A New Team Revised

Chapter 1: A new start.

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Somewhere in the village hidden in the leaf, Anko Mitarashi was sitting in her apartment. She was thinking about her life in Konoha and how bored she had been lately. Sure she had her missions, but they were just not enough right now.

"God, this sucks," Anko sighed out loud. "There is nothing to do!" Anko screamed, stomping all around her apartment.

"Would you give it a rest? I know you are bored, you have only been saying it for a damned week! Why do you not just rejoin the ANBU if you are so bored?"

Anko looked to the brunette sitting on the bed. "Because they are too uptight. The mission is 'kill the target and go home.' You know I like to play with my prey."

"Well you need to start leaving the other Jounin alone."

"What?! Why!?" Anko asked in shock.

"Well, Asuma is so messed up right now, he might actually stop smoking," she exclaimed, rolling her eyes.

"Well, if he put more effort into his training instead of shogi and smoking, he might stand a chance," Anko retorted while crossing her arms.

"Then there is that new one, Kurenai?" Anko cut her off right there.

"Hey, is it my fault that she only used genjutsu on me? I mean come on I do not know how she even made it to Jounin. What about you? Hatake is still limping around." Anko quipped with a smirk.

"Well, he slapped your ass, and that is my right alone," the brunette quipped right back.

"Oh, is my little puppy jealous when I am touched by others?" Anko cooed sitting on the brunette's lap.

"You are a bitch," The brunette said bluntly while wrapping her arms around Anko.

"Now that is the kettle calling the pot black." Anko leaned in and gave her lover a deep kiss before getting off her lap. "But I am still bored."

"AHG! Why will you not shut up?! … You know what you need?"

"What? What do I need?" Anko asked.

"You need to find some one to teach you to calm the fuck down! .... Wait, why are you looking at me like that?"

"What did you just say?" Anko asked.

"You mean for you calming down?"

"No, before that."

"Finding some help?"

"No, after that."

"Umm… to teach?"

"Now the first and second part together."

"Find some one to teach?" The brunette asked tilting her head before she was tackled from the bed to the floor.

"Hana, I love you!" Anko shouted burying for face in the other girl's chest.

"An…ko ca...n't...breathe…" Hana gasped out, but before she could say another word, Anko grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out at top speed.


At Konoha Ninja Academy, the students were just getting back from lunch when Iruka started taking roll call and noticed that one of his students was missing. 'Oh no, not again.' Iruka thought. "Have any of you seen Naruto?" Iruka asked the class.

"Why would we want to see that loser? Especially when we can look at my Sasuke-kun!" yelled a blond in a pony tail.

"For once, I'm going to have to agree with Ino-pig, Naruto is the most annoying person I know, but you are dead wrong in thinking Sasuke-kun is yours, he is mine!" A girl with long Pink hair spat out venomously.

Bark, Bark, Bark. "You are right Akamaru, he does smell worse than the kennels at home," Kiba added in and the whole class was now laughing at the expense of Naruto, all except one person.

From her seat on the top row, Hinata was glaring daggers at both Sakura and Ino. 'You stupid bitches, when will you give up? Sasuke-san does not like weak girls. He does not care how long your hair is. You fail to show him the respect and honor that he deserves. I am the only one that is strong enough to stand by his side. In the name of the Hyuuga clan, I will show them the truth of this matter.' "That is it! I have had enough!" roared Hinata. The whole class stopped what they were doing and stared at Hinata.

"Haruno, Yamanaka, I have been watching you scents day one, and every day is that same, you yell, cry fight, and swoon over Sasuke-san. You are nothing but spoiled little kids used to getting anything they want.. Because of this, your skills in the ninja atrs are nonexistent. You are both weak and you both are disgraces to your clans. You make me sick."Hinata spat, voice dripping with hate.

Hinata, being the top Kunoichi to be of their class, never really said much to anyone. For Hinata to speak out with such hate was unheard of, and with the other students looking back and forth from Hinata, to the reeling Sakura and Ino, things were going to get out of hand real quick.


"Yeah, why do you not come over here and say that to our faces!?" Sakura added.

'Then we will kick the shit out of you and your freaky eyed ass! CHA!'Inner Sakura shoutedinside of Sakura's head.

"I will gladly put you in your places."

As Hinata was getting up from her seat, when Iruka yelled out, "Ok, that is it! I will not have my class interrupted! Hinata-Sama, please take your seat. Sakura, Ino, you two as well!"

"But Iruka-Sensei! Hinata has insulted our clans! In article 9 of the united Clan treaty Ino and I have the right to defend ourselves and our clans." Sakura strongly exclaimed while standing at her desk. "I, Sakura Haruno, invoke my right to a Duel, for the honor of my clan.

