.

"And that something is what...?" Pai asked.

Ryou's voice was no higher then a whisper, "Souls of the living dead."


"Hey Rain!" Rebecca called.

A girl with light blue hair looked up and walked over, smiling. She sat down beside Saba before taking a bit of of her food.

"Did anyone notice dad was acting strange?" Kiun asked.

Mj looked up, gently brushing her black hair out of her eyes, "I noticed that Shirogane was... he seemed tense."

Jazz coughed, "He's always tense, when I'm around." She said, Rain let out a small laugh. Mj rolled her eyes before taking a sip of her drink.

Saba let out a small groan when she saw one of the teachers walking towards them. He stopped in front of the table, his face tense.

"Saba, Rebecca, Rain, Jazz, Mj, Kiun, your parents have come to pick you up." Mr Takishi said.


They all stood up confused and followed Mr Takishi out of the dining hall. He led them to the office, where Lettuce, Ichigo and Pudding were there, they tired to look calm but they could tell they were distressed and upset.

"What's wrong mum?" Rebecca asked, looking at Pudding.

"Nothing... c'mon your fathers are all waiting for you." Pudding said, walking out. Lettuce, Ichigo and the others followed them.

*In the lab*

Everyone was stood in the lab, all the young teenagers, sitting on the chairs while Ryou stood in front of them.

"Now... I know your all confused, you will all find out soon and your not allowed out tonight." He stated.

Rebecca, Jazz and Saba protested.

"IIE!!" Rebecca yelled, "I have a date with Jun-kun tonight!! And Jazz was going on a date with Soda!! AND SABA WAS GOING ON A DATE WITH AKITE!! Yo-"

"Rebecca!" Pudding hissed.

"B-but mum!!" Rebecca protested.

Ryou snapped, "Shut up! Would you rather be killed with Jun or stay alive!?"

"Ryou!" Keiichiro yelped.

"NANI!?" Rebecca, Jazz, Mj and Saba yelled. Kiun and Rain kept quiet.

Ryou sighed, "OK... theres an new enemy and since we're too old to fight now... We need you to fight them...Keiichiro if you will?"

Keiichiro held up six different coloured pendents. He handed a black coloured one to Jazz before handing the others out.

"So... what is the new enemy?" Rebecca asked.

"Souls of the living dead." Ryou said.


Rain, Jazz and Rebecca fainted, while Ryou sighed.