Out of Action

Summary: Don get's drugged with an unknown substance. Can his family hold it together long enough to discover how to cure him?

Disclaimer: I don't own TMNT, this is just for fun.

Author's Note: This is my first chapter fic. Please let me know what you think, and how I can make it better. I do have several chapters already written, just need to type them up, so updates should be pretty quick.



If you don't create change, change will create you.


Don's Journal – Nov 2010

Months have passed since the incident at Winters' tower, and life has gone on for the most part. Leo and Raph seem to have come to some sort of truce. Although they still disagree about almost everything, the underlying anger about it has dissipated. Almost like they could finally agree to disagree. That was a great relief to Mikey and I. It almost felt like the past several years hadn't even happened.

Mikey quit the birthday party gig immediately. I guess he decided the money was not worth the pain. And, I think he enjoyed being home, now that Leo was back and Raph didn't sleep all day anymore. But no one said anything about it, we just let it be.

But, I kept my IT Support job, for now. The money was just too good. I think I have gotten used to having the extras, and it sure was nice. Nice to be able to buy groceries, and first aid supplies, and medication, without having to depend on scavenging, or April and Casey's generosity. Not that their continual gifts weren't appreciated, but it sure was pleasant to be able to stand on our own and support ourselves, for once.

I know my brothers wanted me to quit my job, but they never said anything to me about it. It was like the unspoken rule, I think they were enjoying all of the little, and not so little extras, that having money could provide. Like not having to worry where our next meal is coming from, or if we will have the medicine to heal any illness or injuries that might befall us.

That's another thing. Even though I worked 10 hour days on the IT job, I still went out every night for patrol and training. I did not get cut any slack, nor did I expect it. I would have been upset if my brothers thought that I could not handle myself in battle, just because I sat and talked on the phone for the majority of the day. That would be a great insult to me. Not to mention the added bonus of such a great stress relief at the end of very frustrating days, nothing like a training run to make you forget about some rude customers.

Well, like I said, it was all going quite well for us. It seemed like we were finally going to get some relief from the constant drama that was our life. Even the petty criminals seemed to be taking it easy those last few months.

Until the Foot attacked us while we were out on patrol one night. Guess it was too much to ask for the peace to last. Even after Karia's cryptic farewell message to us at the Winters Corp tower, we had all hoped that our rivalry with the Foot was a thing of the past. Guess we were wrong.

Just goes to show you that all good things must come to an end. Even I could not have fathomed what that attack would leave behind. My family was unprepared, to say the least.