"She's right; I cannot let her get away with that. I, Ino Yamanaka, here by invoke my right to a."

"Fine, as you're superior, I will act as referee for your match. As you know, I must submit a report to the Hokage as well as you clan head's. The duel will be tomorrow, after your GeninExams; Now Hinata-Sama, you have the right to pick which duel you accept," an extremely serious Iruka said.

"I, the heiress to the Hyuuga clan, Hinata Hyuuga, accept both the challenges of one Haruno Sakura, and Yamanaka Ino, in a two on one battle," Hinata calmly stated in a collected voice.

This statement caught every one off guard, but before the situation could develop any further, the door to the class opened and a man with a scarred face walked in. "Iruka, the Hokage has requested your presence at the Hokage Mountain immediately," Ibiki said.

Iruka rolled his eyes. "Again?" Iruka asked, already making his way to the door.

"I am afraid so," Ibiki answered, following Iruka out the door.

-------------- At The Hokage Mountain a few Minutes Before-----

Naruto was already half way through painting the 4th's head. "This is my best work ever. I can finally get them to see what I can really do," Naruto spoke out loud. A little too loud, seeing as that just as Naruto finished the purple spiral on the left cheek of the 4th's face, Naruto began to hear people yelling. He looked down and saw many angry villagers and Ninja alike all of whom were yelling.

"Get away from there you little bastard!"

"You have gone too far this time, Uzumaki!"

"You are going to pay for this, you demon!"

Those were just some of the many things he heard. Naruto was about to yell back when he heard a familiar voice call out to him "Naruto, that is enough of that." Naruto looked down and saw no other than Sarutobi, the Third Hokage.

"Naruto, come down from there and tell me why you felt the need to paint the faces of the Hokages," he yelled just loud enough for Naruto to hear him.

"Sorry old man, but I am not done yet," Naruto yelled back and turned to finish his work.

The Third just let out a sigh "Ibiki, please go get Iruka for me."

"Right away lord Hokage," answered Ibiki as he left. Less than 2 minutes later, Iruka stepped next to the Hokage.

"How could he have painted all 4 faces with out some one stopping him?" Iruka asked in awe.

"No one saw what he was doing till 5 minutes ago," the Hokage said glaring at the all the ninjas that were present.


'Oh shit, that's Iruka-sensei!' Naruto thought frantically. "Umm… hi Iruka-sensei! What are you doing here!?" Naruto yelled.

"What am I doing here!? Do you have any idea what you have done!?"

"Yeah! I painted the faces!" Naruto yelled back down. At that moment, Naruto saw 4 ANBU running from the top of the mountain. 'All right, here they finally come, it is time to get to work,' Naruto thought as he pulled out a kunai and cut the rope holding him to the mountain. He started skidding down the mountain side, zipping past the ANBU, but as soon as his feet touched the ground, Naruto was surrounded by another group of ANBU.

"You are lucky that the Hokage is right there, or I would…"

"What ever you say, but I am out of here," Naruto said over his shoulder as he turned to leave.

That is when an ANBU reached out to grab him, and when he turned into a can of paint. "What the hell?" exclaimed the ANBU in shock. "A substitution!?"

As the ANBU were in shock that they fell for a substitution, Naruto was standing on the building to their left. "Hey, old man, why are the ANBU staring at a can of paint?" Naruto questioned as he took of running.


'I am getting to old for this shit,' thought Sarutobi as he watched his elite ANBU chased a 16 year old boy.

Naruto jumped from roof to roof to trying and lose the ANBU Black ops that were following right behind him. As Naruto landed on the next roof, he saw a small alley way and dropped down, hopping from left to right on the walls to land safely. He quickly ran to the back of the alley, taking the only turn available to him, a left turn. When Naruto made the turn he ran face first into a wooden fence. As he recovered, he turned to run back the way he came, but saw the 4 ANBU standing there.

"Give it up you little shit. There is nowhere left to run," the ANBU in the eagle mask said smugly.

"Sorry ladies, but I have places to go and people to see," Naruto said with a smirk. Naruto then jumped into the air doing a back flip lading on top of the fence, and then instantly jumped up to the left landing on a nearby roof. Naruto took a quick look around the roof and saw a cooling vent. With the ANBU only seconds behind him, the vent looked real inviting.

Naruto shot at the vent like a bullet out of a gun. He grabbed 2 kunai, threw them at the vents hinges, and jumped in the vent head first. He crashed through the vent at tremendous speeds and began to slide through the twists and turns till he saw the other end. 'Oh no! The vent is to narrow to get my hands up!' he thought frantically. "CRAAAAAAAAAAAP!!" Naruto yelled as he slid head first into the steel vent cover. Naruto smashed right into and through the cover and landed hard on his back onto marble counter. "Ouch."

