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Chapter One - Back to La Push



I heard my dad, Charlie, yell across the Airport causing people to turn and give him strange looks. Some even moved away from him. He just laughed and ran up to me and pulled me into a huge loving hug. "I missed you Bella!"

"I missed you too Dad!" I pulled out of the hug. "How is everyone?"

By everyone I mean, Billy, Jacob, Quil and Embry. Billy was my dad's best friend and neighbour. Jacob is his son and my best friend, along with Quil and Embry. When I lived here 5 years ago we were inseparable. I have really missed them over the years. We were 12 the last time they saw me, now we're 17. We all talked on the phone and over the internet but it wasn't the same.

"They're good Bella; they're excited to see you again." I laughed as we walked through the airport to Charlie's cruiser. Charlie was Chief of La Push. (They have always lived in La push. Never in Forks. It just makes it easier in the story)

Charlie loaded my things into the back and got into the car.

"So what have I missed in La Push?" I asked.

"Ermmmmmm Nothing much" I looked at Charlie like he had grown another head.

"Something has got to have happened, I've been gone for five years and you're telling me that nothing interesting has happened in that time?" "Nope, nothing's happened" He said with a small smile on his face. I couldn't help but laugh. He was hiding something. I know he is.

"So how's your mum?" See there he goes changing the subject.

"She's fine" I simply replied not wanting to go into detail about how much of a bitch she is. I know Charlie is still in love with her. Anyone can see that. I don't know why though. Even I don't really like her because of what she did to him.

Five years ago, I was at Jacob's after school one day, whilst Charlie was at work and my mum, Renee, said that she needed time to herself. I didn't mind, I mean I was always at Jacobs anyways so it didn't really make a difference. At 8:00pm, Billy got a call, saying that I had to go home straight away. So I said bye to Jacob and said I'd see him tomorrow. At that time I didn't know that I wouldn't even be in La push the next day. As I walked next door, I heard yelling and crying. I walked faster.

When I strolled in, I was shocked. There was Charlie sat in the corner of the living room with his head between his knees. I went straight over to him and put my arm around him. I could hear Renee shouting upstairs and banging around. I was scared. I didn't know what was going on. Charlie lifted his head up and I saw tears falling down his face. That image still haunts me at night. He looked so heartbroken and devastated.

Renee had then ran down stairs and stopped at the living room door, with a suitcase in her hands. She looked down at me and Charlie, with a disgusted look on her face. I couldn't understand what had happened. Renee grabbed hold of my hand and started to pull me up, hard. I screamed and told her to let go, Charlie jumped up too.

Renee let go of me. Charlie asked her why. Which at the time I didn't understand. I can still remember Renee's reply and I bet Charlie can as well.

"I hate you Charlie. I don't want to stay in this place with you. I want to leave and I saw him as an opportunity." I was confused, that's when I saw a man stood behind Renee with a broken nose and black eyes. The pieces all fit together. Renee had cheated on Charlie. "Now I'm leaving and taking her with me." I remember putting up a fight, I really wanted to stay with Dad. I wanted to be there for him in his time of need. He needed someone. But Renee forced me to go, so I did and I have regretted it ever since. Charlie had been telling me that it was okay and that I should go but I could see the hurt in his eyes.

So after five years of being with that monster that I have to call mum, I'm going back to La Push. When I told mum I was going back, she laughed and said that she didn't care if I went and died as long as I was out of her face soon.

Those words don't bother me though. I've grown up with it. I'm used to her saying them sort of things. When I was younger I used to cry myself to sleep but now I'm used it. Renee never hit me, but she never cared for me either.

Before I knew it we were parked outside the house. It looked exactly the same as the day I left it. Charlie was already unloading my suitcases. I looked around and my eyes fell on Jake's house. He was probably still at school as it was only 1:00pm. I can't wait to see him.

Charlie helped me take my stuff to my room and it was exactly as I left it and to be honest it was a dump. I think I best start cleaning. I looked in my wardrobe and pulled out clothes that looked disgusting. They were all boyish, baggy and big. I laughed. When I was younger I was a tomboy. Come on, my best friends were all boys; it would have been weird if I hadn't been a little bit boyish. Now I'm more girly, not too girly to the extreme of loving to shop every day, but I do dress in skirts and tight tops. Not heels though I'm really clumsy that's the one thing that has not changed about me.

I finished looking around my messy room. Picking pictures up of me and the guys. I laughed as I thought about memories that we shared.

"Bella?" My dad shouted upstairs to me. I looked at the time. It was four already. I ran downstairs. "Ready to go see the guys?" Charlie asked. I screamed and ran to the door. "Bella wait" I stopped and turned to face him. "Jake might have friends over, you don't have to go over now if you don't want to." I looked at Charlie and I think he could tell by the look on my face that I wasn't going to wait.

"Okay let's go" he laughed.

I ran outside pulling Charlie with me. When I reached the door. I took a deep breath and I was just about to knock on the door, when it swung open and a pair of arms pulled me off the floor and started to spin me around. "I missed you soooo much Bella!"

Straight away I knew who it was. "Jacob Black, put me down!" I yelled and he just continued to carry me and dropped me to a couch. I laughed as he stood up to his full height.

OH MY GOD! This boy had changed, wait he's not a boy he's a man. What happened to the scrawny little kid I left behind? Jake now had muscles that I didn't even knew existed.

"JESUS, Jake what happened have you been taking steroids whilst I've been gone." Jake laughed which was also accompanied other laughs. That's when I noticed we wasn't alone. Sitting around the room were three other boys. They all had muscles the size of basket balls. They were all dark skinned like Jake and also had black short hair.

