Inspired by me telling Fang about Midol.

Fang: I didn't want to know.....I will never look at women the same way again...

Me: Oh, by the way, Fang? Could you go get me the Midol? I-

Fang: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! -runs away-

Me: Scaring him is fun....

Guess What This Is! Is it a bird? A plane? A mutant bird-child? No, it's a Disclaimer!!: I do not own Maximum Ride. I also do not own Midol. Well, at least not the actual drug. I might have some in my medicine cabinet, but we don't really need to discuss that, do we?

Note on Rating: I'd put this in a moderate T. Might get a little explicit, but not enough to put it near M.

Note to Male Readers: Obviously, since I mentioned Midol, there may be mentionings of....Female issues. Just wanted to warn you.

Max's POV

"Max, where do babies come from?"

I willed myself not to jump ten feet into the air. I knew, someday that dreaded question was going to come out of one of the kid's mouths, but why did it have to be my baby, my Angel? I quickly tried to formulate a short answer that may satisfy her curiosity.

"Well, Angel, they....come from their Mommys. You've seen pregnant women before. That's where they come from." Genius answer, Max!

"Oh..." Angel said. She seemed to still be thinking.

"Why don't you go play with Nudge?" I asked, trying to distract her. We were at Mom's house, just hanging outside. We'd agreed to take some time off the whole 'running around like chickens with our heads cut off while trying to save the world' deal, just as long as no one tried to enroll us in another school. Besides, I'd wanted some time to think about this whole deal with Mr. Chu, Brigid, and every other piece of insanity that'd been thrown at me lately We had the kids outside, letting them enjoy the fresh air.

"Ok..." Angel said, her mind obviously still on the answer to her question. She started to turn to go, but suddenly stopped, turning back to me. "Max?"

"Yeah, sweetie?"

"How do they get there?"


"How do the babies get inside their Mommys? I know it has something to do with when a guy and a girl are in love, and that the baby is part of their Mommy and their Daddy, but how do they get the baby in the Mommy?"

I just sat there. Ok, Max, any more genius answers? Angel really was getting too smart for her own good.

That's when I thought of it. The perfect answer.


Fang, who had been watching whatever it was Gazzy and Iggy were making, unfolded himself from where he was sitting on the ground and came over. "Max? You called?"

"Yeah, Angel's got some questions, and I've gotta run, so could you answer them for me? Great." I didn't even wait for an answer before I took a running leap into the sky.

By the time I was above the treetops, I heard Fang's voice. "MAX!!! MAXIMUM RIDE, GET BACK DOWN HERE!!!!!"

I just kicked it into highspeed and sped out of there.

Fang's POV

It didn't matter how much I cared about her. The minute Max got back, I was going to kill her. Or, at least, yell at her a bit.

It had taken me forever to get away from Angel, telling her repeatedly that I had no clue how all that worked. I was not having that conversation. No way, no how.

Now, thanks to my little stressful moment, I had officially developed a headache. I went inside and straight down to the bathroom, passing Dr. Martinez, who was working in the kitchen.

"Hey, I heard you yelling out there, Fang." She said as I passed. "Is anything wrong?"

"Not yet." I answered.

In the bathroom, I went straight for the medicine cabinet, opening it up.

As soon as the stupid thing opened, I had to jump back to prevent being buried in meds, toothbrushes, etc. How much stuff could you shove in one medicine cabinet?

I began trying to put the stuff away, looking for the headache meds in the process. Most of the stuff I recognized, but one medicine box caught my eye. It was called 'Midol'. Now, I've heard of a lot of medications in my lifetime, growing up in a lab, but this one was new. I shrugged, picking it up along with the headache stuff.

I went back out in the kitchen to find Dr. Martinez. "Hey, Dr. M? What's this?"

"What's what?" She asked, turning around.

"This." I said, waving the little box. "Midol."

She suddenly got a very strange look on her face. "Oh, Fang, it's a, uhh....women's medication."

"For what?"

She was beginning to look more uncomfortable. What, was it illegal or something? "Well, for...Fang, I'm sure you can guess..."

"Uhhh...Actually, I can't."

"Well, it's know."

I just raised my eyebrows.

"You don't know, do you?"

"Obviously not."

She sighed, pushing away the food she was working on. "I guess we're going to have a little talk...this should be awkward."

What was so awkward?

Fang: -whimpers- Not the Midol....

Me: Wimp.

Max is so cruel to Fang, is she not?