"Hey, are you ok?!" The shop keeper came running over to see if he was all right, but as soon as he saw it was Naruto, it was a different story entirely. "You little monster, look what you did! Get the hell out of my shop!" The shopkeeper yelled and shoved Naruto off the counter making him hit the floor with a thud. "Go on! Get the fuck out, and do not touch my fine china!" he yelled again.

"Ok, ok, shut up already. I am going. Jeez." Naruto ran out of the store and made a sharp right. As soon as he made it five steps, three of the ANBU were around him.

On the left was an ANBU in a monkey mask, in front of him was an ANBU in a bull mask and to the right was an ANBU in a fish mask. The 4th ANBU, the 1 in the eagle mask, was on top of the china shop, and Naruto had his back to the shop's window. "There, now we got you," the fish masked one said.

"How about you come with us peacefully now? We might even take you to the Hokage with only a small beating," the bull masked one tried to reason with Naruto.

"I have a better idea. How about you go to the closest farm? I think the cows are currently in heat," Naruto said to the bull ANBU.

"YOU BASTARD! I WILL KILL YOU!" bellowed the bull masked ANBU in his loudest voice as he unsheathed his Katana, with the intent to kill Naruto right then and there. The Bull ANBU took a swing aiming to separate Naruto's head from his neck, but, at the last second, Naruto did a split and leaned back to avoid the attack. The bull masked ANBU went right through the window of the china shop. The ANBU landed and tumbled on the floor until he hit a large, and expensive, china set from Suna, which landed on his head, shattering. The resultant crash knocked the ANBU out and gave the shopkeeper a heart attack.

Naruto pushed himself off the ground and landed on his feet running again. He ran two blocks making various turns with the other 3 ANBU right behind him.

Naruto was running and dodging people in the streets of the market when a cart of fruit came into sight. Just before he crashed in to it, he dropped and slid right underneath it. Before he could get back up, the eagle, monkey and fish masked ANBU jumped over the cart. Eagle and fish landed in front of him, while monkey went behind him. "What are you going to do now, Demon!?" Eagle let the last word come out with venom, and it did not go unnoticed by Naruto.

"Well, first, when I become Hokage your ass is grass. Second, I only have two words for you guys," Naruto replied with that foxy grin only he could do.

"And what, pray tell, might that be?" Fish asked.

"SEXY JUTSU!" Naruto yelled. A puff of white smoke surrounded Naruto, and as the smoke began to clear, the ANBU saw that Naruto was gone and in his place was a naked blond girl with strategically placed smoke still around her more, 'private,' lower region. The only thing the ANBU could do was the same thing every other guy on the street was doing. And that was to stare.

Girl Naruto, or Naruko as she is called, crossed her wrists at the stomach and pressed her breasts together. "You do not want to hurt little old me, do you?" Naruko asked with a pout. Without warning, every single man and teenage boy went flying with bloody noses, while and the monkey masked ANBU went flying through the fruit cart. Naruko made a hand sign and puffed back to normal.

Naruto was looking at his handy work when he saw another squad of ANBU approaching. "Hey, over there! Get him!" Naruto let out a sigh as the chase started all over again.

Four and a half hours later, Naruto and the ANBU were still going at it. The Hokage had already gone back to his paper work a long time ago. Things were looking good for the blond boy. That is, of course, until he turned a sharp corner and ran into the one guy he did not want to see.


"Gai-sen--" Naruto tried to say something only to be cut off by Gai.


Naruto looked back to see 6 more ANBU were coming his way and looked back to Gai. "Gai-sensei, I am very, very sorry, but this is a matter of life and death," Naruto said in a panic.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MY YOUTH—UGH!" Gai never got to finish, for at that moment in time, Naruto had kicked Maito Gai in the testicles and ran away. On his way down to his knees, Gai muttered, "very un-youthful" before he slumped to the ground.

'Ok, I need to end this,' Naruto thought as he pulled out his custom made camouflage blanket. Naruto made a mad dash to his desired location, and quickly put up his camouflage. As soon as he put it up, all of the ANBU ran by him, not seeing him. However, unknown to Naruto, one person had seen what he did, and he walked over to Naruto while taking in a deep breath.


Naruto jumped in the air and landed on his ass. "DO NOT SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT!" Naruto shot back.

"Come on, you have a mountain to clean up," Iruka said as he dragged Naruto by the back of his shirt.