I looked at them all in turn. The one sat on the floor looked older than the others and he looked sort of happy. Another one was stood in front of the window looking out for someone. He looked the same age as me and Jake.

But the one sat in the chair caught my eye the most.

He was staring at me with big brown eyes. They were filled with an emotion that I couldn't place. His black hair was all messy but he made it look sexy. He was wearing a pair of green shorts. WITHOUT A T-SHIRT. He had the most amazing chest I have ever seen. His muscles were so amazing I wanted to jump on him right there and then.

"Guys, this is my best friend. Belly!" I glared at Jake. "Fine just Bella" I smiled at the guys and said hi.

"Bella this is Sam" He pointed to the older looking one. He nodded and smiled.

"Jared" The one in front of the window. He turned to me and said "it's nice to meet you".

He glanced towards the god sat in the chair and his smile increased. "And Paul" Paul that name suited him. I turned to him and smiled, he was still staring at me with that expression on his face. When he saw me smile he smiled too. His smile was breath taking. I could feel my heart speed up. Wow, he's so perfect but I bet he already has a girlfriend. I frowned at this thought and looked back at Jake.

"So where's Quil and Embry?" I asked excitement rushed though me. I was waiting for Jake to answer but Jared did instead.

"Quil's here now" He smiled.

I jumped up and ran to the door. As I opened it I saw Quil walking through the front garden. He was massive too! What have these kids been fed. "QUIL" I yelled. He looked up at me and a massive smile opened up across his face. Happiness appeared in his eyes as he ran towards me and pulled me in to a big hug. "I missed you Bella so much! La push just hasn't been the same since you left." I laughed.

"I missed you too Quil."

We just stood there and hugged for a few minutes. Quil was always the quiet one. I always used to talk to him about my problems and he would just listen and didn't laugh.

Quil picked me up and dropped me back on the couch. What is it with people doing that today.

Quil sat on the other side of me. So that I was crushed between both Quil and Jake.

"So Bella you have changed" He looked at me again. "A lot"

I laughed. "Not really same old Bella"

"Bells you're dressed like a girl!" Jake practically shouted. I laughed even harder now.

"Jake I am a girl" He laughed and so did the rest of the Guys.

"I know Bella but you always used to be one of the boys and now you're hot!" Quil said. After he realized what he said he looked down and blushed. This made me laugh even more.

"Not really just same old plain Bella! I haven't changed that much, I just don't wear boy clothes no more." I said. Jake laughed and Quil had finally gotten over his embarrassment.

"I think you're beautiful"

I looked around to see who had said that. Everyone had gone quiet and was looking at Paul.

It was Paul who said it.

Wow! His voice so ruff and husky. Sexy!

Wait…… hold on, did he just say that I was beautiful!

I think my heart just sped up ten times its normal speed.

I saw both Sam and Jared smirk.

Oh no, I haven't answered him. Ermmmmmm what do I say. Think-

"Thank you" I whispered in a quiet voice and looked down and blushed. Thank you?! Of all the things I could have said, I said that! I'm just a freak.

There was now an awkward silence. Paul was still staring at me and I am starting to think that I have something disgusting on my face or something vile like that.

"Embry will be here at dinner in a few hours, unlike us he has a job at the local grocery store." I had to laugh at this.

"So Bella what have to you been up to in…………….. wait, where did you go?" Quil asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"I was in Arizona for a bit at first then we moved to Florida."

I continued to tell them about my friends, Renee and her new husband Phil. I didn't tell them that Renee was a total bitch that hated me. I left that bit out.

"So Bella, any boyfriends that I need to beat up?" Jake laughed.

I laughed to along with the other guys. Paul stayed quiet and looked eager to hear my answer.

"Well, there were a few" That's true I have had my fair share of boyfriends and dates. But no one has stood out and been the one. When I think back they all seemed like a bunch of clones.

Quil stood up and walked in to the kitchen. Everyone looked confused about what he was doing. Two minutes later he can back with pen and note pad and he handed them to me as he sat back down.

I looked at him confused. "Write down all their names and address" he said in a serious tone of voice. Was he kidding?

The guys burst out laughing, even Paul. Which made me smile. His laugh was amazing, he sounded so pure and magical.

I looked back at Quil, he showed no sign of amusement. God he cannot be serious. I decided to have some fun with him.

"I think I'll need a bigger pad" I said whilst handing the A4 size pad to him. He looked at me with anger clear in his eyes. He wasn't the only one both Jake and Paul had stopped laughing. Sam and Jared were still in hysterics.

"Oh come on guys I was kidding! But I am seriously not writing them down." They all seemed to calm down.

"Bells?" I heard an old tired voice shout from the hall way. There's only one person that it could be. Billy Black.

That's when I noticed that Charlie wasn't in the room. He must have gone to find Billy.

I jumped up and ran to the hallway.

And there he was my Billy Black ……sitting in a wheelchair.

This wasn't something I was expecting to see. Billy was always so active and sporty. Now he's in a wheel chair.

I ran up to him and pulled him in to a hug and gently kissed him on the cheek. "Billy what happened?" I could hear my voice break at the end and could feel the tears fall down my face. Billy was always like a second Dad to me. He has been since I was born.

"Nothing to worry about Bells. I was in a car accident a couple of years ago. I've missed you so much Bells" he said into my hair.

"I've missed you too Billy"

I pulled away and looked up to see Charlie smiling down at me. Guess he's happy I'm back.

It feels so good to be home again.