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A brown haired girl ran in front of the mews, her eyes wide.

"Rebecca!" Rain called softly.

"Gomen I left minna." She mumbled, turning around.

Sighing, the Alien's leader held up his hand, "To death with the Mews."

The same zap that killed the bird flew towards the mews. Acting quickly they dodged to the side, while Rain called Rebecca and pulled her out of the way.

"Here," She mumbled softly, passing Rebecca a small pendent.

"My pendent..." Grinning slightly, she kissed it, allowing herself to transform into her mew outfit.

"Minna!" Kiun called, "I want two to attack from one side, two on the other and one at the front."

Sorting themselves into pairs, they quickly ran towards him.

Jazz went with Saba, while Rain went with Rebecca and Mj attacked from the front.

Kuji's eyes widened, as he soon realized he was trapped. One by one the girls yelled their attacks.

There was a big bang, making everyone fly back. Blinking, trying to get the dust out of her eyes, Saba looked around. Kuji was gone and so were the other aliens.

"Is... this the end of them?" Mj mumbled.

"I say it is!" Rain yelled, grinning, "The world is safe again."