The next day at the Academy, students and teachers alike were all talking about the day's exam, and the fight to soon follow. As Naruto walked into the class, he thought some one had died, it was so quiet .Naruto could hear some of the other kids whisper about what he did yesterday, and how they would not have been caught. Naruto just walked up to sit in the back. On the way, he passed Sasuke, sitting with his fingers locked and covering his mouth. Just as Naruto passed him, Sasuke muttered "loser" just loud enough for the class to hear.

Naruto, after having a rough night scrubbing the Hokage faces and a long talk with Iruka at Ichiraku's Ramen stand, was not in the best of moods. "You know what, Uchiha? You need to go get yourself a dog."

Not expecting that, Sasuke raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why?"

"So you could pull that stick out of your ass and play fetch with it." Before Sasuke could answer, Sakura threw a book at Naruto while she yelled. "How dare you talk to Sasuke like that!?" she then jumped on Sasuke's back, hugging him.

"You are annoying," is all Sasuke said as he shrugged Sakura off of his back, making her fall to the ground, "HARD." Naruto was about to hit Sasuke then and there, but Iruka came in with Mizuki.

"Ok class, settle down and take your seats so we can start the exam. Before I forget, Ino, Hinata, Sakura," he said, gaining the mentioned girls attention as well as most of the class'. "Your match will take place after class today, and only if you 3 pass The Hokage does not believe it is a good idea otherwise."

"Ok, we will call you all up 1 at a time for your tests, so when you hear your name, come to the side room," stated Mizuki. 1 by 1, the would be ninja passed their test. By the end of the day, every student passed except one. Naruto Uzumaki.

Naruto was sitting on the swing out side of theAcademy where the new Genin were beingcongratulated by friends and family. That is, of course, until Hinata came out of the Academy with Sasuke.

"Haruno, Yamanaka. I surprised you passed, Are you two going back out of our fight? Or are you going to aced like real Shinobi and fight." Hinata asked with an 'I am superior' look on her face.

"I'm not going any where, I was just waiting for you to show up." Ino said.

"Yeah lets get this over with fast." Sakura piped up.

"Then get to it, some of us have plans" Hinata said smugly

'Now is my chance to show Sasuke-kun how strong I am!' both Ino and Sakura thought at the same time.

Ino and Sakura got into their fighting stances, while Hinata got into hers. Sakura charged in first, throwing a punch dead center to Hinata's face only to have her fist palmed to the left. Sakura's momentum carried her right past the Hyuuga. Ino took her turn and did a jump kick. By this time, Hinata had activated her Byakugan and blocked the kick with her forearm. While she was catching Ino's foot, Sakura had come up behind Hinata and tried to sweep out her legs. Hinata had different plans. Hinata threw Ino's foot back down, causing Ino to lung forward and Hinata did a palm uppercut on the blond. Then Hinata turned to Sakura, just as she began the sweep kick, bringing her knee to Sakura's face. Catching Ino's and Sakura's jaws at the same time, both girls hit the ground.

"Finish this, Hinata," Sasuke said joyfully, obviously enjoying what he was seeing. Hinata looked at Sasuke, and nodded in agreement. She began to drag Ino to where Sakura was. Ino was placed next to Sakura with Hinata standing in-between them.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked in pain.

"Yeah, you have won. It is over," Ino groaned.

Hinata just smiled. That smile sent chills up the other two girls' spines. Then, Hinata spoke. "This is what happens when you cross the great clans of the Uchiha and the Hyuuga!" Hinata shouted loud enough for all to hear. She then brought her arms up and sent two palms downwards towards Ino's and Sakura's chests, while the class looked on in horror. Seemingly out of nowhere, an orange blur jumped in and took the two palm strikes.

Naruto had seen the whole fight, and saw what the Hyuuga princess had planned, and acted upon it. He had taken the palm strikes to his back and fell, his arms across Sakura and his legs across Ino. It was at this time that Iruka finally came out to see what all the noise was about.

What Iruka saw was three of his students on the ground and Hinata standing over them. "I told you that I would ref this fight."

"I am sorry Iruka-Sensei, but I did not feel the need for you to waist your time with this," Hinata bowed

"Be that as it may, I can not let this go Hinata-Sama." Iruka said.

"But It was Haruno's, Yamanaka's fault." Iruka looked over to the last Uchiha. "Hinata just came out here when they jumped her, she had every right to defend her self from there jealous attacks." Sasuke lied.

With a sigh Iruka closed his eye's. "Ok go home, I will over look this, the last thing the Hokage need is to find out his new genin are fighting."

Sakura and Ino had both sat up by the time Iruka got there, and were holding their heads. They both noticed Naruto lying across them. Ino looked to Sakura. "Did he just save us?" She asked her pink haired friend.

Sakura being just as confused as Ino was, could only nod her head. Iruka looked over the two girls and asked if they were ok. They both nodded. Iruka turned is attention to Naruto, who was trying to get up, as he had started coughing up blood. Iruka picked him up and took him straight to the hospital. When they left, Sasuke walked up to Hinata and put his arm around her shoulder, smirking at the two girls on the ground and walked off with Hinata.

The crowd of on looker's soon left as well, leaving only Sakura and Ino to wonder. To wonder why none of their other friends had came to see if they were alright, and as to why Naruto came to their rescue. Ino was the first to get up and offer a hand to Sakura to help her up. When both girls were up, they started to walk home in silence.

As they came to the Yamanaka flower shop/ house Ino spoke. "Hey, forehead? Do you know why Naruto did that?"

"No, I don't Pig. I cannot figure out why he helped us. Us, of all people?" Sakura said, sounding confused.

"What do you mean by that, Sakura?" Ino asked in a huff.

"Think about it, Ino. Other than Sasuke, you and I treat him the worst. You are always calling him names and putting him down, while I am always beating on him," Sakura said sadly.

Ino just looked down. The girls talked for a little bit longer till they both decided to ask Naruto himself as to why he saved them the next chance they got.


Later that night, in Konoha hospital, Naruto was just waking up looking at the same old white ceiling he knew all too well. "I hate this ceiling," he said out loud to no one, not knowing he had a visitor in his room.

"Why would that be?" asked a voice in the darkness. Naruto, fearing that someone had came to attack him, jumped out of bed and took a defensive stance. "Naruto, calm down, it is me, Mizuki." Mizuki then turned on a light so that Naruto could see him.

"Mizuki-sensei? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked.

"I came to see how you were doing, but it looks like you are doing well enough it seems. Maybe I will tell you about the other test after all," Mizuki answered.

"What other test?" Naruto asked. Mizuki quickly told Naruto if he could get the scroll of forbidden Jutsu, he could become a Genin.

--- Later That Night, Somewhere in One of the Many Forests of Konoha-----

"NOOOO! DO NOT DO IT!" Yelled a wounded Iruka.

"And why not? He deserves to know why he is hated before he dies," Mizuki silkily said as he looked to Naruto who was very confused. "You know of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the nine tailed fox demon, right?" Mizuki asked.

"Umm… yeah, it was killed by the Forth Hokage who died along with him," was Naruto's answer.

Mizuki started laughing "Wrong as always. The demon was too powerful to be killed. So do you know what the Forth had done? No? Then let me tell you."

"NOOOO! YOU CANNOT DO THIS!" Iruka yelled, trying to get Mizuki to stop. His pleas only fell on deaf ears.

"The Fourth sealed the Kyuubi into an orphaned baby. A little blond boy, who no one wanted," Mizuki said with a sick smile on his face. Naruto dropped to his knee's with a look of shock on his face. When Iruka saw this look all he could was smirk. He finally knew why the village hated him, and it was not even his fault. Mizuki started to laugh again "So you see brat, you are the nine Tailed Fox."

"No Naruto! Do not listen to that bastard! You are not the Kyuubi! You are Naruto Uzumaki! The Jinchuuriki! The container for Kyuubi!" Iruka yelled to Naruto.

By this time, Mizuki was getting sick of Iruka. "You know what? I was going to kill you later, but I think I will just do it now." Mizuki was about to take out Iruka, when he heard a voice from behind him.

"You want Iruka? Well, you will have to go through me first," Naruto said maliciously with his voice full of hate.

Mizuki was laughing. 'Just like we thought.' "Fine. Have it your way. I will be a hero. The man who killed the demon brat who stole the forbidden scroll and killed his sensei."

Mizuki ran at Naruto, who just smirked and put his hand together yelling "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" With in seconds, 143 Naruto's filled the woods, and attacked Mizuki.

Iruka was in shock at what he saw. 'He learned the shadow clone!' When it was all said and done, Naruto and Iruka went to see the Hokage and left Mizuki to the ANBU.

At the tower.

"Naruto, I am very proud of you. You handled yourself like a true ninja, and that is why I am approving Iruka's decision of making you a full fledged Genin," said the Third Hokage proudly. Naruto was jumping for joy, before the third said more. "Naruto, your secret is yours to keep. Make sure you can trust whomever you tell," the Third said softly

"Thanks old man. I will see you tomorrow, Iruka-Sensei!" As Naruto walked out the door, he passed several Jōnin as they came in the room.


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